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General Hospital on 3/25/2015 – Nina’s hearing, Ric’s plan, Jake’s wedding ring, Carly doesn’t buy it!

Ric conspires with Hayden, handing over documents that show off her life with Jake when Jake knocks on her door – he wants to see his ID! She opens the door and invites him in – Ric quietly creeps out when she asks him to look at the view from her balcony. She sits him down and shows him the documents folder.. proof of their old life together. She even has their old wedding photo, which he doesn’t remember at all. she shows him a photo of the night he proposed, but he doesn’t believe it’s him. He notices a wedding ring in the photo.. why doesn’t he have it now? Hayden quickly covers and says he threw his ring at her when he left. She pulls it out of the folder and hands it to him.

Ric’s plan
At Kellys, Molly and TJ talk about Ric’s online dating.. she wants him to be happy. Ric arrives and tells them he already had a coffee date with a married woman! He flashes back to faking the wedding photos with Hayden and a guy named Pete. And making sure she kept the same ring used in the photos!

Nina’s day in court
Nathan is at the courthouse for Nina’s hearing, he tells her he broke up with Maxie.. she reminds him he can come to her for anything. Alexis leaves them alone to talk, and she smiles at Franco when he arrives escorted by a guard. She admits to him that she told Alexis faked her breakdown.. he isn’t mad at her as he told Scotty the same thing! He needed help figuring it out too..

Samtrick’s passion
In bed in the morning, Sam and Patrick talk about Nina and Silas’s hearing.. they think they both deserve to be locked up. He reminds her about moving in with him – she asks for more time, and they get playful and passionate again! Afterwards, she knocks over the can with her wedding ring.. she put it the can to keep it safe, the same can they put their rings when they were separated. The night he was shot, they had put their rings back on.. so now there is only ring left. SHe flashes back to Jake saying the exact same thing to her in the hospital!

Spinelli pleads with Maxie
Maxie runs into Spinelli outside Kellys, while pushing Georgie. He asks how she’s doing and mentions her relationship ending last night! She quickly asks why he would think it’s over?? He points out Nathan took himself out of the running, and he thinks it was a break-up.. he says they are now free to be a family now. “The hell we are”, says Maxie! She is angry he treated her like a prize to be won.. he was trying to help her make a choice. He did the wrong thing, but for the right reasons. She wonders why he feels the need to prove his love for her, she already knows it.. he tells her it was irrational desperation, and he fears he has pushed her away.

Carly has doubts!
Carly arrives as Elizabeth’s house, and finds out about the arrival of his wife from Beechers Corners.. Carly thinks it sounds suspicious. She just doesn’t buy it.. and asks Liz why she isn’t at the Metro Court saving Jake from this con artist?? She happens to have keys. Liz thinks they should stay out of it, but Carly insists she CAN interfere, she isn’t going to let someone take advantage of him. She needs to be convinced, and is taking Liz to the Metro Court with her.

Maxie leaves Spinelli hanging..

Nina says goodbye to Franco, not sure if she will see him again, while Nathan receives a text from the Commissioner and has to leave.

Alexis stands in front of the judge and tells her Nina’s recent breakdown was fake!

Sam looks at her wedding ring and tells Patrick about Jake’s strange comment.

Mollie leaves Kellys, and when Ric smugly starts eating, Pete shows up – he’s new in town and asks him to buy him lunch!

Hayden kisses Jake to remind him of their wedding day, when Liz and Carly walk in!

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