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General Hospital on 5/4/2015 – Nik comes clean, fun and drama at the Nurse’s Ball, a ghostly visitor!

Lucas says yes to Brad’s proposal! Julian welcomes Brad to the family and Lucy gives them both a big hug.

Nik comes clean about Jason
Liz is shocked to hear that Jake is Jason! Nik explains that Jason IS alive.. he’s telling her because he cares, and swears on Spencer’s life. And Helena knew who he was from the beginning! He managed to escape from Crichton Clarke but was hit by a car the next day. Liz cries, she knew she felt a connection and sees now that he remembered their son’s name when he woke up! She realizes Nik has known for months and points out Jason is a father and husband, how could he do this?? She assumes Helena threatened him, but Nik admits he has been planning to take over ELQ for months.. he stayed quiet because he chose to. Liz slaps him HARD! Why would he do this to Jason now.. he says she last 2 years of his life has been a disaster and he has decided to reclaim his power, plus everyone else is better off without Jason. Even Sam and Danny. He only came clean to Liz because he can’t stand to see her in pain.. to find out later would be more devastating. She wants to leave to tell Jason the truth – Nik decides not to stop her..

Jake has words with Carly
Jake is angry with Carly for humiliating Elizabeth.. but she explains she needed to blindside Ric, and asks him to understand! He just wishes she would have been more diplomatic, but thanks her for getting involved – maybe there’s a chance for him and Elizabeth now? He wants to go find her but Carly asks if he should rush into it.. he says he makes her happy. He doesn’t want to put his life on hold… he wants to fight for Liz and Carly agrees to have his back.

Lucas, Felix, Michael, TJ, Nathan and Milo perform a rousing and sexy dance number in the annual tradition of Magic Milo with Nathan – and Maxie seethes over Ellie’s reaction to Nathan!

The Phantom!
Cam and Emma get ready for their big number together when Spencer arrives as Phantom of the Nurse’s Ball ready to whisk her away. She insists she isn’t a prize to be won, and hopes he finds a way to be happy again.

Emma and Cameron take to the stage for their tango.. while Anna can’t help but glance at Duke.. sandbags fall from the ceiling, just missing the little dancers and Spencer dramatically appears on stage as The Phantom. Lulu steps in – she asks him what’s going on, he still blames Cam for starting the fire that damaged his face, and she takes away to find Nikolas.

Lucy insists to Duke that he should fight for Anna – and they should finish the tango that Cam and Emma started! He holds out his hand to Anna, and they perform a magical number, with flashbacks of the same dance more than 25 years ago. It’s mesmerizing..

The Haunted starlets (Sabrina, Lulu, Valerie, Maxie, Ellie and Sam) perform a delightful rendition of “Dear Future Husband” while Nathan and Spinelli pine over the girl they’re not with!

Lulu, Dante and Valerie take Spencer home, where they leave him lying on the couch, dejected. A hand softly touches him.. it’s Courtney, his mother!

Patrick and Emma perform an adorable number together while Sam looks on with pride, beaming at them both. Liz sees the emotional moment, but grabs the microphone from Lucy – there’s something she needs too say!

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