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General Hospital on 3/19/2015 – Spinelli challenges Nathan, Sabrina vs Rosalie, Jake and Elizabeth kiss!

Morgan and Kiki meet at Kellys to disucuss their plan “Operation Alcohol”… he suggests they get Rosalie involved when Sabrina walks in with Avery! Kiki is shocked to hear she is now her nanny… Sabrina tries to explain, and says she will never hurt her sister. Kiki calls her a psycho, but doesn’t let her leave. Morgan steps in and lets her leave. Kiki is still angry about what she did to her mother, switching her medication. Morgan says they can switch Michael’s medication.. to something that reacts badly with alcohol!

Jake and Liz!
Jake arrives at Elizabeth’s, she tells him Cameron put Spencer in the hospital. She is worried as this isn’t the first time Cam has been in trouble with fire, she remembers the previous incident and leans into Jake for a hug. He consoles her that kids get into stuff all the time, they can’t be watched 24/7 and it’s not her fault. The fire, Jake running into traffic, not this.. she is a wonderful mother. She asks why he came over, but he says it’s not a good time, but admits he is there to talk about her and Ric. He heard they broke up! She admits it’s true, but it was for the best, they weren’t meant to be. She also admits she did kinda break up with him because of Jake. She still has feelings for him – he asks if she thinks THEY have a chance?? They gaze at each other, and Liz says she really hopes so..

Rosalie plays both sides!
At the ELQ office, Rosalie places a call to Nikolas when Michael interrupts her, she quickly hangs up the phone and pretends she was working. He wants to know why she worked late last night, she flashes back to sending Nik an email with confidential information. Tracy interrupts them, and Rosalie eavesdrops her tell Michale that someone is trying to take over the company. Tracy mentions Jerry Jacks has 15.5% but Luke conned Skye out of her 16.5% of ELQ.. they don’t know what he has done with it. What is the 32% is with the Cassadines? Rosalie quickly makes a call to Nikolas.. they have a problem. Nik says they can’t trace the shares back to him – he says she is right to be cautious, she is his eyes and ears. She answers “you got it boss” when Sabrina walks in with Avery! Rosalie blocks her from going on.. she will have to wait.. Tracy walks out and Sabrina strolls in.

Tracy tells Michael the Quartermaines have to stick together.

Maxie needs help
Maxis arrives at Lulu’s and tells her Nathan said he loved her.. it was a beautiful moment, and of course she told him she felt the same.. positively deeply in love with him. The problem is Spinelli! He is Georgie’s father.. and she loves him too. She can’t choose, and needs Lulu’s help.. she told Nathan she loves Spinelli which upset him. She hasn’t seen him since. Lulu tells her she has to do what Felicia did.. look into her heart and make a decision. Maxie doesn’t think she is capable of deciding, but Lulu insists she will figure it out.

Spencer is angry
At the hospital, a bandaged Spencer blames Cameron for his injuries as he heard Nik say he started the fire. Nik says it was an accident.. Cam only thinks he knocked something over that caught fire. Spencer reminds them he likes playing with matches.. that little pyro wanted him out of the way. He insists they should have him arrested.

Spinelli vs Nathan!
At the boxing gym, Nathan tells Spinelli he wants him out of Port Charles when Sonny interrupts them.. he doesn’t appreciate him telling his friend where he can and can’t go. Understand that? Nathan says no! He wants him to go because of Maxie.. he’s interfering with their relationship, he needs to give her some space, and let her move on with her life. Spinelli has no problem with that. He appreciates Sonny’s support, but the situation needs to be resolved – he will only leave on one condition.. and challenges him to a duel! If he loses, he will leave town and if he win, Nathan will do the same. He proposes a boxing match! Sonny shakes his head.. but Spinelli is certain, as it requires both brains and brawn. Nathan agrees, but points out how much he can bench press compared to Spinelli.. and doesn’t want to hurt him. Spinelli taunts him and gives a bold Star Wars speech that it’s his destiny to fall in battle. Nathan agrees to meet him back there in one hour and leaves.

Anna talks about Duke
At the Metro Court, Anna asks Olivia for information on Duke.. she knows he’s now in charge of Sonny’s organization, and reminds Liv all the things they have done. She reminisces about raising Robin, and has no sympathy for Sonny, but Liv says men like him have a need to hang on what ever is theirs. Anna says she must be relieved she is having a baby with Ned. Anna asks about Duke’s tea box, she thinks he is using it as a cash drop.. she wants to build a case against him, even thought he has loved him more than half her life. But she has to do what’s right.

Spinelli asks Sonny if he can teach him to box in the next 59 minutes??

Tracy arrives at Lulu’s – they now know where to find Luke’s sister Patricia!

Morgan tells Kiki they will figure something out.

Michael puts a bottle of Aspirin down on his desk when Sabrina tells him Rosalie was hostile to her. Plus she called someone else her boss on the phone!

Nik tells Spencer the fire was an accident – Sam and Patrick say he should spend time on his recovery, but he wants that pyro behind bars.

Jake and Liz banter about their almost-kiss at Christmas.. lean in to each other and share a kiss!

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