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General Hospital on 4/17/2015 – Fake Jake is back, Ned’s feelings, Carly’s suspicions, the wedding ring!

Olivia is shocked and upset that Ned gave his ELQ shares to Franco.. he wanted to keep her and her baby safe. He says it was a no-brainer, when Alexis comes back.. she’s worried about Michael and asks how it went with Franco? He tells her he did NOT hand over his shares, and asks her to speak to Nikolas to find out about the Helena. Ned tells Liv that his grandfather would have followed his heart.. he tells her she is much more than a friend to him. “Sweet beautiful Olivia, you mean so much more to me than that. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize it”. He reminds her of the Valentine’s visit from her friend Melissa.. she was right, it’s her.. it has always been her. He has been too blind to notice! He was going to tell her that at the restaurant, but she told him she was pregnant. He admits he has felt the same way she feels about him.. she says the moment was worth waiting for. He tenderly kisses her..

Franco and Nina
Franco returns to the Metro Court, and shows Nina the ELQ stock certificates! He explains what happened, and asks Nina where she went earlier? She can see that he has doubts about her.. he thinks she snapped and tool the baby, ever since she went missing. She had to take a walk as she had a visit from her Aunt Liesl, which upset her. Franco wonders why this is getting under her skin if she had nothing to do with her disappearance? Nina claims she is innocent, and it hurts that everyone doubts her.. especially him. He apologizes, but she is also worried that Liesl mentioned a secret about her past.

Fake Jake returns!
Ric arrives at Elizabeth’s house with a bouquet of spring flowers and gives her the update on Michael and Sonny and invites her out for a romantic dinner. She goes upstairs to change, when there’s a knock on the door.. it’s Fake Jake! He followed Ric and wants more cash… or he will tell Liz what he’s doing to her friend Jake! He can’t wait to see him explain that – Ric tells him he will give him cash, to lay low and wait to hear from him. Liz returns looking gorgeous in a lace dress and asks who he was speaking to? He claims it was someone asking for directions, but he set him straight.

Spinelli has info on Hayden
Spinelli arrives at the Metro Court and hears about Michael’s latest incident from Carly – she wants to know if she’s right to be suspicious about Hayden? He admits he did find something.. everything looks on the up and up, but she has just come into a lot of money. The same time she showed up at Elizabeth’s front door.. Carly figures she got the money from someone who paid her to pretend to be Jake’s wife. Carly is pleased, but who is writing the checks?? Spinelli and Carly talk about Jason, they both dearly miss him.. she offers to be his Jason, and vice versa. They need to find proof her story is a pack of lies, so Carly gives Spinelli a key to her hotel room..

Nik receives visitors
Hayden looks up information on Nikolas and phones him – she’s bored and invites him over! She reminds him that life’s too short but he isn’t comfortable getting involved with someone pulling a scam on Jake. He wants to know who’s behind her charade, turns her down and hangs up. She decides to pay him a visit!

Hayden arrives at his front door and waltzes in.. she insists they are on the same side and offers him a little fun! She tells him they had a good time together and she needs this – she thinks he does too… He grabs her arm and kisses her passionately! They start undressing each other when Alexis arrives.. he tells her to leave by another door, and greets Alexis.. she mentions he’s looks a little flushed, and asks him about the missing 32% of ELQ? She walks into the study, and he quickly covers up the ELQ document he was looking at – he offers to contact Helena.

Jake returns Sam’s car
Patrick serves Sam homemade muffins for breakfast, when Jake arrives at the door to drop off her car. Once again, he apologizes for what he put her through and is happy she’s in a good place. Patrick watches suspiciously, but thanks him, and the two men go outside to bring in some of Sam’s boxes. She insists on giving him a lift home.. when he spots a photo of Robin and Emma! He has a flashback and asks who she is.. she looks familiar to him.. Patrick says she has been living in Paris, Jake he wonders if he met her before?

Fake Jake again
Hayden returns to her room, and is greeted y Fake Jake! Nice to see you again, wifey… he convinced housekeeping he was her husband. He tells her he saw Ric, who is going to give him more money, and understands he gave her a credit line. He wants her to give him the cash now!

Spinelli sees Fake Jake leaving, while shaking hands with Hayden.. “pleasure doing business with you, Mrs Barnes”

Ric tells Elizabeth things will be different this time.. he is not going to let her go. Carly sees Ric arriving for dinner with Liz.. and has an a-ha moment!

Franco thinks Obrecht might be playing mind games, and offers to speak with her to find out what’s going on? He doesn’t think Nina took the baby.

Liv tells Ned she has been imagining his kiss all this time.. he tenderly says she isn’t alone, her baby will have the best life possible. He tells her he will get the shares back, but right now just wants to focus on them!

Nik opens the safe to put the ELQ document away, and is shocked the ring is missing..

Jake tosses Sam her car keys and they fall on the floor, right beside the wedding ring!

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