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General Hospital on 3/27/2015 – Jordan’s wire, Franco’s plan, the truth about Pat, hello ladies!

Franco and Nina hug.. they’re free! Alexis tells Nina she’s going to live in Nathan’s apartment above Kellys.. he has agreed to help her get back on her feet while the state controls her wealth; she will have to go to court to get it back. Nina asks where Franco will live? Alexis thinks she should stay away from him, but is reminded she is now a free woman. Alexis sighs and tells them both not to do anything stupid to get themselves arrested again. Nina beams at Franco after Alexis leaves. The two start to kiss passionately on a bench, while Franco tries to figure out where he can live. He realizes there IS an option available at the Metro Court.. a suite for both of them, together. He has a way around Carly..  Nina is speechless after he tells her, and admits he is a genius. Nina hesitates to leave, as Nathan is on his way to pick her up, but Franco asks if he is with her on this?

The search for Patricia
Bobbie and Tracy meet at Kellys to discuss Luke’s whereabouts.. Tracy informs her that Patricia is dead.. Bobbie starts to cry, but Tracy shares the good news that she has a niece, Valerie. Bobbie wants to meet her and Tracy gives her the details – she was reluctant to talk to them. Pat is apparently buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, but Tracy says there no such place in the entire state! She thinks Valerie lied, while Bobbie quickly finds a convalescent home named Oak Hill near where Valerie lives.. she decides to call to see if Pat is a patient there.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante see Valerie unconscious on the floor of her apartment.. she wakes up with a concussion, and tells them Luke hit her! Lulu finds out he was hiding in the closet the whole time she was there.. he also wanted information on her mother, Patricia, who is alive. Oak Hill isn’t a cemetery.. it’s a home.

Jordan the Informant
Anna places the wire on Jordan, ready for her to tape Duke’s order to kill Julian. She asks Anna how she would feel about arresting Duke.. she insists her feelings don’t matter anymore, it’s about a killer. She wishes Jordan luck and watches her leave. Sloane then comes knocking on Anna’s door with a warrant to search her room! She argues he has no probable cause, but he forces himself in anyway and points out he knows she has an undercover informant paid for by department funds. He insists she tell him who it is? Sloane wants to see Anna’s computer, but she grabs the warrant.. it’s an email from his former boss! He knows her operative is Jordan Ashford, but Anna denies it.

At the boxing gym, Shawn arrives to talk to Sonny about Jordan. He thinks he was wrong about her.. he hasn’t seen her since he accused her of being an informant. Sonny tells him Duke has a test for her… something she wouldn’t do if she was a cop. Sonny doesn’t know anything more than that. Duke just told her to do “something”, but Shawn figured out it would be kill someone. Sonny points out she hasn’t taken anyone out, her hands are clean.. even when she killed Mickey Dunne, she claimed it was self-defense and Anna let her go without charges.

At the Metro Court, Julian approaches Duke and shows him money that was supposed to be in tea box! It’s payment for his latest shipment through the docks.. which he owns. Duke tells Julian his fun is over, his thugs arrive and Julian hands back the money. Olivia swings by asking what’s going on? Duke apologizes for causing a scene, and tells Julian to stay out of his way.

Jordan sits down to meet with Duke, and thanks him for agreeing to meet with her. He offers her some tea and she admits to being nervous about her progress report on Julian Jerome. He points out that he is still alive and well! Duke asks if she has had an opportunity, or is she backing out? She tells him she is taking a risk eliminating the head of the Jerome family, and asks if there is a reward.. and just to confirm, does he still want her to kill Julian? Duke changes the subject and tells her Julian just threatened him, while Duke continues to dodge the answer.. the police would suspect the two of them, but Jordan wants him to “say the word and it’s done”. Duke thinks they can handle their problems without violence – Jordan asks if the hit has been a test of her loyalty? He says he can trust her now, puts money on the table to leave and suggests she treat herself to a stronger tea.

Olivia hears about Franco!
Julian chats to Liv at the bar and apologizes for asking to touch her baby earlier.. and badgering her about the paternity. It was wrong of him to question her, both him and Alexis now accept that Ned is the father. Alexis arrives and tells Julian and Olivia that Nina is a free woman.. and so is Franco! Olivia looks stunned… the guy she saw at Shadybrook seemed crazy, and she flashes back to telling him she got pregnant by Julian. Alexis and Julian sit down together at a atble, and he informs her he told Olivia they will no longer question her about the baby.

Duke arrives at the boxing gym and tells Shawn and Sonny that Jordan aced the test… she isn’t reporting back to Anna. Sonny walks Shawn out, while his thug asks Duke why he didn’t tell Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire??

Jordan arrives at Anna’s and asks if she heard what happened at the restaurant.. when Sloane shows himself!

Franco and Nina arrive at the Metro Court, and he asks Olivia for a suite.. or they will tell Julian she is carrying his baby!

Valerie informs them her mother has MS, she needs 24-hour care.. at Oak Hill. She cries and admits she told Luke where she was..

Bobbie and Tracy arrive at Oak Hill, they walk into Pat’s room and see Luke standing there with a gun.. “hello ladies”..!!

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