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General Hospital on 4/9/2015 – Access Port Charles, Sabrina’s suspicions, Michael loses Avery & more!

Everyone is watching ‘Access Port Charles’ dish the dirt on TV – from Julian and Alexis to Ned and Olivia. They cap off with a report on their “morning bad boy”. Not only has he lost 32% of ELQ, they air the video of Michael losing it to Sonny.. then knocking over Avery’s stroller!

Michael is confused
Carly is shocked, Alexis is stunned, Franco laughs, Sonny is stoic, Ava is horrified and Ned greets a tired Michael when he comes downstairs.. “guess I don’t need to ask what happened to you last night?”. He asks where the hell they got the video, but Michael claims he didn’t tell the reporter anything. Sabrina arrives and Ned tells Michael to lay low, and don’t speak to anyone while he has to go fix the mess. She reminds him it was an accident, but he thinks he will be back in court.. He tries to recall what happened – he only had two drinks but was so dizzy he could barely stand, and felt like he was outside himself. She continues to grill him.. it doesn’t make any sense, until she spots his allergy medication! She thinks he should have just got drowsy.. it still doesn’t make sense..

Saint Ned
Ned arrives to see Live, and asks her if she knows what went down, was he over-served? According to her bartender, he only had two drinks, but she will double-check. Turns out the bartender Trinity is off today, but a staff member asks her to approve a room service bill for $500, charged to her account.. it’s for Franco and Nina. Ned finds out she is comping them, and asks why he would do that?? She tells him Carly was furious, and admits they are blackmailing her – they know Julian is the father of her baby! She explains what happened at Shadybrook, and how she spilled her guts to him when he was faking it. He wishes she would have come to him first.. he isn’t going to let him blackmail her any longer!

Liv tells Carly about the incident.. she’s sure Michael will be fine, but Carly thinks he most definitely is not.

Sonny and Carly worry
Sonny is furious and asks Morgan who would take advantage of their family situation? Morgan tries to change the topic back to Avery – she’s not safe with Michael, and they need to call child protective services. “Over my dead body” says Carly, as she arrives! She has never seen Michael like that, they need to reach out to him, not attack him. She tells Morgan that Michael made a mistake, but Morgan says he is just like his father, AJ! Sonny agrees he needs to save his daughter.. they can’t keep enabling him, but Carly says they should hear him out. Sonny thinks it would be for his own good – Carly argues, but Sonny says the baby needs to be protected. If Michael wants it, they will save him too.

Silas makes a promise
At the hospital, Ava tells Silas that Avery needs her, she needs to go to Port Charles! He tries to calm her down, she isn’t well enough to travel – she asks him to go there for her! Stand in for her to make sure Avery is okay. She says she is at the end of her treatment and just dying.. she wants to know it’s safe to let go, the chemo is making her sicker. She is tired, and doesn’t have any more strength to go on. she asks him to promise to help her die when he returns from Port Charles. Ava begs Silas, she wants to have her dignity… with tears in his eyes, he agrees to do it and she thanks him, happy through her tears. He needs to get the drugs from Port Charles as they already think she is dead there. He will see both Kiki and Avery, and will help end her life when he gets back.

Kiki admits their plan
Alexis phones Michael, she’s coming over to see him! Julian says no judge will let him have custody of his niece now.. Kiki arrives and points out that Michael isn’t fit to take care of Avery, and they should get ready to go to court. Alexis comes out in her bathrobe, then turns around to finish up getting ready and Julian says she wouldn’t eavesdrop. He wonders if the video wasn’t his fault? He reminds her of their talk at Kellys – she told him she and Morgan had something in the works, and it was better that he didn’t know. He wonders if he did it all on his own? She admits he dd have help – her and Morgan! She tells him they were desperate.. she insists it’s better he doesn’t know, he points out she has her mother’s ruthlessness and invention. And he is proud of her! Alexis leaves to see Michael.

Kiki gets a call from Morgan – Sonny contacted Child Protective Services and he will keep her posted.

Franco and Nina livin’ large!
Nina does not think the stroller incident is funny at all – Jamie could have been killed! He reminds her not to slip up in front of anyone else.. or they won’t think her freak-put at the courthouse was staged. She points out it’s crazy to laugh at an innocent baby falling – they were a family at one time, and maybe it’s crazy of her to think that was a good idea. Franco says he just has an idiotic sense of humour, can they just leave it at that?? He asks her to forgive him.. ad gets down on his knees. She laughs and says she forgives him, but no more baby jokes! He looks at her and says he thinks he is perfect. They start to passionately kiss, but she wants to slow it down.. she isn’t ready for more, he says that isn’t a problem. He suggests they start their day, and asks what her favorite movie is..? “When Harry Met Sally”.

Sonny and Carly worry about Michael, she doesn’t want to bail on him, and he promises to protect him, no matter what.

Sabrina wonders about the pills when Alexis comes flying in, and wants to know everything.. he doesn’t know why he lost control. Alexis informs him that Child Protective Services can intervene and have the final say over the judge – sometimes one incident is all it takes.

Liv doesn’t want Ned to go near Nina and Franco, but he scoots off to their room and she thanks him. Julian arrives and asks what Saint Ned is doing for her now??

Franco call for Nina, when there is a knock on his door – it’s Ned and they need to talk!

Sonny puts down the phone – he tells Carly it’s official, Avery will be removed from Michael’s custody, but he is still deemed unfit. She wants to know who is going to get Avery?

The woman from Child Protective Services shows up to see Michael – she’s here for his sister.This Week Spoilers
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