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General Hospital on 4/21/2015 – Nic & Hayden’s passion, Carly’s suspicons, Nathan & Ellie make a friendly date!

At the Metro court, Liz grills Carly about what she was accusing Ric of this time when Hayden arrives, distracting Carly who drags her over to “meet” Ric. She asks if they met before?? Hayden pretends to be happy for Liz, and casually mentions reconnecting with her husband over and over again. Carly smirks, well aware that she’s lying. She announces that Jake told her they had not been intimate.. so why would she lie and tell them otherwise? Hayden snaps and says stay away from my husband while Carly grins…

Liz asks Carly what she was accusing Ric of, she admits it was nothing… and leaves the two alone to finish their dinner.

Sam flat-out asks Nikolas what Spencer was doing with Jason’s wedding ring! She introduces him to Jake, and wants to know where it came from. He admits Spencer got it from him… it was in his safe, Helena had given it to him. Sam wonders why he didn’t say anything about it, he claims he discovered it on Spencer’s birthday. Sam assuemes he was going to tell her about the ring she she visited them in Boston.. He agrees and apologies for causing them problems. While Nik leaves, Jake thanks him for covering his medical bills while Sam looks unsettled. Jake decides to leave, and Patrick offers to drive him home..

Lucy leaves a message for Spinelli, hoping he will perform at the Nurses Ball with Ellie. He remembers their sexy musical number together while Maxie flashes back to a shirtless Nathan in Magic Milo! She tells Spinelli he was replaced in the cast, he thinks they should perform but Maxie sets him straight, there isn’t enough time. He tells her about his latest case – digging up info on Hayden Barnes, and the guy he saw leaving her room. Maxie suggests he call Sam for help…

Lucy is thrilled to see Ellie at Kellys with Nathan, but she tells her they broke up. Lucy insists something is wrong, they’re supposed to be a romantic inspiration.. She thinks Maxie and Spinelli are better suited as friends,, and tells them to get back out there – how about with each other?? Nathan says its to soon, but Lucy thinks they still could be friends. Ellie thinks it could work too, and Nathan laughs and says he’s game if she is! Lucy suggests they walk down the red carpet together at the Nurses Ball, and Nathan thinks that’s a great idea.

Lulu catches Dante hugging Valerie and also sees that she made him dinner, which annoys her. Valerie admits he was just comforting her, so lulu relents a little, but gets annoyed to hear Dante talked her out of leaving town. She agrees that Valerie’s is family, she should stay in port Charles, just not in their apartment! Valerie agrees she’s right, but doesn’t have enough money to get her own place, but lulu says she doesn’t have to – she knows someone who has plenty of space! She tries to call Nik – he’s her big brother and could use the company..

Back at Wyndermere, Nikolas angrily hurls a glass into the fireplace when Hayden walks in.. He’s hot when he’s angry! She was bored waiting for her husband in the hotel, and wondered what HE was doing. Is he lonesome tonight?

Patrick returns, and Sam says she’s still processing.. she’s relieved to see the ring, it’s proof that he dies in the clinic. It’s closure..

Jake arrives at the Metro Court for a drink and sees Liz having dinner with Ric. Liz is bothered and tells Ric she doesn’t understand why Hayden would go out of her way to lie about having sex with Jake? She hates being lied to.. Ric thinks it was just to get her to back off Jake. He leans in to kiss her while Jake watches them..

Nicks phone rings (it’s lulu) but he is distracted when Hayden takes off her coat to show off her sexy lingerie. They passionately kiss, take eachother’s clothes off…and fall on to the couch!

Spinelli makes plans to see Sam, he promises to escort Maxie to the Nurses Ball..

Lucy signs up Nathan and Ellie for the red carpet, and offers her a dress. Ellie is upset but Nathan points out Maxie and Spinelli will see them together and may want them back! She’s in.. and likes this new friendship.

Sam packs the ring and canister away in a box…she tells Patrick she’s now at peace, and really happy, starting a new life with him.

Hayden refuses to tell Nik who’s paying her to be his wife..and they get passionate again!

Carly promises Jake he will have another chance with Liz.. he decides he’s tired and goes upstairs to bed while Carly mutters there is so much more to Hayden, that “lying weasel”. And she will make sure he knows about it.

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