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General Hospital on 4/7/2015 – Michael loses it, Nik confronts Hayden, ‘Hello Uncle Luke’ & more…

At the hospital, Luke wakes up to see Lulu and Tracy while Valerie comes charging into the nurse’s station demanding to know where Luke is! She introduces herself to Liz as his niece.. and she needs to hold him accountable. Liz can’t give her that information, and she starts yelling that she wants to see Luke.. Dante arrives and calms her down, she needs to feel her pain now. She cries on his shoulder that her mother is dead because of Luke. She didn’t want her mother to go to Oak Hill, and it left her vulnerable to her creepy brother.. she doesn’t know what she’s going to do without her. Dante understands as he is close to his mother, but vengeance won’t bring Patricia back.. she has to find justice in her heart.

Luke admits all
Tracy sadly tells Luke that Patricia has passed away.. she had a weak heart and it gave out. Luke starts to blame himself if it wasn’t for her, he would have been sent away for murder. He doesn’t think he can make any of this right.. he stashed everything away and hoped it would disappear. Every year, the anger and disappointment would start to surface and he would become that dark person. Tracy wonders what happened last year? He admits he couldn’t handle the darkness.. and turned into his father. He wonders if he can’t put the monster back in the cage?

Jake is in with Julian and Carlos
Jake arrives at the garage and tells Julian he drove Sam home to Patrick’s house… on the motorcycle. Julian wonders what his wife would think.. he tells him not to worry, he doesn’t have a thing for the boss’ daughter. He only gave her a lift on the bike as that’s the only mode of transportation he could find.. plus she isn’t the person he has had his eye on. Carlos arrives and wants to get rid of Jake, but Julian insists he stay.. his skills are more impressive than he had initially thought. Julian is annoyed with Carlos he hijacked the shipment behind his back.. he doesn’t want the Corinthos organization to know they are planning a hit. In the meantime, Jake is listening at the door.

Patrick is concerned
Sam tells Patrick she got a lift home from Jake on a motorcycle – he expresses his concern, and surprised at how quick she has forgiven him. She shushes him tells him he has nothing to worry about. He is still concerned, but she says it was a sweet bike, and he knew what he was doing! She reminds him they are a team…. and she is there for him, ready to move in..

Nikolas confronts Hayden
Nik flat out tells Hayden that Jake isn’t her husband! She tries to keep him out, but he pushes his way in, and says he isn’t going anywhere. She threatens to call the police and he tells her to go ahead, she will be arrested for fraud. She claims she doesn’t need the hassle, and he introduces himself as a friend of Elizabthe Webber. He wants to know why she is lying! He tells her they both know the man’s name is NOT Jacob Barnes.. she wants to know how HE knows that? He doesn’t need to justify himself to her, he isn’t the one lying.. she asks why she would do it, Jake deosn’t have any money. Nik agrees, but the person who paid her off does.. and he knows exactly who that is! He guesses it is Helena bankrollong her.. and she agrees. He wonders how she contacted her, and how important it is that Jake doesn’t remember.. he wonders what she thought would happen when people would start to dig into their past? He tells her she has got to go.. and she informs him she was bluffing.. she has NO idea what we was talking about.

Michael loses it
Kiki and Morgan think their plan is working – they kiss and giggle together as Michael orders another drink! Sabrina figures they’re trying to make him jealous. Kiki leans in and kisses Morgan.. for Avery… and Sabrina decides to take the baby home. They watch him have another drink.. he drunkenly approaches them and yells isn’t this cozy? He yells that she only wanted him when she couldn’t have him.. and continues to rant while the reporter films the whole thing! Kiki asks if he’s drunk.. and Morgan accuses him of pawning her off on her nanny? He tells Kiki he loved her and isn’t gong anywhere.. he tales a swing at Morgan, who dodges out of the way, and goes crashing down. Kiki wants to call him a cab, but he hobbles away. Morgan thinks it went well, but Kiki snaps maybe too well! She is worried he might hurt himself, but Morgan convinces her he will be fine.

Ric runs into Sonny at the Metro Court, he thinks they can get another custody hearing, and tells him he is waiting to hear from Elizabeth. Sonny hope Liz has kicked Jake to curb when Ric informs him his wife showed up – he is Jacob Barnes from Beechers Corners. Sonny tells him how he disarmed two of his men.. he was surprisingly good, and will probably sell himself to the highest bidder. Ric is hoping he will be leaving town soon. He receives a text from Liz and leaves.

Sabrina runs into Sonny, and Avery happily looks up at him.. he asks if he can see his daughter? He just wants to see her for a minute.. and tells her he is going to get her back. Michale shows up and yells at Sonny to stay the hell away from her!

Jake closes the garage door and makes a call to Sloane.. he has something for him.

Patrick passionately kisses Sam, scoops her up and takes her upstairs.

Hayden points out to Nikolas that she knows he has a dirty little secret now.

Ric arrives at the hospital and asks Liz if she has decided to give him another chance?

Tracy tells Luke she will get him a good lawyer, and Lulu tells him he can start to heal now – she leaves so he can get some rest and runs into Dante in the hall.

Valerie appears at his door and sarcastically says “hello Uncle Luke”.

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