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General Hospital on 4/10/2015 – Franco wants ELQ stock, Maxie says yes to Spinelli, someone comes for Avery!

At the hospital, Lucas examines Nathan and invites him on a double date with Maxie, but he finds out they broke up. Nathan explains what happened with Spinelli and he didn’t want to put pressure on her, or break up a family.. Lucas reminds him he made her happy! He hopes they can find a way to work things out.

Spinelli appeals to Maxie
While feeding Georgie, Spinelli and and Maxie see Avery’s tumble on TV, but Maxie wants him to turn it off.. she feels bad for Michael. Spinelli promises nothing like that will happen to Georgie, he offers to be a bigger presence in her life. He proposes they get back together, and is still waiting for her answer. He doesn’t want to pressure her, but she knows how he feels about her and Georgie.. is it true that she loves him? He will accept friendship if that’s all she has to offer, but points out there is something more between them; they can unite as a family – she admits to a hopeful Spinelli that Georgie isn’t the only reason she has let him back into her life. She loved him, but messed it up – he chose to be with someone else, and it scares her to re-open those doors. She crashed hard when they didn’t work out, but she thinks he might be right.. maybe they should be a family? She says yes, they should get back together – Spinelli is thrilled and kisses her!

Kiki gets custody!
Kiki and Morgan arrive at Michael’s with Child Custody Services as Kiki takes custody of Avery! She is going home with the Jeromes.. Alexis tells him it is just temporary. Kiki will be her temporary guardian after the baby is checked out at the hospital. Michael isn’t allowed to get the baby, Sabrina goes upstairs to bring her down. After the baby is gone, an upset Michael yells that it was a one-time incident.. she has a full-time nanny and is no immediate danger, and he is just trying to keep AJ safe! He figures Morgan is pulling the strings on behalf of Sonny.. Michael is worried she is in danger, and no one else can see it, but Alexis reminds him that HE knocked over the stroller. Sabrina doesn’t know how he could have got that drunk.. and Michael asks if the pills might have caused the incident.. Alexis wonders what pills?? Sabrina explains about his allergy medication, it shouldn’t have produced that type of reaction. Alexis decides to get some answers from the Metro Court about how much he had been served.

Ned vs Franco
At Franco’s hotel room, Ned introduces himself as a friend of Olivia’s, which makes him his enemy! Franco is worried and wonders where Nina is.. but Ned wants to talk about Liv.. the blackmail stops now. Franco says sure, let’s call Julian and tell him he’s the father of her kid. He admits he feels bad but Olivia never should have confessed to him, Ned replies it stops now, he won’t let him bleed her dry. And where has Nina gone, has she seen the real Franco?? He promises to leave Olivia alone, but will now bleed Ned dry! Franco doesn’t want money, but he will take all of his shares from ELQ, he knows the exact value. He wants to feel like part of the Quartermaine family, and he has 24 hours to sign over his stock or he will tell Julian!

Julian offers to help
At the Metro Court, Julian asks Olivia why she is allowing Franco to stay at the hotel? He points out something isn’t right, but she explains that she felt like offering him some goodwill after what he went through. She asks why it’s any of his business?? After what Ned said, he wants to know if Franco is threatening her baby..? She snaps that it has nothing to do with her, Ned and her would handle this. He points out Ned isn’t equipped to “protect” her baby – he can deal with Franco in ways Ned can’t. Liv says she would go to Sonny for that kind of “help”, not Julian.. and turns to leave.

Silas quietly lets himself in to a supply close and takes drugs out of a cabinet.

Drama at GH – Nina, Kiki, Morgan, Silas..
Nina wanders into General Hospital, looking for her ex-husband Silas Clay she is informed he is treating a patient out of town. She wants to know when he will be back and comes face to face with Silas! She asks what he is doing there, he mentions a patient he needs to follow up on. She came looking for him after seeing the piece on Access Port Charles… she is sane enough to tell him she is sorry for everything that happened between them. He is sorry too and happy to hear she’s moving on with her life, and she offers condolences about Ava.

Kiki sees Silas at the hospital with Avery and Morgan – she tells him she has emergency custody, and tells Nina to stay away from her! They take Avery away and Nina offers her condolences about her mother – she quietly states she is sorry about her mother, but the truth is she had a home-wrecking whore who had a baby that should have been hers! Kiki lunges at her.. “you crazy bitch!”. Nathan arrives and breaks them up, Silas says no one needs to be arrested and Nathan tells them to take a walk…Kiki threatens to scratch her psycho eyes out before leaving.

Silas offers to examine the baby himself and they leave him alone with Avery.. he takes a photo of her, and tells her about Ava, her mommy. He comes back and tells Kiki that Avery is perfect.. once he gets her test results, she can take her home. Kiki hugs him, and he says he has to get back to the city to take care of a patient.. when it’s all over, he wants to be a better father to her. She says he is pretty great and sadly points out he is the only parent she has left.

Nina tells Nathan she’s at the hospital to offer her condolences to Silas, Nathan is there for a check-up and is glad ran into her! She admits she wasn’t returning his call as she didn’t think he would approve of her living with Franco, which he doesn’t. She says he keeps her grounded and stable.. and asks Nathan about Maxie. She knows he took himself out of the running, but what if she isn’t with Spinelli now..?? On her way out, she stares at the closed door where Avery has been left alone.

Spinelli announces this is truly momentous occasion, he is beyond happy, when there is a knock on the door.. it’s Nathan and he made a mistake. He wants them to give each other another chance!

Julian meets Alexis at the Metro Court and they watch Ned and Olivia talking.. Ned tells Liv he has taken care of things..

Franco leaves a voice mail for Nina, where the hell are you?

Sabrina comes in with a tray for Michael, but he is gone!

Kiki and Morgan hug in the hospital hall, when someone quietly opens Avery’s door .. and approaches her crib!

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