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General Hospital on 11/2/2015 – The secrets are out! Carly sees Jason, Lulu hears the truth about Dante and Valerie..

At the hospital, Liz tells Patrick she has never been happier… and deserves it, after waiting so long.

Hayden’s wedding interest
As his bachelor party winds down, Sam and Jake bump into Hayden and Nikolas, and she tells them she will be Nik’s date for his wedding. Jake wonders why she is so interested, but she points out the slate is clean as she has no memory, plus she loves a good party. Sam tells Hayden and Nik that neither she nor Jake trust them and Jake warns them not to upset Elizabeth. Hayden claims she admires him and has no animosity and wants to show him that by attending his wedding. Jake and Sam leave them alone, and they sit down for dinner. She claims she hopes it works out for Liz and Jake, and points out she was on someone else’s payroll. Nik wonders why she’s giving Jake the benefit of the doubt, and she replies he never did anything to her. She notices he is quiet this evening, but he says he never knows if she’s telling the truth.. but she says likewise. They keep each other on their toes! She knows he thinks she is a challenge, as she overheard what he said to Spencer. She continues to analyze him – she sees through him, she knows he has a heart! She grabs his shirt and asks if he’s ready to move forward with their relationship?

Hayden asks Nik if the bullet may have done the old Hayden in? She wants to know if they could start over completely, but Nik says they should just go to the wedding, and leave it at that.

Carly sees the truth!
Spinelli’s face recognition software finishes, Carly bumps into Olivia, but returns to the laptop.. just in time to see Jake’s face morph into Jason! She shakily leaves a message for Spinelli to call her back, and whispers “oh my god. If this is real, Jake is Jason”. She snaps the laptop shut when Patrick and Liz approach.. then Jake and Sam get off the elevator! He asks Carly is she’s alright, but can only stare at them. She says she’s better than she has been in a long time and walks away with the laptop.

Olivia stops by to see Sonny in his room at the hospital and they talk about Leo and Dante.. she is sorry she kept Dante from him, but doesn’t regret protecting her son. He admits he was a young punk kid back then, he couldn’t have protected his kid, so he’s glad she kept Dante out of harms way. He’s pleased they have a good relationship now, and Liv thinks he will set the perfect example as a godfather for Leo. Sonny hesitates and Liv asks what he knows? Carly arrives and says something has come up, everything is fine, but she has to go.

Carly calls a doctor to run an emergency DNA test, she needs the results immediately..

Sam tells Patrick and Liz about their karaoke night, including her and Jake’s duet – Patrick jokes that maybe they should do another one at the wedding reception, but Liz says no a little too quickly.

Carly returns – before the wedding she needs to have a long talk with Jake, and offers him a bottle of water as he must be thirsty!

Morgan gets busy
At the Haunted Star party, Morgan and Darby passionately kiss, then move to the bed. They start to talk, then get passionate again…

Lulu finally hears the truth!
As the reel of Dillon and Valerie plays at the party, Dillon tries to turn it off, but Lulu wants to hear the rest. Everyone watches quietly as Valerie admits to Dillon that shed and Dante slept together! Lulu yells at her and asks why she would make up such a disgusting lie.. she berates Val, knows her husband would NEVER be unfaithful to her, but Dante tells her to stop! She demands that he tell her he didn’t sleep with her.. he quietly answers “I’m sorry baby, it’s true”.

Nathan steps in and announces the party is over, and tells everyone to leave. Kiki pipes up and says she doesn’t know why Lulu surprised, nobody is faithful… everybody cheats with someone.

Dante wants to go somewhere to talk when Lulu grabs Valerie’s arm and says you’re not going anywhere – she wants to know what happened, right now.

Lulu and Dante tell Valerie it was only one night, but Lulu starts yelling at Valerie – she welcomed her into her home and this is how she repays her? Dante wants to leave but Lulu insists she is owed answers, when did it happen.. the exact date he woke up and decided to blow up their marriage??

Lulu grills Dante, and when he doesn’t answer.. she asks if he had sex with her in their apartment.. screw her in their bed?? She realizes it was the night the two of them kissed.. Valerie says no, it was the night she stayed in a hotel overnight with Dillon! Lulu angrily asks if she is trying to tell her that Valerie screwing her husband was HER fault. Val says they all messed up, and when Dante steps back in.. she tells him not to touch hem or come near her ever again. He runs after her while Maxie stares daggers at Valerie.

Sam leaves with Patrick, while Jake and Elizabeth happily leave together – Carly calls the doctor and says she’s on her way.

Sonny tells Olivia not to put Dante on a pedestal.

TJ tells Kiki that Morgan feels really bad about he did, and suggests that Kiki listen to him. She turns around and sees Morgan arrive back in the room, he wonders what he missed? Kiki tells him Dante was cheating on Lulu with Valerie, maybe the two of them are more alike than he thought? She asks where he was, and Darby arrives, to announce he was with HER!

Valerie is angry at Dillon, she wants him to fire Andy, his intern.. but then realizes it may not have been an accident?

Maxie wants to follow Dante and Lulu, but Nathan says they should leave them alone.. and Maxie realizes he already knew!

Dante calls after Lulu to stop..  she turns around and hits him hard!

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