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General Hospital on 3/12/2015 – Spinelli sees Jason, Michael hires Sabrina, Ava’s plan for Avery, Mob Wars!

At the hospital, Spinelli sees Jake from the back, and tells Sam, “it’s Jason.. he’s alive!”. He quickly jumps forward and grabs him, but stops when Jake doesn’t know who he is.. Spinelli is formally introduced to him, and apologizes for accosting him, but he was certain he was Stone Cold from the back. Spinelli still thinks it’s easy to mistake him for Jason, and before Sam drags him away, Jake asks to have a word with her. Elizabeth and Patrick notice the two chatting..

Jake tells Sam that Carly has kicked him out of the Metro Court, and asks if she can put in a good for him with Julian Jerome.. he wants to work for him, does she think he would be a good fit?

Spinelli continues to observe Jake, he looks so familiar, and asks Carly if she noticed the similarities? She sadly tells him Jason is gone and not coming back.

Meanwhile, Sam agrees to talk to Julian on Jake’s behalf.. Patrick and Liz see her place her hand on his arm.

Shawn’s suspicions
Shawn accuses Jordan of tipping off Anna, she is angry he would think she’s a mole, but he questions who she is really working for. She offers Shawn her phone, and says the real leak is going undetected… she asks what she can do to prove her loyalty? She tells him to take his suspicions to Sonny, Shawn retorts he just might do that. She later meets up with Anna, and tells her she may be busted! She doesn’t think she can convince Shawn anymore, and wants to be pulled out of the their operation. Jordan is worried her cover is blown and tells Anna her life is on the line, but Anna just wants to play it carefully.

Julian, Carlos and Kiki
Julian has had enough of Duke and tells Carlos it’s time they hit back.. Carlos suggests they kill him! It’s the only way Julian will stay alive.. get Lavery before he gets him. The doorbell rings and it’s Kiki, wanting to talk about getting Avery away from Michael… she isn’t safe with him.

Mob talk…
Sonny tells Duke he is going to get Avery back, he needs to be an upstanding citizen right now and asks Duke to continue running the business. He tells Sonny he made some moves against Julian, and would have done more had Anna not shown up. Duke and Sonny think Anna may have tipped her off, they think they may have a traitor on the inside, when Shawn arrives, wanting to talk. He suspects Jordan might be working against them, but she has denied it.. Sonny asks if he believes her. Shawn points out he only has his suspicions about Jordan, he still isn’t sure she is the one tipping off Anna.

Sabrina’s new job?
Michael asks Sabrina to be AJ’s nanny when Kiki arrives.. furious at Michael’s decision. Sabrina tried to kill Avery when she drugged Ava, wanting her to go into premature labor. Sabrina regrets what she did, but Kiki doesn’t care, while Michael accuses her of being a hypocrite as she has forgiven Sonny and everyone else for what they have done. He reminds her he has full custody and angrily leaves after pointing our Avery is her sister too! Sabrina isn’t sure she can take the job after what she did, but Michael reminds her she can do something good to balance out the past. He admits he did arrange to get Judge Walters in order to win custody… he wants Sonny to suffer, but also wants AJ to grow up free of his business.

Ava’s plan for Avery
Silas tells Ava there might be possible bone marrow donor – her daughter, Avery, but Ava refuses. She doesn’t want to discuss treatment options while she worries about Avery and asks for Silas’ help. She is frustrated and asks him to raise Avery himself! He reminds her he doesn’t have any legal grounds, but Ava suggests Kiki could still fight for custody as her sister.. and he could be there to help her. Ava suggests they team up with Julian.. the three of them would be more than a match for Michael! She says it’s her last chance to safeguard Avery’s future before she is gone.. she is a Jerome.

Liz is surprised to hear Jake tell Carly that Sam is going to help him find a job with Julian Jerome. Carly points out that he doesn’t have any ID, what employer would hire him? Liz reluctantly agrees and wishes him luck.

Sam stays behind to have a word with Patrick and invites him for dinner at Kellys.. she wasn’t making plans with Jake, that was just a favor.

Julian tells Kiki he might be able to help, and she happily leaves after thanking him. Carlos returns and tells him to stay out of the custody issue.. plus Sabrina would never hurt that baby.

After some convincing, Sabrina agrees to be AJ’s nanny.

Duke tells Sonny if Jordan is an officer of the law, she could bring them all down.

Julian announces they’re going to kill Duke Lavery!


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