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General Hospital on 5/15/2015 – Mob revenge, Sam confronts Jake, Nik’s had enough, Anna finds Carlos!

Today’s episode of General Hospital was LIVE and it was amazing!

Jake thrown under the bus!
Julian tells Sonny and Shawn that he thinks Jake shot Duke.. he killed him as a way of proving his worth. He believes Jake was trying to make a name for himself, and went too far… but he’s a pro, smirking that the poor Scot never had a chance. Sonny grabs him by the lapel and asks if it’s funny to him?? He tells him to wipe the smirk off his face or he will do it for him. He throws him against the wall, and asks where Jake is.. Julian says he can find him at the garage, he’s all alone. He tells Sonny they are even, and it should be back to business as usual.. Shawn and Sonny tell him to get out and he leaves!

Sloane grills Jordan – is Sonny is planning to retaliate for Duke’s murder.. she tells him Sonny gave Julian 24 hours to turn over the name of Duke’s killer. Julian calls Sloane and tells him Sonny is on his way to the garage to kill his mechanic, Jake Doe.. he should send someone over to the garage to protect him! Sloane tells Jordan they have to head over to the garage now.. Jake is working for him undercover.

Sam confronts Jake
Sam arrives at the garage and asks Jake if he killed Duke.. ?? He tells her he can’t answer that, so she slaps him. She gets angry that he has been playing her, as he tells her to calm down.. she is angry he used her sympathy to get in the mob! She mentions how much Emma cared about Duke, how could she be so wrong about him?? She mocks him for being a hero, he’s a coward and liar.. and now she has blood on her hands.. he finally admits he didn’t kill Duke, but it’s complicated. Sam tells him he has to set the record straight

Franco apologizes
Franco is at Nina’s door – she slams it shut, but lets him in. He’s back with a present for her.. it’s a Franco original painting by way of apology – the Egg Salad Sandwich painting. He just needs a minute to explain, she agrees to hear him out while she changes out of her bathrobe. The painting represents his previous mistakes.. she means everything to him and he trusts her now. He is seeing things more clear now than he ever has..

Nina asks Franco how she looks, as she comes out in a wedding dress!!!!! He isn’t sure if he likes it, he feels silly and confused. She didn’t want to sit around licking her wounds after he broke her heard, so she is getting married today. He isn’t sure what’s going on.. she isn’t marrying Silas.. her fiance will be there in any minute!

Where is Carlos?
Anna arrives at Sabrina’s apartment to talk.. Sabrina offers her condolences about Duke, she wants help finding Carlos. Sabrina admits Carlos told her he had killed Duke, but tied her up when she told him she was going to call the police. Anna wants her help, she doesn’t want to involve Sabrina, but she wants her to reach out to Carlos… it’s the only way to get justice.

Carlos picks up Sabrina’s call, and asks if she is okay? He apologizes for tying her up, she pretends she wanted to make sure he was alright, and asks if he has left Port Charles yet? He tells her he is at the pier waiting for a boat to take him out of the country. It will be there any minute – he is sorry for everything and for not making something good for them She deserves someone better than him, and wishes her happiness.

Sabrina hangs up the phone and tells Anna he is at Pier 54…

Nikolas has had enough!
Hayden faces off with Elizabeth about Jake/Jason.. Nik tells her to back off, she argues their keeping a friend from his wife and little boy. And how would Sam feel about that? Liz points out that Sam is now in love and Hayden doesn’t know their history.. she calls her a lonely pathetic bitch, Nikolas leaps to Liz’ defense but Hayden points out she can do anything she wants when you know someone’s deep dark secrets! She throws a priceless vase against the wall. She threatens to tell Jason the truth, but Nik yells at her to do it.. have at it, she has reached the limit. Nikolas doesn’t care what happens, but Liz begs him to change his mind. He refuses and kicks Hayden out of his house, who argues that Jake deserves the truth and she is going to give it to him. Liz angrily confronts Nik..

Liz wants Nikolas to go after Hayden, but he says no – he’s had enough of con artists and liars and being taken advantage of. She is angry he acted on it without talking to her first.. he tells her it’s for the best, but she says everyone will hate them, she will have to move. She begs him to do something!

Julian meets Carlos at the pier and tells him Sonny thinks someone else did it, but he sent the Commissioner to catch them in the act. They say goodbye while Carlo waits for the boat.. it’s 15 minutes late. Anna arrives, points her gun and tells him he’s under arrest for the murder of Duke Lavery!

Sonny tells Shawn he wants to get Jake now.. he dies today.

Jake tells Sam it’s believable that he would kill Duke – and why would she care if he lived or died?? She decides to leave to tell Sonny the truth, when Hayden arrives.. she has something she needs to tell them!

Franco thinks Nina has lost her grasp on reality or is bluffing.. he tells her she is going to be disappointed. She insists she doesn’t have to tell him the name of her fiance.. when there is a knock on the door. It’s definitely not maintenance..

Hayden starts to tell Jake and Sam something.. it effects them both…

Shawn leaves Sonny’s house with his gun.

Carlos tells Anna he didn’t kill Duke, where’s the evidence? There is more than enough reasonable doubt.. Anna stops, he’s probably right and berates him for being a thug and coward. He probably will go free, so it can’t go to trial.. she tells him to go to hell and shoots him.. Carlos falls to his knees..

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