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General Hospital on 4/6/2015 – Jake’s ring, Michael’s setup, Hayden’s offer, Nik wants answers!

At Wyndermere, Spencer takes the ring out of the safe and announces he’s going out!

Spencer offers Emma the ring
Emma stares out the window waiting for Sam to arrive when Spencer arrives unexpectedly! Patrick calls Nikolas to let him know where he is, then leaves the kids alone.. Emma is pleased Spencer is back in Port Charles, but he was worried she decided he was too ugly now. She insists it doesn’t matter what he looks like – he holds out his hand, and says if she really means that, she will accept this ring! He claims it belonged to Alan Quartermaine, and asks her to make the commitment.. they belong to each other, but she says no she can’t accept it. The ring doesn’t belong to him, but he gets angry that she still cares about Cameron, who caused his accident on purpose. He yells she thinks his mask is horrible, and throws the ring on the floor! Patrick returns and asks if everything is okay.. Spencer leaves in a huff, and Patrick reminds Emma she didn’t do anything wrong – she tells him Spencer wanted her to promise to be his one true love.

Jake and Sam
At the garage, Sam greets Jake, her car needs to be fixed – he tells her he had a flashback and dream about her, she asks if it was while he was in bed with his wife? He tells her Hayden is still a stranger to him, but she has all the papers to prove it. He shows her his wedding ring, she reminds him what he said at the hospital, “there is only one ring”. He really can’t remember what that was all about, but Sam thinks it’s about HER ring inside the canister. Jason survived after he was shot, and his ring went missing with him. It belonged to Alan Quartermaine, and she was hoping to give it to Danny. She asks about the garage, he thinks he has a background as a mechanic.. and offers to drive her home. She tells him she is moving in with Patrick today.

Jake doesn’t have a car to drive Sam to Patrick’s house, but offers her a ride on the motorcycle he found in the garage. She quietly watches him wheel the bike out and mentions he reminded her of someone she used to ride with – she hops on the back, puts her arms around him and they drive away.

Hayden propositions Ric!
At the hotel, Hayden orders lobster and champagne and tells Ric he is getting exactly what he wants. Room service arrives and she wants to toast to her amazing acting abilities, including her comment about the “amnesia sex”. The sex wasn’t real, but she asks Ric if he’s up for the challenge? She wants him to ease her tension, but he asks if she tries to bed every man she meets..?? She admits her husband left her, and she gets lonely.. she loosens his tie, but he tells her it’s NOT going to happen.

Michael vs Kiki and Morgan!
Kiki and Morgan are pleased Michael has been taking the fake allergy medication, Morgan thinks he knows how to get him to drink alcohol. He found out they have lost 30% of the company, Kiki has a plan..

Sabrina and Avery meet an agitated and sneezing Michael for lunch. It’s a frustrating time as his allergy medication isn’t working and someone is trying to take over ELQ. He admits to being on edge, he thinks it’s the Cassadines and hasn’t been able to find Helena. Nik hasn’t yet returned his call. A reporter shows up wanting to talk… he asks him about losing 30% of ELQ! Michael has no comment and asks about his sources, but the reporter refuses and smugly leaves.

Morgan and Kiki arrive and coo over Avery, but Michael decides they can’t see her.. he tells them to move on, but she tells them they’re having a fancy lunch to celebrate getting back together! Michael asks when they made it official, she says she should have listened to her instincts,, turns out he IS a judgmental jerk, and Morgan was the brother for her. Morgan says Ava brought them back together.. they understand each other. Michael asks if that’s what she really wants and Kiki reminds him he broke up with HER! They walk away, but from a distance the pair watch Michael – Kiki tells the waitress his table looks thirsty.

Nikolas hears about Jake’s ‘wife’
At the hospital, Nik can’t believe the news from Liz that Jake is “married”.. he says it’s impossible, he looks completely different. Liz tells him about their interrupted date, but he insists there has be to another explanation. He gets distracted by a call from Patrick informing him that Spencer is at his house – he asks Liz to distract him and wants to know more about Jake’s wife. He is surprised to hear the wife brought his brain scans, Liz insists they must be the same person.. he still thinks there has to be another explanation, but Liz wonders why he is so interested? He claims he doesn’t like seeing her hurt, and he also paid for ALL of his medical bills.. maybe she’s trying to take advantage of him and wonders where he can find her..? It’s not about the money, he wants answers. Liz insists it’s not going to change anything – Jacob Barnes is a married man!

Michael tells Sabrina how much Kiki had lied to him.. she and Morgan deserve each other.  The waitress arrives and he orders a scotch on the rocks! The reporter watches Michael looking at Kiki and Morgan cuddling..

Patrick tells Emma she is too young to be someone’s one true love, when Sam arrives – she tells Patrick she got a ride from Jake, and stands right next to the ring on the floor.

Ric sends Liz a text, reminding her he’s still there for her.

Hayden pours herself some champagne when there’s a knock on her door – it’s Nikolas. She asks who the hell he is.. he has the same question!

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