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General Hospital on 10/7/2015 – Hayden hears the whole truth, Sonny makes a decision & more!

Sonny refuses to marry Carly until he can walk again, but she begs him not to shut her out, they can get through it together. She wants to get married right now.

Emma, Sam and Anna
Tomorrow is Robin’s birthday and Emma is making her a bracelet while Anna tells her about her Mommy. Sam walks in and they tell her she can always talk about Robin to her new mommy, they have enough love for everyone. Emma asks if Robin will come back at their wedding, just like last time? Anna explains Robin has important work and wants her and Patrick to be happy and insists she has nothing to worry about, but Emma asks what if this time Daddy gets hurt at the wedding? She wonders if Danny’s dad will be coming back? She doesn’t want Sam to go away like Sabrina but Sam reassures her she is in it for the long haul. Emma says Anna should be as happy as Sam and her dad, and scampers away for bed after telling them both she loves them! Anna tearfully tells Sam that things get better with time but there are still moments – she asks if there is any progress with Sonny’s shooter? Sam wonders why she wants to exonerate Carlos if he took Duke’s life?

Jake and Elizabeth
Jake admits he and Sam traced Hayden’s call to Liz and asks why she called her? She says that Hayden was asking about the memory she had of Liz at Windermere, but Liz kept the call short as it upsets her to think what Hayden did to Jake.

At the hospital
Ava brings Avery to the hospital with a rash, and tells Liz she just got her daughter back, and how amazing it is. She gets a prescription for eczema and Ava thanks Liz for being kind to her.

Michael and Morgan hear about Sonny’s paralysis and head into his room, insisting he should marry Carly as soon as possible. The nurse interrupts to take Sonny for an MRI and wheels him out. Carly tells Morgan and Michael she’s glad they didn’t tell Sonny that Ava has Avery, they have to deal with one problem at a time. Morgan thinks they need to tell him the truth, and if Carlos was the shooter, he would’ve acted on Ava’s behalf. Carly argued she wants to protect him right now.

Ava is cuddling Avery when Sonny is wheeled out, he tells the nurse to stop! Ava gloats over him that she has temporary custody, and he demands to know why she brought Avery to the hospital? Ava tells him she’s a free woman now, and the courts think she should take care of Avery. Sonny threatens her to stay away, and points out the people who have crossed him are all gone! Sonny tells the nurse to take him back to his family.

Sonny returns to the hospital room, Carly’s wants to tell him something, but he says he already knows that Ava has Avery. They don’t need to worry about the baby, she seems fine. He says its important for them to be together as a family – he’s a proud man and hates that he cants stand up, but he takes Carly’s hand and asks her to marry him!

Liz returns with Avery’s prescription and notices Ava is upset.

Felix’ suspicions!
Sabrina and Felix catch up over a drink – Sabrina is drying club soda and rushes to the bathroom! She claims it’s the stomach flu but Felix asks if she’s pregnant?? She tries to change e subject but he won’t let go and tells her to take the test.

At Windemere
Nikolas argues with Laura when she accuses home of trying to have Hayden killed.. and while Hayden listens at the door, he admits “you have to do what you have to do” and reminds her what she did for Luke. He wants her to let it go, and to forget Jake is Jason. He wants Liz to be happy..

Hayden turns around to see Jake standing there! Nik comes out and asks what’s going on? Jake is furious with her about the phone call and tells her to leave Liz alone. Jake tells them he is marrying Elizabeth and Laura mentions she didn’t know there were issues between him and Hayden. Laura asks how he can make a lifelong commitment to Liz when he doesn’t even know who he is? She thinks it would be a gift if he could tell her who he really is. Jake thanks her and Hayden wishes him luck with Elizabeth’s. He insists he’s not going to let anything take away their love and leaves. Laura excuses herself, leaving Hayden with Nikolas – she tells him she knows what their argument was about!

Michael and Morgan leave and Carly asks Sonny to repeat the proposal – they admit they need each other and she leans down and says yes, I’ll marry you.

Morgan goes over to tell Ava that Sonny and Carly are getting married and he tells Avery they’re going to get her back but Morgan tells her Sonny will stop her..

Sam asks why Anna is letting Carlos off the hook, but they’re interrupted by Emma who wants a bed time story.

Felix tells Sabrina to take a pregnancy test, he thinks. Michel would be over the moon!

Michael toasts Carly and Sonny with soda and he tells them he’s there for Sonny now, and always will be

Jake tells Liz that Hayden will never bother her again – and he saw Laura at Windermere. Liz is shocked she’s back.

Nik tells Hayden that Laura doesn’t trust her, but he defended her as he cares about her, and he’s just being honest. She says he’s so good to her, and one day she will make it up to him..

Jake tells Liz that Laura was surprised they’re getting married – he puts a call in to Sam and asks her to help him find out who he is before he marries Elizabeth!

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