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General Hospital on 3/20/2015 – Nathan vs Spinelli, Nina & Franco’s legal advice, meet Valerie Spencer, Jake’s wife??

Silas tries to tells Ava it’s too soon to tell if her chemo has been working.. but she insists on knowing the truth. He admits it’s getting worse, but that doesn’t mean she should stop fighting. She thanks him, and he tells her everyone reacts differently to chemo.. she will feel worse before she feels better. It may save her life, but she refuses another round of chemo! He truthfully admits the odds aren’t in her favor.

Nina and Franco get advice
At Shadybrook, Nina and Franco play battleship together when Alexis and Scotty arrive to see them! Franco pretends to be crazy while Nina steps in and introduces him to Alexis, while Scotty pulls him off to the side to talk about his lack of future. Heather is to blame for this, and he worries about him.. his hearing is tomorrow and he could be remanded there for the rest of his life. Franco asks what if it has all been an act..? “Oh boy” answers Scotty, shocked that he has been faking it! He finds out Franco injected himself so he could stay out of Pentonville, otherwise he has to answer for everything. And he needs his help. Scotty tells him his hands are tied, but Shadybrook is a better option than prison.

Alexis tells Nina her hearing is tomorrow.. she pretends to be crazy, but Alexis refuses to postpone it further, otherwise the judge will make her stay there much longer than she anticipates! She tells Alexis it has all been an act for Franco.. he is the best friend she has ever had. She will stay there until Franco can leave.. unless Alexis can help him. She says Nina’s plan is insane.. Franco is sick and a criminal.

Jake wants Elizabeth – the feeling is mutual!
Liz says Jake’s kiss was worth the wait.. and he kisses her again! He has wanted to do that since the first time he saw her “pretty face”.. he felt a connection and couldn’t shake it. She admits to feeling the same.. he tells her he wants her, but will back off. She insists she is not on the rebound and doesn’t want him to back off! She tells him she wants him too, and has something pretty special planned… a dinner for their first date! They sip white cranberry apple juice and enjoy turkey sandwiches over candlelight, and beam at each other. This is their first date.. he doesn’t remember any others, so this is his FIRST first date. She asks if has second thoughts about starting something with her when he doesn’t know anything about who HE is?

Nathan vs Spinelli – it’s on!
At the boxing gym, Sonny tries to teach Spinelli how to box.. Sonny doesn’t think a fight will prove anything to Maxie, but Spinelli asks if he has done anything crazy for his family? Sonny decides on a new strategy.. wait until Nathan is exhausted, then take him out. But he accidentally knocks Spinelli out..

At Kellys, Dante tells Nathan that Tracy and Lulu have gone to follow up a lead on Patricia.. without checking in with him. He is focused on the search for Luke, an alias passports was used in Zurich, and asks Nathan what’s going on? He hears about the fight, and tells him it’s an unfair fight… he should learn from Dante;s mistakes. Maxie is a person not a prize, and it will probably backfire. Nathan doesn’t want Maxie to find out, but he has to leave..

Maxie arrives at Kellys and asks Dante if he knows where Nathan is? They sit down and Dante asks if she knows about the fight… “what fight?”. She has come to a decision, but won’t tell Dante who she chooses and asks about the fight. He tells her about the boxing sparring session.. Spinelli vs Nathan.. the winner gets HER! She is the prize. She is furious.. leaves Georgie with Nathan, and take off!

Back at the boxing gym, Nathan suggest they call it off, but Spinelli insists they go through with it. The ref states the rules and starts the fight. Spinelli keeps dodging Nathan round after round.. trying to tire him out.. Nathan can’t even land one punch after three rounds!

Meet Valerie Spencer
Lulu and Tracy arrive at the address, hopefully now they will get some answers. Patricia is the only noe old enough to know what happened in the Spencer house before Luke and Bobbie got shipped off to Florida. They knock on the door, and a woman opens the door.. can I help you with something? She tells them Patricia Spencer was her mother’s name.. why are they asking about her? Lulu tells them they are cousins.. she introduces herself as Valerie Spencer. They tells her Luke is in serious trouble, but she can’t help them.. her mother is dead!

Alone again, Nina insists to Franco she is staying at Shadybrook, but he tells her she has a choice, and has to leave! He wants her to forget about him, and start living her life.

In the 4th round of the boxing match, Spinelli tries to land a punch but misses, when Nathan knocks him out! At that moment, Maxie walks in.. “oh my god!”.

Tracy asks Mallory if they can come inside.. while Luke is standing behind the door with a gun!

Ava asks Silas to kill her!

Jake says he doesn’t want to waste his time looking back, when he can start finding answers in his future.. with her! They start to walk up the stairs, when the doorbell rings. A woman is at the door looking for Jake Doe.. his wife!

GH March 20 Jake Elizabeth Nathan Spinelli

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