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General Hospital on 4/23/2015 – Mob hits, Carly recognizes Pete Ross, Michael was drugged!

Jake has a confession for Julian, he knows they have been planning a hit – he overheard their conversation his first day of work, and wants to be honest. He has no problem with that side of Julian’s business, he could probably help him if he tells him who the hit is on. Julian says it’s too soon..

Carlos takes aim at Duke from Jake and Hayden’s room at the Metro Court when a call from Sabrina interrupts him. She has a package for him, and they catch up over the phone. She gets off quickly as Felix has returned with the results of the tests on Michael allergy medication – yes, he was drugged!

Michael was drugged!
Kiki tells Morgan she wants to put a stop to their plan… he’s furious to find out she confessed their actions to her Uncle Julian. She wants to swap his medication back, it’s not safe..

Sonny pays Michael a visit at ELQ and asks if he was involved in Avery’s disappearance? The two start to argue, and Michael reminds him he took AJ away from him – at least the person he took is still alive. Sonny asks how he knows that?? He insists he just has to believe she’s alive.. when Sabrina interrupts with news about the night he got drunk! He was given Flunitrazepam., he had been roofied! Sonny is furious that someone drugged his son, while Michael believes it was on purpose. Sonny swears it wasn’t him, but Michael figures he was drugged by people at the Metro Court restaurant that day, when Morgan and Kiki arrive…

Jordan wants out
Jordan meets Anna to say her undercover operation is over, she loves Shawn and won’t stand in her way. Anna points out there’s no way it can end well for them, while Duke’s bodyguard takes aim from around the corner. She tells Anna her and Shawn have a real chance, and she did collect enough evidence for her – Anna tells her if she walks away now, Shawn will take the fall for tampering with the mayoral election. There’s nothing that pins it on Duke. While Anna admits they both fell in love with men on the wrong side of the law, she tells Jordan that Duke isn’t safe either as the Jeromes are planning a hit. They just don’t know on who…

Carly gets good news
Spinelli shows Carly the college photo of Pete Ross, she recognizes him as the man in Hayden’s wedding photo! Jake’s old face.. she is thrilled with Spinelli and wants to show him the photo in their room.

Carly and Spinelli enter Hayden’s room and he sees the wedding photo.. While Carlos hides behind a door, waiting for them to leave. Spinelli accidentally trips over his black duffel bag, which gives Carly pause, but they quickly leave.

Duke’s grand gesture…
On a terrace at the Metro Court, Shawn comes clean to Duke about his relationship with Jordan – they’re in love, and he couldn’t be happier. TJ interrupts them, Duke overhears how happy he is to be going to the Nurse’s Ball as a family. He’s looking for Jordan as he needs tuition money, when Duke steps in with an offer to pay! He insists there are no strings attached, he has a bright future no matter what happens. TJ gives him a grateful hug.. while Carlos gets them in his sight line.

Spinelli gives Carly a flash drive with the evidence, and asks if she’s going to the police? No, she wants to tell Jake the truth first.

Julian leaves Jake alone in the shop, when his phone rings… it’s Sloane calling.

Jordan tells Anna the hit could be on anyone.. even her.. when Bruce starts to pull the trigger!

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