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General Hospital on 4/2/2015 – Jake’s dream, Luke’s apology, Ric vs Sam, Pat is gone…

Liz and Patrick admire the photos of Dr Steve Hardy and Nurse Jessie Brewer.. she tells him the news about her first and last date with Jake, now that his wife has shown up. She confides in him that Ric wants her back.. it’s simple but complicated. Patrick just wants her to be happy.. she admits she loves Ric, but she isn’t sure. She would only be taking him back because she couldn’t have Jake. Patrick then shares the news that Sam is moving in with him.

Jake and his fake wife
Ric calls Hayden, she picks up as she need to talk to him – they have a problem, Jake won’t leave town as Sam did him a favor and he owes it to her to show up for work.

Ric is at Sam’s after dropping Molly off, and just when he says “we have Sam to thank for this”.. she walks in! She demands to know what he was talking about and she admits it was about her.. and Jake. He pretends it’s about Sonny’s custody.. it annoys him that she got Jake a job with Julian, and also informs her he has a wife. Sam wonders why his wife didn’t report him missing, but Ric has answers for everything. Sam tells Ric he might have a shot with Elizabeth now that Jake has a wife.. she can’t believe he did have a life out there somewhere, Ric wonders why she cares?

Jake has a dream about Sam, and saying she’s the woman he wants to be with.. he recalls kissing her passionately, then wakes up! Hayden comes back to the bedroom and pretends she was talking to her sister. She notices he was sweating and asks if he had a bad dream – he tells her he remembers asking someone to move in with him. It was Sam. And he was at her apartment. Hayden claims dreams don’t mean anything.. but offers to interpret then. She points out he is remembering other women.. but not her?

Hayden wants Jake to come back to bed, he starts his new job tomorrow. He thanks her for being patient and assures her he won’t be having any more dreams tonight, he is wide awake now. She suggests a way to tire him out! She says they were at their best lying together naked in the dark. “What do you say?”

Carly leaves a message for Spinelli – she needs his help to uncover the truth about somebody. Lucas comes in and tells her about all about Luke and Patricia, and he wants to know what she needs from Spinelli? She says Hayden’s story doesn’t make sense, she thinks she is trying to take advantage of him. Lucas wonders why she is so interested in Jake, when his phone rings – it’s Bobbie telling him she is with his Uncle Luke!

Dante and Lulu
Dante comforts Lulu… she wants to be with her father, when Valerie bursts in and wants to know where her mother is! Lulu informs her she has gone to help Luke, her brother. She freaks out that he attacked her and could have shot her mother, but Lulu insists Tracy has got him back from that dark place, but she demands to know where they went!

Luke’s sad acceptance and admission
In the house on Elm Street, Luke is finally able to admit he killed his mother and murdered his father.. and asks how is he supposed to live with that? Patricia tells him it was HER fault.. she covered it up, and buried the secret. She made the decisions that night, while he was in shock, she got Bill Eckert to help cover it up. She couldn’t risk a police investigation… it was best to get him out of Port Charles to live with Ruby. She didn’t come with them because she was afraid.. it was to protect him from remembering! She got rid of their father’s car and she moved to Philadelphia.. so everything would stay hidden. She apologizes for her wrong decision and tells Luke he was trying to defend their mother, it was an accident. Bobbie tells him he loves him for what he has done..

Lucas tells Bobbie what he did was not okay.. planting the bomb on the Haunted Star, trying to kill everyone he loved, how can they ever forgive him? Tracy reminds him he was a sick man, and she will help him get better.. especially after everything she put him through! He smiles when she says she loves him..

Valerie comes rushing through the door with Dante and Lulu and hugs Pat, who notices her bandage.. she needs her to understand Luke is a good man. And this is her family.. Luke steps up and says he is so sorry. He sees Lulu and says “hello Cupcake” and gives her a big hug.

Dante says he looks ok and announces he is under arrest! Tracy is floored – he is a sick man who hasn’t hurt anyone, but Dante says he has to answer for his crimes, and Luke agrees. Bobbie argues he needs a hospital, while Valerie reminds them so does her mother! They agree to talk about everything later.

Dante reads Luke his rights and handcuffs him.. Pat and Luke share a quiet moment, he thanks her and she says how sorry she is.. they admit they love each other. Valerie asks Bobbie to keep an eye on her mother.. and the three Spencer siblings share a moment. Lucas and Carly have arrived at the house – Luke apologies to Lucas and tells Carly how much she looks like his mother, who was a strong and beautiful woman. Bobbie hugs them both and thanks them for coming!

Valerie cries out “mom”.. Patricia has passed out in her wheelchair!

Liz is happy for Patrick’s news about Sam, and says one way or another she will get over Jake.

Ric mocks Sam that she has a thing for Jake, but she tells him she is moving in with Patrick. He tells her not to do it to avoid him, but she says Patrick filled a blank space left by Jason.

Jake tells Hayden he wants to wait until they know each other better.. it would be like having sex with a stranger! She says they have years..

Lucas sadly announces that Pat is gone – Valerie sobs over her mother’s body while Carly and Bobbie console her that she is family now.

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