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General Hospital on 10/19/2015 – Ned says goodbye, Morgan meets Darby, Julian’s phone call, Nikolas vs Jake!

Alexis runs into Ned, and asks about the baby.. she walks away and makes a call – she’s waiting for a DNA test.

Ned and Olivia
Olivia has plans to propose to Ned, she’s ready to be a family with him and Leo. Ned arrives and she gives him a big hug, but he needs to sit down and talk. She tells him to go first. he’s been doing a lot of thinking about them, and there is no easy to say it, he can’t stay with her any more. They need to go their separate ways, it’s not working for him! He can’t be part of her lies, they will eventually destroy everything.. he doesn’t want to lose her, falling in love with her changed his life, but the only way it can work is if she tells Julian the truth about Leo. He wants them to be family, but not under a cloud of lies. Ned thinks Julian might out of the mob, but Liv says she needs to know Leo can be safe – he understands, but that leaves them at the end. She cries, but says she will be fine on her own, and Ned starts to leave. She thanks him for coming through for her.. they kiss and tearfully say goodbye. Liv sobs in front of the crib.

Julian moves in
TJ and Molly reluctantly help Julian move in, but Molly refuses to believe anything he says when Alexis returns, curious about what she interrupted? Molly says they were talking about Julian’s obvious criminal dealings! Alexis tells her to treat her partner with respect, but Molly angrily says the next tome he received a mysterious phone call, she should dig herself a hole and put her head in it! After Molly storms out, Julian thinks they should reconsider their plans – maybe moving in together was the wrong move. Alexis insists it was the right decision, and heads out to get ready for dinner. Julian receives a call, and urgently says time is of the essence, he doesn’t care how long it takes, just make it happen!

Morgan and Kiki
Kiki orders a drink at the bar and sees Morgan.. he’s worried about her drinking alone, but she walks away from him. A pretty brunette mocks him for being shot down, and tells him he can continue to flirt with her. Her name is Darby and wants him to get to know her better. She asks if he’s single and orders them drinks while Kiki watches on. She invites him to a party, and while Kiki downs another drinks, Molly and TJ arrive.. they know Darby, ready to head off to the party. Morgan leaves them to talk to Kiki, inviting her a PCU party. The bartender asks for her car keys, and he Morgan offers her a lift home – she tells him he hurt her and to just leave her alone!

Michael is thrilled!
Sabrina tells Michael she’s pregnant, but glaces at the newspaper photo of Carlos! He’s excited but puzzled when he finds out she has known for a few weeks. She was hoping for a false positive so she wouldn’t have to face the fear of losing another baby. Michael says they can face it together. He assures her both the Corinthos and Quartermaines will be happy to have a new addition, but wishes she would have been straight with him. Michael tells Sabrina he loves her. He lists all the reasons why, he’s scared of being a father but wants a family with her. Is that what she wants?

Jake vs Nikolas
Jake demands Nik tell him why he ordered a DNA test on him – what did he find?? Nik tells him to leave, but Jake grabs him, yelling who am I,, when Hayden tells hi to stop. Nik warns him to be careful of what he asks for.. some things you don’t want to know. Nikolas tells him violence comes easy to him, he was the perfect pawn for Helena.. he ran the DNA test to protect Elizabeth from the man he turned out to be! Jake accuses him of invading his privacy, but Hayden and Nik say hacking his server is illegal as well – both him and Sam together. Jake says he has no evidence, and just wants answers – Nik says he had the samples compared to an international database, but there was no match. He’s still a ghost. Jake angrily says he’s going to find out who he is, and come back for him.

Spinelli, Sam and Jake
On the docks, Spinelli tells Sam that Jason is still out there somewhere… he feels it in the stars. Jason will be with her forever. Sam reminisces about Jason and how Danny reminds her of him.. she admits she feels guilty being with Patrick, but Spinelli says he would want her to move on. As they see a shooting star, Jake arrives! Spinelli leaves and Jake gives her the update on Windemere, he thinks he shook him up and should be rushing to tie up loose ends. They hope he makes a mistake, but there were no hits on his DNA.

Nik thanks Hayden for coming to his rescue, she thinks he would have done the same – it’s a good thing she wasn’t shot to death last spring. As they almost kiss, Spencer interrupts them! Hayden excuses herself to bed and Spencer wants to know what’s going on between him and Hayden, what are his intentions? He likes her but doesn’t want to like her if she’s going to go away. Nik admits he enjoys her company, and is trying to take it slow, but also trying to not like her too much.. Spencer asks him if he realizes he’s in LOVE with Hayden?

Michael asks Sabrina to move in with him – both families will be doting all over her, but their baby will never want for love and support. She doesn’t need time, and tells him she loves him back. He walks out the door and yells he is going to be a father!

The bartender tells Kiki to call a cab, or walk home. She picks up her bag to find Morgan and sees him leaving with Darby.

While Alexis listens, Julian tells the caller if anything goes wrong, there will be consequences – she returns and they leave for dinner.

While Hayden listens, Spencer tells Nikolas to listen to his heart, and don’t do anything to mess it up with her!

Sam and Jake agree to meet up tomorrow for answers – she thinks they’re on the verge of figuring out who he is. She walks away, turns around to sees a shooting star while Jake looks at the sky as well.

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