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General Hospital on 4/30/2015 – Ric’s proposal, Britt is back, Carly’s plan for Pete at the Nurse’s Ball!

Nik turns on Hayden, and threatens her.. with arrest, or worse. He says he can make her disappear into the system…he tells her he will, if she keeps making threats. She decides to kiss him passionately when Spencer bounces in.. he graciously introduces himself to her. She asks what’s going on with that thing on his face and he jumps “get away from me!”. He assumes she is Valerie, but she denies it and tells him to ask his father who he is! Nik explains she is an associate who is just leaving and shoves Spencer back into the room as Hayden walks out. She smirks and tells him he won’t have her arrested, the sex is too good, she will make him wait for it and flounces out.

Spencer tells Nik he saw him kissing the woman, and also says he can’t go to the ball! This year he’s lost a lot.. why go? It’s all his fault, and what’s the point in going if Emma isn’t on his arm? All of his dreams have gone up in smoke.. Nik tells him his face will be as handsome as ever, the doctors have assured him. Plus it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. Nik finally admits he doesn’t have to go, but eventually he will have to face the loss of Emma – he is brave and wonderful, and proud that he is his son. He will find the strength to get through it – his mother would want that.. she would expect it.

Carly grills Pete!
Carly tells Pete she knows Ric hired him, but he refuses to admit it, when she speculates that he is blackmailing him! She offers him noey to tell the truth.. she has more money than Ric Lansing could ever dream off. He tells her to come up with the right price – she transfers the money on the spot and he tells her everything! Plus, he is coming back to Port Charles with her.. she wants him to make a star turn for her at the Nurse’s Ball!

Ric’s plan
Ric tells Molly hes’ going to ask her to marry him.. and shows her the ring, but she warns him not to propose tonight. She thinks it’s too soon – go slow and make sure it’s right. He explains how it does feel right.. Molly asks if she might be on the rebound? she reminds him that Liz went back to Jake, so she obviously has feelings for him.. he should wait to be loved as he deserves to be loved. He promises her Jake will NOT be an issue, the connection he has with Liz doesn’t never goes away. Her heart is always with him.. so why wait? Molly hugs him..

Jake misses Liz!
Jake runs in to Elizabeth helping prepare for the Nurse’s Ball.. she tells him she has moved on with Ric, after Hayden told her how she had resumed marital relations with him, ie. sex! He is surprised that Hayden came to see him, and warned Liz to back off.. he talks about his relationship with Hayden, as he doesn’t want to lie to her. He admits that he wishes there was something still between him and Liz.. they admit they miss each other, and stare longingly at each other, when Hayden shows up!

Britt is back
Brad’s BFF Britt is back in town! She’s living on the run with ‘Poppa’ (Cesar Faison).. and came back to watch the Nurse’s Ball with him. He tells her that Lucas and Brad have declared their love for each other.. this is the man of his dreams. She muses that she lost the man of hers.. she misses both Patrick and especially Spencer. Brad tells him what happened at his birthday party. She really wants to go see him, but he warns her that Nik will have her arrested on the spot. She wishes she could see Spencer and her mother, when there’s a knock on the door – it’s Obrecht demanding that Brad open the door!

At the hospital, Obrecht notices Sam is pale.. and suggest Jake may now have that insurance! She also wonders why everyone has been fluttering around Jake, including her.. what would Dr Drake think? Patrick steps in and says why don’t you ask him? Patrick warns her to back off, it’s none of her business.. but she gets a text and has to leave.

Liesl pushes her way in to Brad’s apartment, revokes his personal day and yells at him to go to the lab.. NOW.. she tells Britta she can come out now. Britt wasn’t sure it was a trap, and tells her mother she missed her SO much.. she will be gone before the ball is over. The two share a loving moment…

What’s Sam to do?
Sam tells Patrick she accidentally overheard Olivia and Ned admit that Julian is the father of her baby.. should she tell her parents? He is also surprised to hear she invited Jake to the Nurse’s Ball. Sam doesn’t know what to do, Patrick says he will be with her.. but she should wait until the Nurse’s Ball is over before doing anything.

Jake tells Hayden they already have tickets to the Nurse’s Ball, and they also need to talk about something.. in private.

Carly says the 2015 Nurse’s Ball will be the one that no one forgets!

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