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General Hospital on 5/5/2015 – Courtney comforts Spencer, Spinelli is confused, Liz makes a dramatic decision!

Elizabeth takes the microphone from Lucy with an announcement about Jason, then freezes as she remembers her moments with Jake. She quickly changes the subject to Jason and Robin.. and HIV. She recollects how Robin and Jason set an example that night many years ago – of strength, acceptance and courage. They wee the bravest people she ever knew. She quickly gets off stage and runs out.. Nik follows her and Jake mutters to Carly he now thinks he knows who Jason really was. Carly suggests he go after Liz.

Carly bumps into Michael and tells him about Jason at that Nurse’s ball, she tells him he is just like him and tenderly touches his face.

Carly runs into Sabrina in the dressing room, and mentions her chat with Michel – she wants to thank her for believing in him!

Sloane stops Jake and wants to talk – Jake wonders why Carlos was in his hotel room? Sloane wants him to find out what’s going in from Julian.

Nathan and Ellie pretend to be lovey-dovey while Spinelli and Maxie get more annoyed, watching..

Spinelli performs a romantic ballad on stage (“It Might Be You”) and starts to walk towards Maxie, while a teary Ellie looks on. He walks across the stage and sees Ellie – Maxie notices his reaction, as Nathan sneaks a glance at her. Spinelli struggles with the words.. they all try to smile, Maxie can’t stop looking at Nathan, and when Spinelli finishes no one looks happy!

Ned gives a rousing performance of ‘Crazy little thing called love’ as Eddie Maine! Liv smiles and claps along while Sam and Patrick shoot her looks.. After the performance, Sam tells him she wants to chat to Olivia later.

Shawn wants to confront Julian about the hit on Jordan, but Duke insists he doesn’t want to make any trouble right now. Duke then receeives a text asking for confirmation on the hit on Jordan? He calls Bruce- yes, they take out Jordan tonight.

Sloane tells Anna to go find Duke…

Elizabeth’s decision
Nik sits with a crying Elizabeth – she has decided to not tell the truth now. If she does, Jason will once again belong to Sonny and Carly.. and not her. Jake has wanted to be with her for months, this is a sign that they have a chance and she’s going to take it. Nik wants her to think about it, is she prepared to deal with the consequences? She states has been doing the right thing her entire life and all it gets her is the rug pulled out from her again and again. She will do what she needs to do to be happy. Nik asks about Sam? Liz points out she is happy with Patrick now, and this will hurt no one.. everyone gets to be happy, and Nik gets ELQ. She has a chance to be happy and begs him to keep their secret. He agrees and they share a hug.

Courtney from the beyond..
Courtney appears from the beyond to see Spencer – she knows he needs her! She tells him she has always been there, and he needed to hear her voice. She doesn’t want him to call anyone names…after all, growing up without money makes her a townie as well. She doesn’t want him to say hurtful things anymore, and wants to know what this is really about – he admits it’s about his scars, he thinks he will look horrible. She tells him it’s not how you look, it’s how you act and treat people. She reassures him he doesn’t have an ugly heart, and asks if she can take off the mask for him? He reluctantly agrees and looks in the mirror – it’s only a small scar, smaller thank he thought it would be! She tells him life is precious and short, he says he has always missed her – she wants him to know how much she loves him, and it’s time to say goodbye. But she will always be here with him..

Felix presents Lucy with a bouquet of roses and she introduces Sabrina and Epiphany as the last act of the night, singing “We Are Not Alone”.

Anna interrupts Duke, her eyes shining..

Nikolas returns home to see Spencer sitting on the couch, without his mask! He explains he can get through anything now.. Nik holds him close, as Courtney watches over both of them..

Couples get up on stage to join in song – Jake walks in, turns around to see Liz staring at him. He goes towards her..

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