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General Hospital on 4/16/2015 – Ava says goodbye, Nina vs Liesl, Franco wins, Michael loses it again!

At the hospital in NYC, Ava thanks Silas and wants him to help her die now, but they are interrupted as Nathan has arrived wanting to talk to him! He apologizes for disturbing him, Liesl is wondering if he was involved in the baby’s kidnapping? He denies it, then Nathan asks about seeing Nina at the hospital, but Silas insists he didn’t see anything. Ava wants to know what’s going on, he casually mentions it was about Nina and Franco – she wants to proceed, and Silas gets the needle ready. She doesn’t want him to get sentimental, and he takes her hand.. she asks if ever really loved her? He admits in a way he did, and will keep his word to her now. He injects her with the serum…

Sloane has info about Duke
Sloane needs Anna’s help – his shower is broken, but she wants the name of his operative in exchange! He offers her info on Duke instead…the Jeromes are going after him, he thinks they have put a hit out on him. And he can see by her reaction that he still cares about him. She claims she wants to avoid an all-out mob war.. she thanks him for the info and leaves him to the shower.

Duke and Lucy chat over breakfast, she is completely distracted by the Nurse’s Ball. She asks him to perform, but all he knows is the tango.. she realizes that was his dance with Anna, but he insists they do it together. He flashes back to a moment with Anna, Lucy says he is obviously still in love with her – and maybe he should tell her he wants her back? She points out his heart is with Anna, while hers is with Doc.. she admits it’s complicated, perhaps Anna has been investigating him to keep his safe. She thinks Anna is still in love with him. She insists he is meant to be with her.. and sends him on his way to get dressed.

Michael loses it again
At the Metro Court, Kiki tells Julian she changed Michael’s allergy meds – he tells her it’s assault, and very serious! She is upset with herself.. Avery was safe with Michael, and this is all her fault.

The bartender refuses to serve Michael at the bar, he asks for a club soda. He approaches Kiki and Julian, slurring and yelling that maybe she and Morgan took the baby to make him look bad – maybe he should point the police in her direction. He stumbles and yells he thought she really cared for Avery.. the bartender arrives and asks him to leave, while Kiki looks painfully at Julian.

Nina vs Liesl
Liesl arrives at the Metro Court to see Nina, convinced she took the baby, despite the fact that Nathan believes she is innocent. She also thinks she is going to drag Franco down with her. Nina says he can take care of himself, but why does she care so much? Obrecht insists he needs to be protected, but Nina suggests she has a crush on him and wants to be his muse, bu Liesl says she only has eyes for her beloved Faison. Nina wonders why she had an affair with Victor Cassadine, which Liesel denies! Nina wonders aloud how she had his baby then? Nina wonders if she ever slept with him.. and Victor is not Nathan’s father after all. Obrecht reminds her she told Victor just before she killed him and warns her not to dig into her past, or she will do the same! Liesl points out there could be more dirty laundry than she knows about..

Ned gives up ELQ!
Franco interrupts the Quartermaine family meeting, it needs to include him! Alexis and Ned point out he has no shares, but he insists he has Ned’s 11.5% – he’s here to collect what’s his, while Olivia looks on stunned as she figures it out! Franco smiles that he didn’t tell her – and says it’s all about her and her little bundle of joy. Franco starts to tell the story, Olivia interrupts and mentions going to see him at Shadybrook, and offering him a room at the Metro Court, but Franco says she left out the part about the baby. Ned interrupts and says this is putting Olivia under pressure and she Alexis needs to focus on helping Michael. Julian calls Alexis while Michael is causing a scene, and she quickly leaves.

Alexis tells Michael he needs to leave the Metro Court now or he will lose more than his job! He angrily agrees..

Lucy tells a dapper Duke that Anna will be lucky to have him – he thanks her for being a good friend, but she wants him to be happy and he leaves!

Franco asks Ned for his shares. Despite Olivia’s protests, he says okay – he hands them to Franco and threatens him if he ever tries to hurt Olivia again. This ends now, and get the hell out of my house!

Duke arrives to see Anna, Sloane opens the door in a bathrobe.. and Duke leaves saying it’s none of his concern.

Liesl tells Nina she needs to keep her crazy theories to herself. She tells her if she does have the baby, to return her before it’s too late.

Ava asks Silas to take care of Kiki and Avery, and thanks him for being so good to her. She admits making mistakes and wishes she could go back to the beginning.. she closes her eyes and Silas leans in to hug her.

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