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General Hospital on 4/8/2015 – Nikolas & Hayden’s passion, Michael is filmed, Liz takes Ric back..

Lulu and Dante want to bring Valerie home with them, but he can’t find her.. he thinks he knows where she might be.

In his hospital room, Luke apologizes to Valerie.. she has no interest in forgiveness, she wants revenge and pulls out a scalpel! Luke is ashamed and will do anything to make it right, but Valerie cries and asks how she can go on without her mother, she was her whole life. Luke accepts it’s his fault and tells her to do it – go ahead and kill him. He deserves to bleed out, but she needs to be careful.. undo the restraints to make it look like suicide, so she doesn’t get caught. She puts the scalpel against his neck when Dante and Lulu arrives… Lulu yells at her to stop! Killing Luke is not the answer.. but he says she refuses to be like his bastard father. Lulu begs that she doesn’t want her dad to die, but Valerie says he doesn’t get to live when her mother has died. Dante calls Luke a coward.. it’s his mess, he needs to fix it by owning up to it, like a man. He reminds Valerie her mother was brave and honorable.. she needs to honor her but sparing him.. she should live her life. She cries, but Dante tells her that they are her family. He gently takes the scalpel away from her..

Michel is filmed losing it!
Michael loses it to Sonny as he is kneeling beside Avery, while the reporter continues to film them. He breathes heavily and yells that he isn’t supposed to go anywhere near her.. Sonny asks if he’s drunk, he says no. Sonny tells him to take it easy, but he tells him to stay away from Avery. He yells that he isn’t drunk, when Liv runs in to see what’s going on. Michael pushed Sonny out of the way, grabs the stroller and knocks it over!! Sabrina holds a crying Avery, while Michael accuses Sonny of trying to take her away.. Sonny asks what’s going one, this isn’t him, the man he raised. He tells Michael to take care of himself. Sabrina wants to take Avery home, and Michael insists on going with them, but Sonny holds him back. He stumbles after the women.

At the Metro Court, Kiki expresses her concern to Morgan about Michael.. he could barely stand. She was surprised to see his reaction, she thought he felt nothing for her.. Morgan asks if she still has feelings for his brother? He admits to having feeling for her, and thought it was time to revisit what they talked about in the past. The report returns and tells them he struck gold and shows them the video.

Kiki is shocked at the video, the reporter tell them Avery is fine, and thanks them for the lead – Kiki is furious with Morgan for thinking they did good. He tells her she is missing the point – no judge will let him keep the baby now. Sabrina order him to go to bed now, and get some rest.. he apologizes and goes to bed, taking his allergy pills with him.

Liv returns and talks to Sonny about Michael.. it wasn’t like him and she is upset that her bartender got him hammered. They decide to investigate and run into Morgan and Kiki at the bar, who pretend they know nothing about the incident. Sonny asks if they saw anything.. why would Michael get so plastered?

At home, Sabrina gives Michael a glass of water with pills – he admits to feeling really weird and lies on the couch, he only had two drinks. Sabrina thinks it may have gone straight to his head because he hasn’t been sleeping. He admits he snapped when he saw Sonny with Avery.. what if Sonny takes this to his lawyer?

Nikolas and Hayden’s passion!
Hayden tells Nik it looks like she struck a nerve.. he seems to know for a fact who he is. She coyly claims she might have made an innocent mistake.. and asks who he really is? He says he doesn’t owe her an explanation, but she suggests they confide in each other.. she admits she isn’t Jake’s wife, but knows he isn’t going to do anything as he has more to lose than she does. She leans in and starts to play with his buttons.. he tells her to stop talking and kisses her passionately! He quickly stops and says she isn’t going to use sex to get away with this, but she insists she is just frustrated, and having a secret isn’t easy.. they tumble into bed together! Afterwards, they agree it was fantastic for both of them.. he then asks who hired her to pretend to be Jake’s wife? She suggests they both keep their secrets to themselves.. until they hook up again, that is.

Carly catches up with Jake
Carly visits Jake at the garage, she figures he was talking to Sloane.. she understands he can’t tell her anything, but wants to know if Sonny is in danger. She is actually there to talk about her investigation of Hayden – she has put Spinelli on the case! She is convinced his marriage is a fraud, but if he finds nothing, she will let it go. He tells her to worry more about Sonny, but she insist Hayden’s story doesn’t add up. She finds out they didn’t have sex, and it was Jake’s idea.. he turned her down.

Liz says yes!
Liz tells Ric she’s working on getting past Jake.. she is seriously considering giving him another chance, but she wants him to promise never to pull another stunt to keep her away from Jake. And no more scheming, as she deserves his respect and honesty. She asks him to be honest with her now, he admits she does deserve better.. he tells her she will have the truth, he will tell her about his plans for Jake! He says there was nothing he wouldn’t have done to get Jake out of the way.. and looks about to confess, but then says his wife showed up so he didn’t have to do anything. He promises to never do anything to make her doubt him again.. and asks for a second chance,.

Kiki tells Sonny and Liv that her and Morgan we having a good time.. Morgan says he was already drinking when he approached then, but they couldn’t tell how much. Sonny admits he has never seen him like that before.

Lulu tells Luke she loves him, he says the world would be a better place without him! She insists he can get through this… while Dante comforts Valerie outside the room.

Ric smiles at Liz and insists they can be happy.. she smiles back and says yes, let’s try this again!

Jake says goodnight to Carly at the Metro Court, while Nikolas comes out of the elevator. she notices lipstick on his collar and asks if it was business or pleasure? He says business!

Jake sees Hayden lying in bed.. she tells him she was taking a nap as she is all tuckered out..

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