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General Hospital on 5/22/2015 – Jerome Family, Anna’s torment, Jake quits, Jordan’s shocker!

At the courthouse, Jordan flashes back to 1995 – in bed with Shawn, discussing their affair.. neither of them can end it! Present day, she apologizes to Scotty for the deception, he smirks that Shawn will spend the rest of his life in prison, but that’s what Jordan is there to discuss. She says Shawn can give him the man he really wants.

In his cell, Shawn can’t get Jordan’s betrayal out of his head when TJ comes for a visit. He isn’t going to abandon him, and is shocked that Jordan put him behind bars, Shawn raised him for her! He calls her a lying selfish.. when Shawn grabs him don’t talk about your mother that way! He defends Jordan to TJ, when she arrives.  Jordan tells Shawn to testify that Sonny ordered the hit on Jake and he will walk – it was never about him! It’s time Sonny is brought to justice. Shawn yells that she feels guilty, but she says she does love him.. he may hate her, but he needs to do this for himself.

Jordan tells Shawn she convinced Scotty to offer him a deal – he has to play ball, and testify that Sonny ordered him to kill Jake!

Morgan and Kiki wake up in bed together and get passionate again! He really wants them to make their relationship work this time. They reminisce and she shows him the compass necklace he gave her – she kept it all this time, it’s important to her. Like him.

Julian deals with his loss
At home, Julian is devastated, but Alexis tells him she plans to stay by his side – he wants to put it behind him, when Lucas arrives with balloons! He hears the news, expresses his sympathies says he will call Sam and leaves. Alexis tells Julian to let his family take care of him..

Patrick and Sam wake up in bed, she muses that Julian must be so happy about the baby. She receives a call from Lucas that the baby didn’t make it – she doesn’t want to talk about, and says it’s all her fault for badgering Olivia and making her go into labour! She should have been more careful, but Patrick says it’s no one’s fault. Sam remembers her stillborn daughter and Patrick tells her he will go with her to Julian’s, she insists she’s ok on her own. As he leaves, Patrick tells her he loves her.. she admits she loves him back!

Lucas returns to the apartment, and Alexis tells him that Julian needs his family right now. Lucas places a call to Kiki, she decides to head over to his place to seen him.. he puts the necklace back on her, and says he’s going over there with her.

Jake wants out!
Jake pays Sloane a visit – they need to talk! Sloane says he sent Jordan to the garage to save him.. and it blew her cover. Jake is his eyes and ears with Julian – it’s the opening they’ve been looking for. Instead, Jake tells him he just quit, he doesn’t want anything to happen to Elizabeth or Carly! Julian never sent him protection, and set him up.. but Sloane points out that it was Julian who tipped him off that he was in trouble. He doesn’t accept his resignation as he can’t bring down the mob without someone inside! Sloane threatens him with prison, but Jake says he would rather go to prison rather than see anyone else shot because of him. He walks out.

Anna is tormented by Carlos!
Anna wakes up and sees Carlos sitting beside her – he sarcastically asks what she could be losing sleep over?? Is she having trouble living with herself? She argues that he killed Duke.. she did what she had to do! He points out she let Faison live. He taunts her that Julian ordered the hit, and she has eliminated the only witness.. he will never pay. Well done, Anna! She has set Julian free.

Sabrina arrives to see Anna, she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her and asks what happened to Carlos! The apparition stands over her, and mocks her while Sabrina says there has been no mention of him on the news. What’s going to happen to him? Anna admits she found Carlos at the pier.. and it’s not that simple. Carlo taunts her, but she says she didn’t have a chance to bring him in. Carlos yells at her to tell the truth, while Anna says she has a headache. She tells Sabrina she intercepted him before he got on the boat.. she pulled her gun and he charged at her.. they struggled with the gun and knocked her unconscious. When she came to, he was GONE!

Julian comes back into the room, his whole family is there for him – they can do anything he wants, they’re family and will do this together.

Carlos yells at Anna that she’s a LIAR.. Sabrina apologizes, but Anna says it’s not her fault (no kidding!). She hopes she fends Carlos as Duke deserves justice. Carlos continues to taunt her about honesty and integrity.. but she sot a man in cold blood four times. Duke would be so proud.

Scotty tells Sloane about Jordan’s request to offer Shawn as leverage – she just has to get Shawn to take the deal. Sloane needs him to file charges against someone.

Shawn says “hell no” to Jordan, he doesn’t stab people in the back but she points out it’s for TJ… he needs Shawn in his life right now. He yells at her until she breaks down – he is TJ’s father!!

Jake arrives at Elizabeth’s house, and sees the photo of Liz and Jason.

Julian shares the news with the family that he is giving up the business – his organized crime days are over. While they beam at him, someone arrives.. it’s Ava in a black wig and a Brooklyn accent!

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