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General Hospital on 4/13/2015 – Avery is missing, Luke’s dark half, Ellie arrives!

Morgan and Kiki chat about the success of their plan and decide to check on Avery in her room.. but she’s gone! They panic and wonder who has her..?? Morgan decides to call Dante, they think someone took the baby!

Nathan hears the news..
Nathan tells a shocked Maxie he wants to give them another chance.. turning his back on her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Lucas reminded him how great they are together, this can’t be the end of them! They belong together. Plus he loves her with every fiber of his being.. she tells him to STOP, but he apologizes for leaving too soon. Spinelli walks into the room and Nathan also wants to apologize to him for the boxing match. He tells Maxie she isn’t some prize to be won.. and they should have trusted her to make her decision.

Spinelli tells Nathan that she HAS made her decision.. they have decided to get back together! She explains it JUST happened.. one minute before he showed up. He sadly congratulates her, all he ever wanted was her happiness. His phone rings – it’s Dante asking to meet him at the hospital. She asks if she will see him around, he says “yeah, sure” and leaves. Spinelli asks what she was going to say to Nathan when he interrupted them? Does she regret her decision..? She claims she is with him because she wants to be.. she wants to give Georgie something they never had, two parents. But he noticed the look of yearning between her and Nathan, does she still have feelings for him?

Dante bonds with Valerie
At the apartment, a shirtless Dante accidentally wakes up Valerie. She marvels at his compassion and kindness, and he talks about how important Olivia is to him – she is his heart and soul, and he knows that’s how she felt about her mom. He explains he loves his wife, and she loves her family.. and she is a member of that family now. She watches him play with Rocco, and he introduces her to him as his second cousin! She admits it’s nice to know there is someone else to lean on now that her mom is gone.. he receives a call from Morgan, and asks Valerie to look after Rocco as he has to leave.

At GH, Dante and Nathan tell Kiki and Morgan they will search the hospital – was there anyone suspicious around when she went missing? Kiki points at Nathan and says yes, your sister, and tells them what Nina said to her about Ava. She wonders if she could have doubled-back and taken Avery? Nathan insists she will answer for it if she had anything to do with her disappearance and leaves. Morgan thinks they need to consider Michael too.

Lulu consoles Luke
Lulu visits Luke at the hospital.. he continues to be angry at himself for what happened, but Lulu tells him it wasn’t his fault. He understands why Valerie hates him and wants to see him punished, but Lulu argues that someone has to be the one to say enough.. she isn’t going to let anything happen to him. He tells her to go take care of her boys, he can be left alone.. she kisses him, tells him she loves him and leaves. All of a sudden, Luke is shocked to see his arm in restraints.. and a tattoo! Lulu comes back and the tattoo is gone… she came back as she has news the judge has made a decision, his request to go to Shadybrook has been denied. She yells at him that he is her hero and they can fix this together, but he doesn’t see how.

Sabrina asks Felix for help
Michael is gone, but Felix arrives to see Sabrina – she is still questioning what happened to him, he shouldn’t have been drunk after only two drinks. Felix wonders what else might have been in his system, and he looks at the allergy medication. Sabrina immediately wonders if this is the right medication? She remembers switching Ava’s meds, and Felix offers to take a pill to the lab.. she doesn’t want Michael to know, when he walks in and says “know what?”. She pretends it’s just about the incident – asking him not to gossip about it. Felix leaves and he thanks Sabrina for trying to help, even thought the damage has been done. She is surprised he went out.. he claims he needed to clear his head, but Sabrina reminds him to stay away so the courts can do their job. He insists it’s up to him to make it right!

Franco worries about Nina
Scotty arrives to see Franco at the Metro Court, surprised at the suite – Franco claims he sold some arts and crafts at Shadybrook for money. He asks about Nina, and explains how he cares about her – they formed a bond with the baby, and Scotty wonders if it could be happening again? Franco says no, this is a new start and they’re good. Scotty asks where she is, and Nina appears at the door.. “I’m here”. She tells Scotty she’s looking forward to seeing more of him, and he mentions he has an update on Luke – his request to go back to Shadybrook has been denied. He leaves the two of them alone and Franco demands to know where she went? She admits going to see Silas at GH to offer her condolences, she wants to make it right.. that’s all that happened.

Valerie talks to Rocco .. she tells him how lucky he is to have a great dad, when Lulu walks in.. “what the hell is going on?”. She tells Lulu she is sorry about what happened.. she hopes they can all get through this.

Maxie admits she still has feelings for Nathan, just like him and Ellie. She goes to get the baby and Spinelli muses that everything is as it should be – they are back where they belong, other feelings will fade in time. There’s a knock on the door and he opens it.. it’s Ellie!

Nathan arrives to talk to Nina about the missing baby..

Felix calls Sabrina and tells her the baby has been kidnapped… when Dante arrives to talk to Michael about his sister!

Kiki tells Morgan this is all their fault..

Luke sees his dark half standing at the foot of his bed.. he shows him the tattoo and says it will always be here, just like him!

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