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General Hospital on 3/26/2015 – Valerie in danger, Ric is blackmailed, Carly’s doubts, Nina & Franco are free!

At Franco’s hearing, Scotty is called to the stand and tells the court he admitted to faking his condition. His lawyer reminds him he never should have told Scotty he was sane if he didn’t want it to come out – Scotty would never lie under oath. The judge decides the trial should proceed. Franco can’t believe Scotty ratted him out, but Scotty tells him his lawyer is a shark.. he explains how it may be better to stand trial when Franco wasn’t responsible for Heather’s actions.. and he didn’t know Nina stole the baby until he got to Canada, which is out of his jurisdiction. As the DA, he would have to drop the charges! Franco quietly thanks him.

Nina’s hearing!
Alexis announces to the judge that Nina faked her craziness.. she tells Nina she has a duty to protect her, and this is the best way. She continues with the judge – Nina was thinking with her heart, not her head and it shouldn’t be held against her. She asks that the original ruling stands. Nina insists she has something to say, and the judge allows her to take the stand. She is just about to claim the baby was hers, when Franco enters and says his charges were dropped. Nina changes her story, and says she deeply regrets her actions.. and the judge says she is free to go. She rushed into Franco’s arms for a big hug!

Valerie in danger!
Luke makes eggs at Valerie’s house, while she is bound and gagged! She bites his hand when he tries to feed her, upset that he is terrorizing her. He wants to know where Patricia is.. she finally admits her mother is alive, but refuses to tell him where she is. She assumes he wants to finish her so whatever that messed-up childhood secret is will die with her. He believes that.. and observes she is defiant and stubborn like a Spencer.. which means he has no use for her anymore. He has to eliminate his own problem; she insists she will keep quiet and begs him not to hurt her. He picks up a gun while she loosens the rope.. Luke is distracted when the phone rings, she pushes him away and lunges to the phone! He knocks it out of her hand and they struggle…

Carly doesn’t buy it..
At the Metro Court, an annoyed Carly stops Hayden and Jake’s kiss as Liz looks on. She introduces herself and demands to know where she has been?? Carly starts to grill her and wants to see proof she is her husband. Hayden shows off the ring, but Carly still doesn’t buy it.. even when she sees the wedding photo. Liz looks through the medical records while Carly demands DNA samples and tells Jake she will protect him. Carly is furious with Hayden, but Liz interrupts her.. Jacob Barnes had brain surgery, just like Jake! She says this is Jake, while Hayden smugly grabs his arm and asks “satisfied now?”. Jake asks why he had brain surgery, she claims he collapsed at work, and it was emergency surgery.. she thought she had lost him. Liz bolts out the door, but Jake runs after her and stops her in the hall. He grabs her hands and tells her when Hayden kissed him he felt nothing, not like with her… and he passionately kisses her!

Patrick charms Sam
Still in bed, Sam wonders if Jake was talking about HER ring, Patrick start questioning what he knows and why he would bring it up before surgery? Just before Sam can answer, Danny leaps into the bed with them.. and asks him if he is his daddy now? Sam explains Patrick is her special friend who will be spending a lot of time with them, but his daddy loves him very much and is looking down on him from heaven. Patrick says they get to be best buddies.. later, Sam thanks him for what he said to Danny. He promises his relationship with Danny will not impact the memory of Jason, and says moving in together sounds pretty great. She admits it’s not off the table – and as he leaves for work, he points out Jake was having a lot of random memories while under Helena’s influence.

Dante and Lulu catch up
Outside Kellys, Lulu greets Dante with a kiss.. they catch up over breakfast, and she tells him the trip was fruitless, but at least she met her cousin Valerie. Tracy thought someone was in the next room when they were there, and Dante suggests it could have been Luke. All of a sudden, Lulu worries about Valerie and wants to make sure she is safe! She calls, but no one picks up..

Ric is blackmailed!
At Kellys, Ric freaks out and drags Peter out the back door.. he wants more cash! He figured out what Ric was up to, and says he was underpaid.. and mocks Ric for assuming he hired a pretty-boy model. He has figured it ALL out – and wants Ric to come up with a number. Otherwise he will track down this Elizabeth and tell her everything.

Sam stares at her wedding ring.

Jakes tells Liz he feels nothing for Hayden.. everything about “this” feels right. Liz points out he loved her once, and he owes it to them to get back what they once had. He kisses her again, but she walks away.. and says goodbye.

Carly continues to look at the documents and asks how she can afford the room in the hotel? She says all of this feel wrong.. fraud is a crime, how far is she going to take it..??

Ric agrees to get the cash and arrange a drop.. after that he will disappear.. “we’ll see”.

Dante and Lulu knock on Valerie’s door, Dante decides to break down the door and enters with his gun drawn.. “oh my god!”.

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