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General Hospital on 3/23/2015 – Jake’s wife, Michael’s allergies, Olivia’s baby, Nathan gives up!

At the boxing gym, Maxie arrives as Nathan knocks Spinelli to the ground! She is furious with Nathan, knowing he would in and treating her like some prize.. but he insists it was Spinelli’s idea. She doesn’t quite believe it, but Sonny nods.. it was his idea. Spinelli insists he didn’t know what else to do when Nathan told him to leave Port Charles.. Maxie turns to him and asks if it’s true? Yes, and he doesn’t regret it for a second! She says he had no right, but he insists he wants him out of their way. Especially since she admitted she also loved Spinelli. Nathan wants to get everything out in the open, but Maxie says it isn’t fair- he argues what they have can’t match what she shared with Spinelli.. plus she never believes him.

Michael vs Morgan
Michael catches Morgan coming down the stairs at the Quatermaine mansion. The fight about Avery again, Morgan thinks she should be with Sonny.. but Michael tells him he will never be part of her life again. He tries to throw a punch, but Michael decks him! They start to fight when Ned breaks up the fight..

Ned and Michael share a drink and talk about the new Quartermaine heir, AJ – Michael reminds him he is expecting with Olivia, a detail Ned seemed to forget. He mentions the term doesn’t apply in this case, but yes, admits he is the father. Michael mentions some ELQ shares are missing – Luke, Jerry and Helena now control almost one-third of ELQ. Ned thinks Michael is crying, but it’s just his allergies!

At Kellys, Julian sits down with Kiki – he wants to help her fight for Avery! She mentions she has a plan with Morgan, and he coyly asks if it’s legal? He has a feeling Ava would be proud, she thanks him for his offer to help and he wished her luck when Morgan arrives. He switched his allergy pills with something more potent! He swiped them from the ER when he went to see Lucas. This is allergy season for Michael. Kiki worries something bad might happen..

Julian leaves Kellys and runs straight into Olivia! She feels the baby kick and Julian asks if he can feel it..? He asks her again if there is NO chance he could be the father?

Ava begs Silas for help!
Ava wants Silas to help her die.. he sadly tells her she only has three months to live. She doesn’t want to suffer, and wants to be herself when she goes, with all her loving memories. He tells her what she’s asking is illegal, but she cries.. she wants to die on her own terms. She could do it herself, but it would be kinder and gentler if he did it – she could die with his arms around her, smiling down at her. She begs him!

Valerie can’t help
Lulu begs Valerie Spencer to help her and Tracy, while Luke hides behind the door. She tries to get them to leave, but Tracy marches inside, while Luke hides in the closet. She asks Valerie if her mother EVER said anything about her brother Luke? They tell her he hasn’t been well lately.. something traumatic may have happened in his childhood, does she remember anything? Valerie said the topic seemed to be off-limits… she was told her mother was an only child. She would help them if she could, and sends them on their way.

Jake’s wife..
The stranger at the door tells Elizabeth she is Jake’s wife.. his face may have changed, but she knows it’s him! She throws herself into his arms, but Jake apologizes.. he doesn’t know what to tell her. Liz straight out asks her how she knew Jake would be at HER house? She said the news about the Haunted Star reached Beechers Corners, where they lived together – they don’t have children, and his parents are dead. He was on his own when they met. She found out about the accident and brain injury, and she KNEW it was her husband.. Jacob Barns! Liz doesn’t think it adds up.. there was no missing persons report that fit his description.. where has she been? She admits she thought Jake had left her! They went camping near Port Charles last fall to help their marriage, had a fight and he stormed off.. she waited and he never came back. She reported him missing, but the police thought he had just left her. She tells him they can get back to who they were.. happy! Liz asks her to prove everything she just said was true…

Nathan tells Maxie he’s taking himself out of the race. She is free to be with the man she never stopped loving! He doesn’t want her to stall.. and doesn’t want to wait around while she decides. He just wants her to be happy and walks away.

Just as they’re leaving, Tracy hears a noise coming from the closet!

Julian thinks that is HIS baby in there when Ned arrives.. “Daddy’s here!”. Julian looks on suspiciously as Liv says how happy they are to be starting a family.

Silas tells Ava he can’t kill her because he cares about her! But she wants him to let go…

Michael swallows an allergy pill!

Liz asks Hayden if she has photos or documentation – she says yes, at the Metro Court where she is staying. She will be in touch, kisses Jake on the cheek and leaves. Liz stares at Jake while he says “that’s my wife”.

Hayden makes a call.. “it’s done”.

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