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General Hospital on 5/30/2015 – Denise is related, Sloane confesses to Anna, Franco worries about Nina!

The DNA results are in… Lucas says the tests were run in three separate labs. Denise asks for her lawyer, when Alexis arrives… with Julian. Sonny confronts Julian about Duke’s murder.. he accused Jake Doe so Carlo could run away… and where is he? Julian tells him he’s getting out of the business, and is going legit – Port Charles will be Sonny’s.

Lucas opens the envelope – there are close matches, but Denise is not Ava Jerome. Kiki is sad her mom is really dead Denise tells her how sorry she is, they never should have got her hopes up. Lucas says she is a close relative.. within Ava’s immediate family.

Franco warns Nathan
Franco pays Nathan and Maxie an unexpected morning visit… in the detective’s bedroom! Nathan finds out that Maxie and Franco had an encounter when he first showed up in town, and doesn’t think Nina would appreciate him being there. Franco angrily tells him Nina has recently made the biggest mistake of her life! He tells them Ric has married Nina for her money, but Maxie says it doesn’t make sense, he has never needed money. Franco insists Ric wants to be custodian of her finances, which actually does make sense to Maxie. Franco wants Nathan to get her to see reason! He tells them he made a mistake – he accused her of taking Ava’s baby, and she was hurt and is now lashing out at him. He tells Maxie it’s not about him, he wants to help Nina.. Nathan states he will handle it, Franco just needs to stay out of it, and ushers him out.

At the Metro Court, Nina flashes back to Franco’s pleading words, and hurtful accusation that Ric is out for her money – Olivia approaches her and tells her she wants her out of the hotel now. The extortion is over, she kicks her out… Ric approaches the table and tells Liv that he is Nina’s husband and has moved in to her suite with her. He also threatens to sue if she tries to have them thrown out. Liv smugly tells him Nina and Franco racked up quite a bill. After she leaves Nina asks if he can handle it.. as a high-price attorney, doesn’t he have a lot of money? He says the bill is no problem.. but doesn’t she have money as well? She tells him she’s strapped for cash, but he asks about her mother.. she explains she HAD money, but here inheritance went to the state, she has no access to it. Ric takes her hand.. maybe he can help with that? He admits he’s interested in her money.. but just for her. He admits yes, he is entitled to it as well, but she doesn’t have to worry… she married very well. He quickly leaves to see a client, and says they can talk about it when he gets home later.

Sloane confesses to Anna
Sloane tells Anna he has been fired, due to his handling of the Duke Lavery case, she blames herself. He tells her Lomax is a politician just trying to protect her numbers, and knows how to bring her down. She has messed with the wrong person, he insists he will get his job back. He tells Anna the mayoral election was rigged. Felicia is the rightful mayor of Port Charles. Anna decides to give him the benefit of the doubt as he had her back. He explains he wanted to take everything from Anna as he was about to lose his job but Anna points out he can’t bring down Lomax without bringing down himself. She will deny everything, he mentions someone else can back up his story.

Lulu asks Nikolas for help
At Wyndermere, Lulu wants Nikolas to stop Valerie from getting a job at the PCPD… due to his influence over Sloane. She stops herself, as this isn’t her! Nik gets where she’s coming from, but Sloane can’t help.. he has just been fired. Lulu asks how he knows? He tells her she was there, looking for donations.. but he didn’t budge and there isn’t anything he can do to help Lulu. She sheepishly says she doesn’t like this jealous version of herself, when she receives a call from Bobbie. Luke is gone! She freaks out and rushes out to find Tracy…

Rosalie gets involved
At home, Michael asks Rosalie about Nina, her former employer. He needs Franco to sell his shares back to him, and needs Rosalie to talk to Nina. She needs money.. and Michael wants Rosalie to make her a financial offer.. all she can say is no to the briefcase! He thanks her, he has to get to Franco before whoever is making a play for ELQ does.

Sloane tells Anna someone else was involved – it was Nikolas Cassadine!

Rosalie tells Nik they needs to meet.

Liv gets a call from Ned, she wishes she could be there. She misses the little guy so much.. she will be there as soon as she knows Julian is no longer suspicious!

Denise is surprised and happy she is related to Ava.. they are confused, when Ava’s mom shows up.. she can clear things up!

Nina runs into Franco at the Metro Court – she tells him the comp hotels gig is now over. Olivia lost her baby, so they don’t have anything to blackmail her about anymore. They both feel a little bad about that.. when he asks where her smarmy husband is?

Ric arrives to see someone in prison.. it’s Nina’s mother, Madeline!

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