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General Hospital on 5/28/2015 – Waiting for DNA results, Sloane is fired!

At home, Anna is confronted by the ghost of Carlos again! He loudly taunts her that he will never be gone and mocks Duke’s ashes. She covers her face and yells “you’re not real”, when a hand grabs her.. it’s Sloane! She tells him she was screaming at Carlos… he has been haunting her. Sloane reminds her Carlos was scum, but Anna points out that Julian ordered the hit – it’s ironic that Duke only got into the mob for vengeance against Julian. Sloane says they need to make sure no one finds out what she did, she isn’t sure she can handle the fact that she murdered him. Kyle says he will make sure she can go on. He tells her he officially cleared Jake, and the authorities are looking for Carlos in Puerto Rico – Anna will never see the inside of a jail cell. They made certain his body will never be found.. it’s over.

At Wyndermere, Valerie mentions her job interview to Nikolas and he notices her primping and remembers his conversation with Lulu.

The Mayor’s plans
Mayor Lomax pays Nikolas a visit – Sloane has become a liability now, he mistakenly named Jake Doe as Duke’s killer, and the mob war has escalated. She also blames Sloane for Hayden’s shooting. She’s polling at her lowest – associating with him doesn’t benefit either of them! Nik reminds her he has dirt on both of them. However, Lomax has a mysterious plan, and tells Nik he will still have influence in the town.

Lulu at the PCPD
Lulu brings Rocco and breakfast to Dante at the PCPD and they talk about the Ava-lookalike, Sonny is there right now, he hopes it will scare some answers out of her. Lulu kisses him and asks him to keep her posted – sje asks about Valerie, when she walks in.. ready for her job interview! He says it slipped his mind, and Valerie asks if she would mind her working there? Lulu quickly says of course not.

Lomax returns to the station – she notices Sloane hasn’t been in all day.. and has gone AWOL. She tells Dante to have him call her immediately. He recalls that she replaces Commissioners when her poll numbers are down.

Kiki has a dream about Ava.. a flashback of the two of them sharing cupcakes on her birthday. Morgan hopes she got her wish, that Ava is back, the similarity is too close. They both agree anything is possible.. and they both want her to be alive. He reminds her they will share the outcome together.

Brad’s family
Lucas greets a tired Brad at the hospital, who is waiting for Denise’s DNA results – Lucas hopes it actually is Ava, for Kiki’s sake. He also realizes that something is missing from their relationship – a wedding date! He wants a big party… but Brad looks uncomfortable.. he thought they would go to City Hall. Lucas says their wedding can be anything they want it to be – and he wants a real wedding. Plus his family wants to be there. Brad admits HIS family is the problem. Lucas asks if they even know about him?? Brad says now isn’t the time..

Sonny has doubts
Denise berates the prison guard about her breakfast when Sonny arrives to see her! She recognizes him from the newspaper, he’s a powerful guy, so why is he visiting her? She figures it’s because she looks like Ava.. but he is convinced it’s her! She knows the whole story about Ava’s fall.. why did he even try to save her? He claims he felt bad for her, and it’s not going to happen again. Denise insists she ain’t Ava, and the DNA test will clear it up. He doesn’t need the test to tell him who she is.. he saw her take a bullet, and tells her show him the scar on her chest! She agrees to let him take a look.. a rose tattoo, with a little scar tissue after she had some letters removed. Sonny insists it’s from a bullet wound, and they still have the DNA test!

Lucas calls Dante with the DNA test results – he will be at the station shortly.

Kiki and Morgan decide to head to the station for the test results.

Dante goes down to Denise’s cell.. it time foe her DNA results.. Sonny grins..

There’s a knock at Anna’s door, and Sloane answers – it’s Mayor Lomax.. she’s there to fire him!

Brad screens a call from his parents.

Everyone waits for the DNA tests…

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