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General Hospital on 3/17/2015 – Jake is hired, Kiki & Morgan have a plan, Anna agrees to get Duke!

Anna and Nathan are shocked to hear from Jordan that Duke has put a hit on Julian.. and wants Jordan to do it herself. Anna finally realizes she has been reckless with Jordan’s safety and wants to bring her out once and for all. Jordan is worried about TJ… she doesn’t want to just vanish! Nathan has an idea.. give Jordan a wire and get him to repeat the order for the hit.. that way, they can take him out immediately, and weaken the organization. Anna wants to take down the whole enterprise, but Nathan insists they have to take care of Jordan. Jordan understands her reluctance to get Duke, but they have to do the right thing… and she’s ready to do it.

Michael vs Duke at the Metro Court
Michael arrives at the Metro Court with Avery, and runs into Duke.. the two start to argue about decency after Duke accuses him of stealing Avery from Sonny. Michael accuses him of doing Sonny’s dirty work, and calls him a lying hypocrite.

At the Metro Court, Lucy corners Sabrina – she wants her to perform at the 2015 Nurse’s Ball, but Sabrina says no. Lucy assumes it’s because of Patrick.. but the reason she can’t participate is because she was fired from GH! Lucy assures her the event is called the Nurse’s Ball.. and she is still a nurse. She interrupts Duke and Michael, who tells Sabrina he needs a drink and walks away with her leaving Duke and Lucy to talk alone at a table. They both reminisce about last year’s Nurse’s Ball.. her marriage to Kevin ending, and his happiness with Anna. They have been good for each other, but came together on the rebound.. but maybe it’s time they take a step back. Lucy tells him she will bow out gracefully if he thinks he has a chance with Anna.

Michael and Sabrina sit at the bar with the baby.. while sipping a drink, he tells her he needs her to look after Avery tonight. They chat about Carlos.. he is out on bail for shooting Ava Jerome. She wonders why he was lurking around Kellys. She doesn’t think he’s trying to stay out of trouble, but he’s working for Julian again.

Carly defends Jake
Carly arrives when Sonny is yelling at Jake that he is his enemy.. she tells him she gave him a place to stay as he needs help. Plus there was medical evidence proving he wasn’t responsible for his actions. Sonny explains that he doesn’t trust him now that he is working for Julian Jerome.. and is surprised that Carly already knows. Jake quickly tells Sonny he means him no harm and leaves, while Carly and Sonny keep talking about him.. Sonny reminds her they will be on opposite sides. So where does that leave Carly? She tells him Jake didn’t have a choice.. plus he will be working in the legal side of his business. She promises him she would never betray him, and asks about his custody appeal for Avery. Ric will be filing a formal complaint against Walters, but they don’t know how long it will take. He wishes there was something else he could do… but Kiki and Morgan have to stay out of it.

Kiki and Morgan have a plan
At Kellys, Kiki and Morgan talk about Avery and Michael’s decision to hire Sabrina as her nanny. She shouldn’t be allowed near her. She says they’re screwed because Michael played dirty.. Morgan thinks they can do the same.. find a way around Judge Walters. They need to make Michael look like a worse parent.. get him reported to Child Services! They speculate what they could do.. Morgan mentions alcohol, no matter how much he drunks, it is a Quartermaine curse. Addiction is in his blood!

Jake is hired!
At the gallery, Carlos tells Julian that Duke is at the Metro Court, and he tells him he has hired Jake Doe to work for him. Carlos is surprised it was Sam’s idea… he doesn’t think he can be trusted when Jake arrives, and introduces himself to Julian. He tells Julian he doesn’t have a problem with Carlos, it was how he handled himself at the Metro Court towards Carly. Carlos is angry.. if Jake is right with Carly, how do they know he’s not a spy for Sonny? Jake insists Carly is a friend, he just met Sonny today.. and he wouldn’t lift a finger to help that man.

Carly promises Sonny she will support him.. she’s with him for the long haul. She loves him… and they hug.

Jake gripes about Sonny, and hopes Julian burns his entire organization to the ground. Julian thinks Sonny’s hatred of him could work in their favor… and doesn’t care how Carlos feels about that.

Anna agrees to bring Duke down!

Duke takes Lucy’s hand.. it’s over between him and Anna, so they can move forward if that’s what she would like!

Michael toasts Sabrina with another drink..she jokingly tells him to slow down on the drinking for his meeting.

Morgan tells Kiki they will make him look like a bigger drunk than his father.

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