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General Hospital on 4/20/2015 – Jason’s ring, Ellie and Nathan bond, Dante consoles Valerie!

At Kellys, Ellie bumps into Nathan and spills her drink all over him! Flustered, she tries to clean him up, but he laughs, takes his shirt off and says it wasn’t the first time it happened. He’s sure Spinelli meant to do it on purpose.. she tells him Spinelli was her boyfriend, until he reunited with the love of his life! He introduces himself as Nathan West, and tells her how happy he was with Maxie until Damien came for a visit.. he tells her everything is all her fault by breaking up with Spinelli. She tells him Damien still had a lingering attachment that needed to be explored, but he asks why she had to wreck his relationship in the process. She turns the tables – the current state of this romantic upheaval is all his fault! She points out that he broke up with Maxie, but he says he just walked away as she was upset about the boxing match. He took himself out of the running, but Ellie thinks she chose Damien as a consolation – she also admits she made a terrible mistake! She was irrational and insecure… and pushed him towards Maxie. She came to town to see Georgie, but also to tell Damien she loves him and made a mistake, but it was too late.

Lulu and Maxie catch up
Maxie pours a glass of wine when Lulu arrives with Rocco – she needs to get away from Valerie. She’s trying to be understanding, but freaked out when she saw her alone with Rocco. She doesn’t think she’s dangerous, but just gets a vibe.. and hopes she leaves town soon. Maxie gives her the update on the boxing match between Nathan and Spinelli.. it turned into a huge mess, and she is now back together with Spinelli. But Nathan came back, asking for her forgiveness.. she couldn’t do that to Spinelli after just getting back together, then Ellie showed up. She just wishes everyone could be happy. Lulu asks if she would have chosen Nathan if she showed up five minutes earlier? She realizes just how much she has hurt Nathan, but they’re now a family. Lulu decides to head home and show her own husband some love!

Dante consoles Valerie
Back at the apartment, Valerie tells Dante things are tense between her and Lulu and plans to leave town. She thanks him for being kind to her, but he stops her.. she isn’t going anywhere! He explains that Lulu is overprotective of Rocco, he reminds her she has family here now, she needs to meet them as they are good people. She agrees to stay, but doesn’t want to be underfoot. He has to go back to look for Avery so she insists on making him some food while he showers. She serves him a tasty dinner and he digs in.. and she shares stories about her mother’s cooking. She starts to cry, remembering. They stand up and he gives her a consoling hug, when Lulu walks in with Rocco!

Carly suspects Ric
At the Metro Court, Carly confronts Ric and Liz, and finds out they’re back together – Jake is married and he isn’t. She quietly says “it’s you”.. how convenient that Jake’s wife showed up.. when Spinelli arrives, out of breath. He is desperate to talk to her alone – he knows who is paying Hayden Barnes! She figures Ric masterminded the fake wife, but he says he saw the man who is paying her.. saw him leave her room, saying “pleasure doing business with you, Mrs Barnes”. It wasn’t Ric, but he shows her a photo of someone from the back. She doesn’t recognize anything about him, but insists he track the person down, find out who he is..

Ric gazes at Liz over dinner, he missed this.. she wants to know what Carly was accusing him of? He claims he doesn’t know. Carly sees the two of them kissing at the table.

Spencer confesses
Nik panics while looking for Jason’s wedding ring! Spencer walks in and says his life is over, plus he lost Emma. He wants to be home-schooled, and is upset that Nik signed him up for the Nurse’s Ball.. Niki insists he will be fully healed, but he claims Emma rejected him because of his scar. Nik wants to know what is really going on? Spencer tells him he needed to make a big move – he asked her to be with him always and forever, but she turned him away and wouldn’t accept his ring. Nik asks “what ring?”. He couldn’t find the engagement ring that Britt left for him, but he found one in the safe. Nik demands he give it back and finds out it’s still at Emma’s house! Spencer tells him he threw the ring at her, Nik angrily tells him this behavior is not acceptable – he tells him not to leave, and walks out the door.

Sam sees Jason’s ring!
At Patrick’s house, Jake reaches under the sofa and pulls out the ring! Patrick thinks it might be his, so Jake hands it to him.. but he doesn’t recognize it. It has an inscription… ‘Alan Qaurtermaine’.. Sam is shocked.. this is Jason’s wedding ring! She starts to cry.. she never thought she would see it again. She asks Patrick how it turned up under her couch? He doesn’t know what’s going on.. Jake has a flashback to putting a ring on his finger. She assumed it was destroyed with his remains in the Chrichton Clark explosion, maybe Robin brought it back? Emma says she knows where it came from – Spencer tried to give it to her, but she couldn’t take it. She forgot all about it when Sam arrived. Patrick thanks her and she leaves to peek in on Danny. Sam wonders how Spencer Cassadine hot hold of Jason’s wedding ring?

Ellie and Nathan agree neither are at fault, and Ellie wonders if they have to give up? Nathan says they don’t..

Spinelli returns home to Maxie, happy she is cooking a family meal for them.. she hears him talking to Georgie over the baby monitor about being a family and “it doesn’t get any better than this”.

Liz asks Carly what she was accusing Ric of earlier?

Jake tells Patrick and Sam that Nikolas paid for his medical bills.. Sam admits he is kind and responsible, but wants to go to Wyndermere for answers. She opens the door and comes face to face with Nik!

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