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General Hospital on 3/13/2015 – Liz dumps Ric, Jake’s new job, a test for Jordan!

At the hospital Elizabeth chatting to Jake – while awkwardly Carly looks on, he tells her he will always appreciate what she has done for him and will see her around. She turns around to see Ric standing in front of her. They chat about Sonny’s custody and he tells her he’s going to keep fighting for him.. just like he’s going to keep fighting for her. He admits what he did to Jake was wrong, he can’t change what he did and wants to move forward with her – she has avoided his question about having feelings for Jake, and he deserves an answer. She admits she DOES have feelings for him. Ric gets it – she thought he was dead, but now he’s back… and has the same love in his heart for her. They have a history, this isn’t the end for them… but Liz thinks it is! She doesn’t have it in her to try to make it work again.. and he hasn’t changed as much as he thinks he has. Their relationship isn’t in the cards, but she will always care for him.

Julian’s plan
Julian agrees with Carlos that Duke needs to be removed, but he’s concerned about Anna. The timing has to be perfect. Sam stops by to see him, and finds out he is working with Carlos again, but she understands. She is there to ask him to give Jake a job! She says it’s complicated but they have an understanding.. Julian reminds her he’s dangerous and unpredictable, but she promises him there are no hard feelings.. Jake never intended to hurt anyone and she is willing to take a chance on him. But she wants the job to be something legal. He agrees to figure something out.

Jake’s new job
Carly brings Jake back to her house, and warns him about Jossyln – he can stay there while he goes undercover. After he calls Sloane with an update, Carly wants to talk about him and Elizabeth! He starts dodging the question, but she insists he needs an outside perspective. He finally admits Elizabeth told him there might be something between them. Carly says Ric is scum… but Elizabeth enjoys being unattainable and playing men off each other. Jake considers himself duly warned and asks if she is jealous?? He receives a call from Sam, who tells him he has a job with Julian… he says he owes her.

Is Jordan a rat?
Duke tells Sonny that Jordan needs to be removed if she’s working with Anna. Sonny is surprised, but agree they have no choice if she is a rat. Sonny thinks it would devastate TJ and Shawn if this goes down, but he isn’t positive she is the informant. They need definite proof and Duke suggests a test.

A family lunch
At Kellys, Jordan meets TJ for lunch, and tells him he only works for Duke right now when Shawn arrives and asks if he can join them at their table. TJ is pleased they are both on the same side right now. When TJ steps away he asks her if they are on the same side.. she wonders if he told Sonny, but before he can answer, TJ returns and asks for a lift to the garage to pick up his car. She tells Shawn they should pick up their conversation later.. and he leaves with TJ.

Anna vs Sloane
Anna pays Sloane an official visit with a search warrant.. he answers the door in a towel! She’s investigating suspected tampering of the mayoral election – he drops his towel and says “search away!”. He receives a call from Jake who informs him he has something working on his way into the Jerome organization. Still shirtless, he gets close to Anna and suggests she put her powers to better use.. maybe take down her ex-boyfriend Duke Lavery? He wants to know the identity of her outside contractor, and admits he has his own undercover operative. Anna grabs her jacket to leave and wonders if she will come back? She sarcastically tells him to have a good day crime-solving.. but he asks for a truce.. they can join forces and bring the criminals down, together.

Sonny tells him he is concerned about Carly’s relationship with Jake. The guy is a pro.. and by pretending not to be, that makes him a threat.

Ric tells Liz she is wrong.. she is making a big mistake. She says it wouldn’t be her first or last, and leaves to get back to work and Ric mutters he isn’t going to give up that easily.. or hand her over to Jake!

Carly leaves Jake at home and points out she isn’t jealous.

Anna tells Sloane she can’t work with him as she doesn’t trust him… and leaves.

While being followed by Carlos, Duke walks into Kellys to talk to Jordan – he has an important job for her.. he wants her to kill Julian Jerome.

Sam tells Julian she thinks Jake is a good person.. and he wonders if there is something going on between them?

Jake tells Sloane he’s in, when the doorbell rings.. it’s Sonny!

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