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General Hospital on 5/11/2015 – Sloane’s plan, Liv’s baby, Anna slaps Julian, Duke is …

Anna calls for an ambulance, and tells Duke to stay with her while he struggles to breathe and says he is sorry.. and passes out before he can tell her who shot him. He opens his eyes and says Jordan is in danger! He tried to call it off, he swears.. he has so much blood on his hands, but she says it doesn’t matter, they will fix everything and go away as planned. She leans over him and talks about buying a little cottage in Scotland together, imagining their life together. It will be glorious, he just needs to hold on a little longer. She cradles his head and talks abut their future, while the ambulance gets closer, she would go anywhere for him, she will love him forever. Duke says their life would have been beautiful.. and he passes out!

Shawn arrives..
At Jordan’s apartment, she guesses that Anna is planning to run away with Duke – Sloane insists he will pay for ordering a hit on a federal agent, when Shawn arrives. He finds out that someone tried to kill her, but she pretends it was a low-level nobody from the Jerome organization. Sloane takes a call from Nathan and finds out that Duke has been shot – and Anna called it in. He says they have Jake Doe in custody as a suspect. Shawn tells Sloane he can leave now, and Sloane warns him not to continue the mob war.

Shawn wants to retaliate, but Jordan talks him down, she just wants to help her forget it ever happened.

Carlos needs help
Carlos arrives at Sabrina’s front door, he needs help – she wants to know what’s going on, but reluctantly lets him in. He flashes back to shooting Duke and tells her he is in REAL trouble and need her to hide him, there is no one else he can trust. She wants to know what he has done, and he grudgingly admits he shot someone. She tells him to get out and starts to scream at him – he says he’s there to talk about Ava, his trial starts tomorrow and he’s skipping town before it goes against him! She doesn’t understand why he wants to run now, what changed? He says his case isn’t looking good anymore – there was a deposition from a witness who saw him on the bridge that night, some kid with a telescope who saw him shoot Ava. He can’t go back on Pentonville, and will run tomorrow. He hates to put her in this position, but asks if she will hide him for the night?

Jake in custody
At the PCPD, Nathan questions Jake about what happened at the parking garage, but Jake insists he has nothing to hide, the gun wasn’t his. The CSI brings in a report on the gun, it has been fired. He returns with the news that Duke Lavery has been shot on the pier, and figures there is something Jake isn’t telling him. Jake decides he wants a lawyer. Sloane returns to the PCPD and asks Nathan about his suspect? He pretends he put the APB out on Anna was a mistake and goes in to talk to Jake, who has a good idea who shot Duke!

Hospital emergencies!
Julian and Alexis arrive at GH, when Liv is wheeled in on a stretcher! Patrick says she isn’t in danger, but Julian wants to be there for his son.. Ned and Julian face off, but he relents and lets Julian go in to see his son. Sam and Alexis hope they will save the baby! Ned and Julian rush in, the baby’s lungs are under-developed, Ned consoles her the baby is a Falconeri, he will be a fighter! Liv cries, maybe this is her punishment for lying.. she just wanted to keep her baby safe. Patrick is called away..

Duke is wheeled into GH on a stretcher.. and Patrick attends to him! He tells Anna to leave, so he can do his job..

Ned tells her he’s hanging in there, while Julian berates the young neonatal doctor, he wants to know where Patrick is? The doctor tells Liv one of the men has to leave the room. She wants Ned to stay, and he asks Julian to please not cause any more of a scene… do what’s best for his son.

Julian returns to the waiting area finds out that Patrick is treating Duke Lavery who was shot tonight. Alexis asks if there is anything he wants to tell her about that? Anna sees Julian and slaps him HARD – she knows he gave the order. She isn’t going to cal down, he has had a hit out on him for weeks.. and shot him in cold blood. Alexis stands there shocked.

Duke is crashing on the table, while Patrick tries to save him..

Michael, Tracy and ELQ
At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael returns home from the Nurse’s Ball – she asks if “Ned and his latest outer borough conquest are still at the after party”, he doesn’t know as he drove Sabrina home! Tracy notices the two are getting closer, and asks if it’s wise from a business-standpoint, as she is an employee. It shows poor questionable judgement and strengthens the case for Ned taking over as CEO. He informs her that Ned gave away his shares of ELQ to Franco.. just like she did! He doesn’t know the whole story, but he did it to protect Olivia. Tracy hopes Ned knows what he’s getting into…

Shawn tells Jordan he waited at the pier for the shipment, but no one showed up.

Anna tells Julian he’s still the same sniveling coward he has always been.. if anything happens to Duke, she will make him pay, and won’t wait for the courts.. she is going to come after him herself! Alexis asks Julian to tell er he isn’t responsible for this.. he sees the baby being wheeled into another room and runs into Liv’s room. Ned is holding her, the baby is alive..

Sabrina agrees to let Carlos spend the night – he agrees to be gone before sunrise. He promises she will never see him again, and hugs her close.

Jake tells Sloane he thinks Carlos shot Duke.. they piece it all together, and Sloane decides to let everyone think Jake did it!

Patrick returns to give Anna news.. he looks at her sadly, he’s so sorry, but she shakes her head and rushes into the room.

Duke is dead. Anna cries over his body, she wants to live with him forever.. please won’t you just wake up?

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