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General Hospital on 5/12/2015 – Anna’s anger, Olivia’s fear, Alexis walks away, Sonny takes charge…

At the hospital, Anna is devastated that Duke is gone when Obrecht arrives – it’s time to let him go. It has been six hours, it’s hospital policy – Anna reminds her both her and Faison wanted him dead. She cries that she has left her, and is so alone, while Liesl comforts her that Duke knew he loved her. She offers Anna his personal belongings, Liesl tells her someone is ready in custody.. and Duke is wheeled away.

Shawn still thinks Julian ordered the hit on Julian, she insists they shouldn’t retaliate, but he also hasn’t been able to get in touch with Duke. He needs to go straight to the top… and that means Sonny.

Worried Baby Daddy
Julian is worried about his baby, Alexis tells him to give Olivia some time, and he wonders if Duke will pull through? Alexis tells him Duke didn’t make it and stares at him intently. His lack of surprise and curiosity is telling.. Is he responsible?? She knows men like him don’t pull the trigger, plus Anna thinks he did it.. she asks if he did it? He wants to wait until he has seen his son, but says yes – he ordered the hit on Duke.

Olivia and Dante
At the hospital, Olivia cries when Dante arrives, but they’re happy tears, his baby brother is fine! She uncomfortably tells him that Ned is not the baby’s father, it’s Julian.. Dante is shocked, but she insists it was one-time only, she was in a bad way. Ned understood and stood by her. He tells her Duke was murdered last night and they think one of Julian’s guys did it. Liv is upset that the violence never stops.. plus he’s been hanging around waiting to get a look at her baby, which means his enemies aren’t far behind.

Liz leaves a tender voice mail for Jake, inviting him over – Obrecht asks her to make sure Duke’s remains get to the morgue safely. She tells Liz that she knows the suspect in custody.. it’s Jake Doe. Liz panics, she needs to see him, but Obrecht grabs her arm and says she isn’t going anywhere.

The news about Duke spreads
Carly happily tells Sonny she liberated Elizabeth from Ric – she tells him what went down at the Nurse’s Ball and now Jake is as free as a bird. Sonny points out she is relentless, but won’t get rid of him as his lawyer.. and tells her Ric and Liz are none of her business. She tells him she did it for Jake..

Sloane tells Jake he wants Julian to think he’s covering for Carlos, the perfect soldier. He wants to take down the Jerome family, Carlos can wait while he goes after the big fish. Jake worries what being in the inner circle will do – they will ask him to kill someone. Sloane wants him to get him what he needs, and arranges his release! He also gets Duke’s cel phone.. when Anna arrives and sees Jake in custody!

Shawn and Jordan arrive at Sonny’s, he’s looking for Duke so Sonny calls his secret number – Sloane answers and tells him Duke is dead! Carly consoles him, he was a good man.. she begs him not to get involved, but he insists she stay at his place. The men leave to get answers.

Anna gets the file on Jake, walks into the interrogation room and pulls her gun on him! She wants him to answer her questions honestly – did he kill Duke Lavery? He wants a lawyer but she says the answer is unsatisfactory, he is past the point where a lawyer would help him. He says there is more going on than she understands – Sloane rushes in and tells Anna he is his undercover operative… and innocent! She puts down the gun and he tells her Jake is helping build a case against Julian. He removes Jake’s handcuffs and tells him he’s free to go.

Alexis decides to leave – it should have all stopped when Julian went to prison. He tells her he can’t be someone he’s not, is she leaving him over this? She tearfully walks away.

Liv worries that Julian has money and power, but Dante promises to protect them. She asks him to help them disappear?

Sloane tells Anna to go home, but she is afraid she will see Duke dropping to his knees again, shot. There will be no rest for her until she finds Duke’s killer.

Jake arrives at the hospital to see Liz – she just stares at him.

Sonny and Shawn come face to face with Julian at the hospital!

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