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General Hospital on 4/27/2015 – Dante gets involved, Carly is furious, Franco’s suspicions, Michael & Sabrina kiss!

At the hospital, Obrecht is thrilled to see Franco, but he’s there about Nina. There’s no evidence to suggest she kidnapped the baby, but Obrecht corrects him.. there actually is! She turned the security footage over to the police and Nina was all over it. It doesn’t reflect Nina’s version of events, and she shows him a copy.. he is floored. Obrecht asks if Nina is worth it, and suggests she will drag him down, but he believes her. Liesl suggest he go through her things, maybe he will find something that links her to the baby..  and before she leaves she admits she was testing Nina, suggesting there were other secrets in her past.

Nathan and Nina
Nathan pays Nina a visit, AJ is still missing. Michael is a suspect, but unfortunately so is she. She argues that she doesn’t have money to hide the baby, but he says there is new evidence from Obrecht, and shows her the security footage. The clip of her looking at Kiki and Morgan, then peering through the blinds of Avery’s room. She admits she was worried about the baby, that’s all it was – and she left. But the footage goes blank before she left – someone disabled the security! He thinks she should speak to a lawyer right away, even though he believe her that she didn’t do it.

Sonny breaks the news to Carly that Morgan and Kiki drugged Michael! It was all thanks to Sabrina who tested the pills.. Carly is furious at Morgan and can’t wait to get her hands on him. What’s wrong with him?? She marches out to have a talk with them, and Sonny follows, rushing past Lulu who tries to introduce them to Valerie!

Cousins having lunch!
Lulu and Valerie chat over lunch, she gives her cousin the family history.. Valerie coos about how charming and kind Dante is, when Lulu mentions that Lucy wants another dancer to join her act at the Nurse’s Ball. Valerie insists she would love to do it, she is a trained dancer!! Lulu tries to dissuade her, adding a sixth would throw everything off.. when Valerie clues in that she doesn’t want her. Lulu admits she was wrong, and texts Lucy that Valerie is the sixth haunted starlet. Valerie points out that Lulu doesn’t seem comfortable with her, maybe she should just leave town? Lulu says they can use this as a chance to get to know each other… and the Nurse’s Ball is fabulous every year. The cousins make a toast.

Michael gets Dante involved
At ELQ, Micahel invites Dante over and shows him the pills that Kiki and Morgan used to drug him! Sabrina explains how she had them tested, Micahel points out he doubled his dose. Dante apologizes to him and says their dumb-ass brother put the baby at risk, and is ashamed of him. Michael wants to press charges and hands over the real pills that dropped out of Morgan’s pocket. He also tells Dante he knows they have the baby.. look at everything they did? They’re idiots and irresponsible! Michael doesn’t have evidence but he insists Dante now has probable cause to search their place. Dante tells Michael that turning him away earlier made him look guilty, and insists he will bring the baby home. He tells him to stay away from Kiki and Morgan.

Who had Avery?
Kiki and Morgan are shocked to see Avery in her crib at Silas’ apartment. Kiki holds her close then wonders how she got in the apartment? Kiki thinks they should call the police, but Morgan wants to call Sonny first. Carly and Michael knock on the door and are thrilled to see Avery.. but furious with the two of them. Kiki admits they screwed up, but just found Avery twenty minutes ago! Carly is furious at what they have done and tears a strip off both of them. Morgan has crossed the line, but he protests his innocence.. he also doesn’t want to call the police as they will lose her all over again!

Sabrina tells Michael they should wait to hear back from Dante. He thanks her, she was the only one who believed him, she replies she is glad she could help him in return for his belief in her.

He takes her hand and says he’s grateful to have her in his life. They stare at each other, then he touches her face and leans in for a tender kiss. She wraps her arms around him and returns the kiss…

Franco returns to the Metro Court and starts rifling through Nina’s handbag.. when Nina comes in.. “looking for something?”.

Morgan doesn’t want to tell Dante when there’s a knock on the door.. yes, it’s Dante!

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