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General Hospital on 5/6/2015 – Couples reunited, Olivia begs Sam, Hayden knows the truth!

Backstage at the Nurse’s ball. Maxie wistfully remembers Nathan’s dance when Spinelli appears asking if she’s alright? They get ready to leave when

The right couples back together!
Nathan and Ellie hoped their plan would work, maybe they just can’t get Maxie and Spinelli back – Nathan doesn’t want her to give up, anything could happen. He sees Maxie and Spinelli leaving and decides to do something drastic – he grabs Ellie and kisses her passionately! Spinelli is furious and breaks them up while Maxie looks on stunned. He berates Nathan, calling him a brute.. Ellie admits she liked it, and they ask why it matters to Spinelli? Maxie steps in and says they don’t even know each other – Ellie and Nathan tell them they are starting their own love story tonight. As they leave, Maxie yells “wait!”, she doesn’t want him to go home with Ellie, she wants him to go home with her. He is the one for her. She tells Spinelli she is sorry, she wants them to be friends and co-patents but he deserves more, her heart belongs with Nathan. Spinelli announces his heart lies with Ellie! It was Ellie’s fault he went looking for Maxie – she set him free but he had everything he ever wanted with her. He should have trusted his feelings.. he loves only her, and they passionately kiss.

Duke and Anna reconnect
Bruce watches Jordan and Shawn kiss, Duke informs him he wants to continue the hit. When Anna walks in, he apologies to her for his tango and asks why she’s here? He assumes Sloane is her new romance, but she wants to talk about their relationship – she isn’t with Kyle and never was! She asks him about Lucy, he admits it wasn’t right – he came to her room to tell her that, but saw Kyle in a towel. He grabs her hand – he has been completely lost without her and wants another chance. She wipes away a tear, there is still something in their way – the mob! He offers to leave it all behind for her. The feud with Julian had cost him his relationship with her, but Anna wonders how he can walk away from it… and Sonny? He tells her to come away with him tonight, they can start over. It’s time for them to be selfish – they deserve to be together, and never have to be apart again, she says yes and they kiss!

Duke tells Anna to see her is to love her… they should leave tonight! He will see her at midnight – there is one loose end he needs to tie up. He apologies for his stupidity and she tearfully says they have another chance. She leaves after they exchange “I love yous”.

Shawn attacks Julian
Leaving the Nurse’s Ball, Shawn grabs Julian and pushes him against the wall, demanding he answer for what he did to Jordan! Alexis breaks them up, Julian says he doesn’t know anything about the hit on Jordan – she isn’t worth his bullet. “You don’t have to worry about your piece of ass, Shawn”.. when Shawn punches him hard! Julian denies all knowledge, but Shawn wants to know who else would do it? Bruce peers around the corner.

Sam watches Julian ask Olivia ask how the baby is doing, and afterwards Liv freaks out to Ned, convinced he knows he is the father! Sam goes after them…she confronts Liv about the secret she’s keeping from her father. She knows Ned isn’t the baby’s father, she overheard them. Julian should know the truth. Olivia begs her not to tell, Dante grew up safe away from Sonny and this baby deserves to be safe too! Ned will be a good father.. and she tearfully begs her not to say anything.

Liz and Jake talk
Outside the Nurse’s Ball, Jake asks Liz if everything is okay? She breathlessly says she’s fine and needs some air – he offers to take her and Cam home, she agrees and takes his arm. Once they’re back in the house, he asks if they can talk – he wished he would have listened to Carly about Hayden, she always seem to have his back. Liz wishes she could have listened to her intuition, and never should have trusted Ric. He tells her it’s not her fault, plus he still doesn’t know who he is. He jokingly offers to beat up Ric, she says he must have been desperate and has already lost. He points out that Ric and Hayden are gone, so they can start fresh… and sees no reason why they shouldn’t.

Hayden’s threats!
Nik walks into his bedroom, a naked Hayden is lying in his bed – and admits she’s now homeless! She telts him to stop fighting her and take her now… he grabs her and they end up in the bed! Hayden points out that Liz has probably already got back together with Jake by now. He wants her to leave, but she insists she is staying.. unless he wants her to tell people what she knows about Jake.

Jake and Liz enjoy a meal – he says he is now free to live his life, and mentions that he now know Jason will always be in her life, his memory is important to her. She says life goes on and Jason will never be far from her.. and smiles at Jake.

Ellie agrees to take Spinelli back and they happily leave!

Maxie tells Nathan she loves him, the breakup was partly her fault, but she is in live with him. Because he is kind and honest and never gave up on her. She is sorry she wasted any time and asks if they can make up for lost time? They happily kiss!

Bruce watches Shawn and Jordan leave while Duke leaves a message that Jordan ashford is not to be harmed!

Sam is conflicted about lying to her father, when Julian walks in.. “lie to me about what?”.

Liz asks Jake if she is what he wants? She asks if he wants time.. he replies that this is where he wants to be, and she is all he wants! He asks if he is what she wants?? She admits she has wanted him for longer than he knows. They passionately kiss..

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