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General Hospital on 4/22/2015 – Mob hits, Fake Jake is really Pete Ross!

Duke makes it official and puts a hit out on Jordan.. the same day Jordan and Shawn finally admit their love for each other. Today is the day.

Sam helps Spinelli search for the truth about the man he saw leaving Hayden’s room – she recognizes his class ring, and they discover his name is Pete Ross!

Patrick and Anna catch up – she is happy he has been able to move on, he mentions how the memory of Jason keeps coming up. They found his wedding ring in the house.

Julian and Carlos talk about ways to take out Duke, and come up with a plan..

Sloane grills Jake for details about Julian’s organization and possible hit – he points out that Anna wants to know if Duke’s life is in danger.

Shawn arrives to see Duke at the Metro Court and wonders what that meeting was about? And why his bodyguard left…

Anna receives a call from Jordan, she needs to see her immediately!

Jake arrives at work and has something he needs to tell Julian…

Carlos gets ready for the hit..

Duke’s bodyguard follows Jordan…

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