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General Hospital on 5/21/2015 – Julian begs Alexis, Jake comes clean, Sabrina waits with Michael!

Julian pleads with Alexis to stay with him – he promises he will quit the mob, and swears on the memory of his dead son. A teary Alexis finally agrees to stay, and collapses into his waiting arms.

After rediscovering their passion, Morgan asks Kiki to give their relationship another try! She’s worried about losing her best friend, but happily says yes!

Sabrina and Michael share a quiet evening at her place, while she nervously waits for any information about Carlos.. she doesn’t understand why there isn’t anything on the news, nor has Anna called her with an update. An attentive Michael distracts her, and while they share a passionate kiss, they both agree to wait.

A shirtless Patrick and Sam share an emotional discussion in the morning – he is worried that spending any time with Jake will automatically put her in danger. He can’t help but worry, especially after operating on Hayden, but she insists she will be fine. She lovingly tells him he saw how much she needed him, and how much Danny needed a father.

After hearing about the shooting at the garage, Anna makes a difficult decision – she asks Sloane to clear Jake’s name of Duke’s murder and issue a statement that Carlos is a suspect – he point out it could eventually lead back to her, but she doesn’t care. She is prepared to face the consequences of her actions – she was no better than the criminals she has been going after all these years. She curls up on the sofa, crying.. and Sloane is surprisingly tender as he looks after her..

Jake finally tells Elizabeth about his deal with Sloane – he wants out but assumes he will end up in Pentonville once he tells Sloane his decision. She is upset to hear they will have to say goodbye again, after just having found each other, but he tenderly reminds her they have tonight.. she leads him upstairs after a lingering look at the photo of her and Jason..

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