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General Hospital on 3/31/2015 – Sam says yes, Luke escapes again!

Ric runs into Elizabeth at Kelly’s and she tells him about Jake’s wife – he asks her for another chance, but backs off when she says she can’t jump into anything.

In their room at the Metro Court, Jake informs Hayden he won’t leave Port Charles – it’s all he knows and won’t give it up, plus he has a new job. She agrees to stay there with them.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Alexis he has asked Sam to move in with him – she thinks they make a great couple, and Sam will realize that. Meanwhile, Sam is at home talking to Julian about Patrick… she is a little worried, but he reminds her she has a second chance. Alexis arrives and chats with Julian about the good doctor and Sam.

At the Metro Court, Carly sees Franco and Nina – she tries to kick them out, and is furious to find out Olivia has given them a room for free. While the two go to settle in their new suite, Carly demands answers from Liv.

Lulu arrives at Patricia’s room, to find Luke holding Bobbie and Tracy at gunpoint, with Patricia – Tracy stands her ground, when he has a brief moment of clarity, surprised to see Patricia! The police arrive at the door at Dante’s request, but Tracy and Lulu convince them to leave.

Sam tells Patrick she will move in with him.

Luke has escaped out the window!

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