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General Hospital on 4/24/2015 – Botched mob hits, Kiki and Morgan admit drugging Michael, Avery is safe!

Nathan runs into Silas as the hospital, how’s his patient in NYC.. and why were they a priority? He admits the patient was a friend, and she died of cancer.They talk bout Avery – Nathan is worried the more time that goes by, the less chance there is she will be found. He tells Silas he wasn’t a suspect..

The truth comes out!
Michael confronts Kiki and Morgan in front of Sonny, he knows they drugged him! Sonny brings them into the office, and Michael shows them the pill bottle. Sabrina confirms the name of the drug, but Morgan denies any involvement and blames the pharmacy. Michael pushes them to tell the truth.. he knows exactly when it happened, and he remembers the two of them at the Metro Court. Did they have a good laugh at his expense? Michael shoves Morgan, and a bag of pills falls to the floor! Sonny demands the truth, and Morgan finally admits it.. but he did it for his dad. Sonny apologizes to Michael for not believing him, and can’t even look at Morgan for what he did, placing Avery in danger. It’s his fault if she’s not found! Michael accuses him of taking Avery and wants to tell the cops, while Kiki apologizes for drugging him and Avery’s disappearance. She didn’t mean for things to get out of hand.

Sonny tells Michael that Avery will be alright with any of them – all that matters is that she’s okay. They promise to keep each other updated and Sonny leaves. Sabrina leans into an upset Michael with a consoling gesture.

Botched Hit #1
Carlos takes aim at Duke when Hayden returns unexpectedly – before she calls the police, he asks if her husband is Jake? He claims they work together, he broke in as he needed to see him. Hayden grills him what he wants, he says he didn’t trust Jake but wanted to tell him he was wrong. She asks why he brought a gun? He quickly leaves, gun and all..

Botched Hit #2
Anna sees the gunman and pushes Jordan out of the way as he takes a shot! Anna and Jordan shoot back but the gunman gets away.. Jordan is shocked she was the target, and thanks Anna for saving her. She’s worried they will send someone else, and they mistakenly assume it was Julian’s hit!

A frustrated Jake
Jake tells Sloane he needs more time, gets angry and throws his cup across the garage when Carly shows up! She has news about his so-called wife.. just as she’s about to give him information, Anna walks in looking for Julian. They send a frustrated Carly away, and Anna ask him what he knows about the shooting at the pier? He tells her he’s been at the garage, she believes him and figures had it been him, he wouldn’t have botched it. Anna is suspicious about why Julian hired him, but leaves without answers.

Jake receives an urgent text from Hayden when Carlos arrives – he leaves before Carlos can tell him what happened.

Duke is shocked
TJ asks Duke if he wants to join them for dinner, when Jordan unexpectedly arrives – he tells her Duke has offered to pay for his tuition. Duke shoots daggers at her while Shawn asks her what’s wrong? After TJ leaves, she tells them she was shot at, probably someone from the Jerome organization, while his bodyguard peers in. Shawn and Jordan leave to get her a drink when Duke asks Bruce what happened?? He tells him Jordan was with Anna Devane on the pier!

Nathan leaves Silas to talk to Obrecht again, he doesn’t want to give anyone false hope.

Over the phone, Carlos explains to Julian he didn’t take a shot as Hayden returned to the room.

Hayden tells Jake a guy was in their room with a rifle!

Anna collects evidence at the pier and picks up a button.

Duke is furious that Bruce took a shot when Anna was there!

Sonny arrives at the Metro Court to give Carly the news about Morgan drugging Michael.

Michael thanks Sabrina for believing in him, he is so disappointed in Morgan, his little brother. He sees how upset this has made Sonny – they may hate each other but they understand each other. He also knows Morgan and Kiki have Avery.

Morgan and Kiki return to Silas’ apartment… and see Avery in her crib!

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