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General Hospital on 5/26/2015 – A break for Jake, Denise the Ava-lookalike, Shawn’s conflict, Franco’s suspicions!

Obrecht shrieks when she opens her office – the Egg Salad painting it gone. Franco arrives.. he took it. She ushers him in and he explains he wanted to give it to Nina to make up for his accusations. She is shocked that Nina rejected him, and he tells her she married Ric Lansing, a depraved psycho! He doesn’t understand why Ric would marry her. Obrecht points out that Nina has money.. and Ric wants it.

Nina was doubts
In her room, Nina stares at the Egg Salad painting and remembers Franco’s heartfelt apology, while Ric tells her to get rid of it. She asks him why he married her.. he claims it was a romantic whirlwind, but she points out they slept in separate beds! He married her because she accepts him, faults and all. There’s a knock on the door – it’s Sonny, he wants to talk about Shawn. Ric invites him in and introduces Nina as his new wife. Sonny assumes she is blackmailing him, but Ric insists it’s in good faith. He respects Sonny and Carly, and asks him for the same – fine, he says, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the work he has to do for Shawn!

Courthouse conversations
At the courthouse, TJ tells Molly he’s worried his mom has more surprises! Sloane stops by and tells him how much his mom has done for Port Charles – it’s a safer place now and he should be proud of her. TJ continues to share his thoughts with Molly – Shawn has been like a real father to him. And Jordan may have ruined it. He ins angry that everyone goes free – Julian and Sonny, included, but Molly says her dad is the best lawyer. Sloane and Scotty talk about Jordan, and Sloane asks him to file charges against Jake. The D.A. agrees, and informs him that Shawn will go down first.

A break for Jake!
Carly arrives at Elizabeth’s house and gives Jake a BIG hug – thrilled he’s safe! She agrees he never should have picked up the gun, he explains that Sloane made him a target and asks if she knew what Sonny was going to do? She says no, not before he sent Shawn.. she doesn’t think he will try again – his guilt may have passed. Plus she’s sure he will realize it was Julian’s doing. Jake informs her he was quit working for Sloane, as he can’t risk anyone else getting hurt – which means he will get sent to prison. Carly reminds him she knows the best lawyer in Port Charles, when Sloane arrives to have a word! Jake is off the hook – they’re filing charges against Carlos for Duke’s murder.. he’s off the hook! Sloane says they can’t risk another attempt on his life, and his slate is clean. Carly tells him to leave her friend Jake alone.. Jake asks what happens if Julian doesn’t accept his resignation? Sloane thinks he has a way to make it happen, and will be in touch.

Shawn’s anger
Shawn is furious with Jordan she never told him TJ was his.. she admits she lied, the test was conclusive, he is her son’s father. Shawn breaks down, while she tries to explain, but how is he to know she isn’t lying now? He accuses her of playing him.. because of her, he’s in prison, but she reminds him it was his decision to be in the business.. she loves him and ask him to consider the deal, it’s a chance to start over. She urges him to testify against Sonny.. cut ties and start over, don’t leave TJ behind. The guard comes to get Shawn – it’s time for his arraignment! Jordan yells at him to take the deal.

Ava or Denise..??
At Julian’s place, the Ava-lookalike doesn’t recognize Kiki or anyone.. “I ain’t Ava!”. She cracks her gum and talks about their classy place. Julian tells her she can drop the act, and introduce herself as Denise Di Muccio. She continues to argue she ain’t Ava but Morgan shows her a photo – but that’s why she’s there.. someone showed her a photo, Ava is her spittin’ image! She wonders if Ava is stealing her identity. She asks for THEIR story and coos over Morgan, even thought she knows who each of them are. Sam thinks she’s pretending to be someone else as the real Ava is facing a murder rap.

Ric leaves with Sonny to go to Shawn’s arraignment. he can’t wait to get back to her, while Sonny rolls his eyes.

Franco tells Obrecht that Nina’s money is tied up, but she reminds him Ric is a lawyer… of course he could get to his money. She tells him Nina is a grown woman, who will make her own mistakes, but he rushes out to see her anyway.

Nina remembers Franco’s words and she decides to throw out the Egg Salad painting.. but Franco is at her front door!

Carly is thrilled that Jake can start over now – he can be anybody now!

TJ apologizes to Sonny for what Jordan did to him and Scotty mocks him – isn’t he afraid of being seen on camera with a known murderer? He thinks Sonny is in for a big surprise.

Sam tells Denise she should’ve stayed gone.. she will end up in Pentonville, unless Sonny gets to her first! She’s convinced it’s just a crazy story. Sloane arrives to see Julian.. “Ava Jerome, you’re under arrest!”.

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