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General Hospital Nurse’s Ball on 5/1/2015 – Red carpet fall, TWO proposals, Ric is busted, Jake is Jason!

Brad and Britt settle in with ice cream to watch the Nurse’s Ball red carpet on TV.. and happily trash everyone!

Spencer’s pep talk
Dante, Lulu, Valerie and Nic try to talk Spencer into coming to the Nurse’ Ball, but he refuses to change his mind. Now alone, he turns the TV on and sees Cam and Emma on the red carpet, seething about the townie. Out of the blue, he receives an unexpected visit from Britt and he THROWS himself into her arms for a big hug. She gives him the pep talk he needed, knowing just what to say.. they are both alike. When life beats them down, they live to fight another day and it’s time to quit sulking and get his little behind to the ball! “Chandler, we’re going out”.

Red Carpet – ooooops!
Maxie walks the red carpet with Spinelli and the couple is shocked to see Ellie and Nathan together. Maxie takes a step forward, when Spinelli steps on her train.. sending Maxie tumbling face first on the red carpet!!! “Jackpot” yell Britt and Brad from home…

Nathan explains he is showing Ellie a good time while she’s in town, Maxie storms off and says she hopes they have just that.

Hostess with the mostess, Lucy is escorted by Duke in a stunning ivory embellished gown with plunging back and ballgown skirt, she thanks him for helping her out.

Patrick and Sam walk the red carpet while Sam worries about the news she overheard.

Duke receives a text message from Bruce – the hit on Jordan is going down tonight.

Michael escorts Sabrina to the event.

Hayden wants Jake to forget about Elizabeth as they arrive at the Nurse’s Ball. Liz is beautiful in a light pink strapless gown with contrasting black belt… her hair in a tight bun.

Carly sets up Ric
Carly wants Ric’s performance to be memorable.. she tells Pete to wait for her signal. She approaches Ric to thank him for stepping up for Sonny, and offers to put their differences in the past – she shakes his hand and says “here’s to the future, and all the happiness you deserve”. Ric looks a little bemused.

The performances kick off with the nurse’s opening number, then Obrecht rocks ’99 Lufballons’, leaving everyone quite uncomfortable (fabulous!). Then Ric is introduced.

Carly asks for Spinelli’s help as Ric starts his speech.. he asks Elizabeth to open a box on the table.. it’s an engagement ring, and he starts to sing “I think I want to marry you” while showing photos of them on screen. The photo changes to Hayden and Jake’s wedding photo, and Carly walks out on stage explaining the photo. She invites Pete to join them on stage!!!! He strolls out .. What’s up Pete?? He tells the audience he was paid to pose in the photo.. and it was Ric Lansing!! Ric sputters and tries to blame Carly, but Liz runs out of the room.

Still on stage, Carly apologizes to Jake, but at least he knows the truth about the lying bitch in his bed.

Ric follows Liz and she slaps him hard.. “you lying bastard”! He tries to tell her he did it because he loves her – she is angry he took away her choice in the matter! He wanted a chance to get back what was stolen. She tells him she used to see the kindness, but it’s now gone. Maybe he was never good.. at the very least, he wasn’t good enough for her.. and she never wants to see him again!

Jake wants to know who Hayden is.. she admits everything about her is true, but everything about him is a lie. She says she isn’t the one he should be mad at.. they see Ric as he walks out. Carly tells Hayden she needs to leave immediately too – she can pick up her luggage on the curb, then hands her Jake’s supposed wedding ring. She warned her not to mess with her friend.. now get out!

Brad does a fun version of  “I think I wanna marry you”, then decides to propose to Lucas then and there!

Liz cries in the dressing room, when Nik arrives to see if she’s okay.. she is furious with Ric, and angry with herself, then realizes she can be with Jake now, because he isn’t married! Nik mutters that he is married, but Liz continues on – she doesn’t care if he ever remembers who he is, they can be together because he is free..

Nik grabs her and says “Jake is JASON”.

Liz is stunned..

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