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General Hospital on 4/28/2015 – Sonny’s tough decision, Nina’s anger, Lulu’s concerns!

Sabrina stops Michael and says they shouldn’t kiss, he’s just feeling grateful. He says yes, he is.. but this is something bigger, and they kiss again! Ned interrupts them and Sabrina rushes out… when Ned shares his own news about the ELQ stock. Michael is furious, but Ned explains \he was trying to protect Olivia against threats from Franco. He’s about to tell Michael the truth when Live calls him to meet her at GH, there’s a problem!

Nina’s anger
Nina interrupts Franco rifling through her bag, she is furious that he thinks she’s a liar. He tells her that Obrecht showed him security footage of her outside the baby’s room in the hospital. She just wanted to make sure the baby was okay, and decides to move out, but he stops her from leaving. He can’t stop worrying about her, and begs her to stay. She agrees to stay.. but tells him HE can leave!

Lulu needs Nik’s help
At the Metro Court, Lulu calls Nik again, she insists on going to see him then introduces Valerie to Olivia while she’s leaving! Liv asks Val about her mother, then doubles over in pain.. there’s something wrong! Valerie insists on taking her to the hospital.

Rosalie has news for Nikolas, about ELQ.. Ned has surrendered his 11.5% of the company to Franco, sharing it with her crazy ex-boss Nina Clay. Nik thinks he can negotiate with them, he’s one maneuver away from taking over ELQ. Lulu rushes in to see him, and automatically assumes there’s something going on between him and Rosalie. She tells him she needs him to put up their cousin Valerie as she doesn’t have the room, but Nik suspects there’s another reason lulu wants her out. She admits she can’t forget what she almost did to Luke, and begs him for help.. he grudgingly agrees.

An arrest!
At Silas’ apartment, Dante knocks on the door, Sonny wants Kiki and Morgan to hide the baby and answers the door, with Carly. He claims they came by to lift Morgan & Kiki’s support, then Dante asks if Avery is here? He grills them both, and wants to take a look around – Sonny asks if he has a warrant?? He pulls out handcuffs to arrest Morgan and Kiki for drugging Michael. Dante reads Kiki and Morgan their rights and asks if they understand how much trouble they’re in – it’s felony assault! Sonny tells them not to say a word, he will call his lawyer. He also needs to get Avery out of town.. but Carly doesn’t want Morgan to go to prison. Sonny has an idea how they can get out of this..

Carly and Sonny arrive at Michael’s office at ELQ – Carly apologies for not believing him, she’s very disappointed in Morgan, and Sonny admits that he has the baby! He agrees to returned her to Michael if he needs drops the charges against Kiki and Morgan. Michael decides to play hardball – he agrees to withdraw the charges if Sonny drops the custody fight for good. Sonny tells him to make the call.

Now at the station, Dante is furious at Morgan and tells them both to shut up, they’re in a world of hurt now. His phone interrupts them, it’s Valerie calling about Olivia.

At the hospital
Sabrina returns to GH and happily tells Felix that Michael kissed her.. Felix asks if she has developed feelings for him?

Dante arrives at the hospital and gets an update form Valerie, he thanks her for looking after Olivia – she says she isn’t going anywhere!

Sabrina come out and tells Dante and Valerie that Olivia is suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions – it’s normal and nothing to worry about. They hug just as the elevator door opens – it’s Lulu!

Over the phone, Nik tells Rosalie she’s also now pretending to be his girlfriend…

Nina walks Franco out and slams the door – she doesn’t twang to see his face again until he decides whether or not he believes her!

At the station, a cop tells Morgan and Kiki they’re free to go… while Carly brings Avery in and hands her to Michael!

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