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General Hospital on 5/7/2015 – Jake and Liz make love, Julian hears the truth, a shot rings out!

In Nik’s bed, Hayden knows Jake is Jason – she overheard his conversation with Elizabeth at the Nurse’s Ball! He claims she misunderstood, she doesn’t buy it and figures he wants to take over ELQ for the challenge, and wants to be heroic to Liz. She figures Elizabeth is stealing Jason from his wife and kid.. and Nikolas is helping her do it. She wants to know when she’s moving in? Otherwise, bye-bye ELQ and hello heartbreak for Elizabeth. Plus Carly will punish him for keeping Jake’s identity a secret, not to mention Sonny. He has a lot to lose. But having her around could be a lot of fun…

Jake and Liz.. finally!
At Elizabeth’s house, Jake insists Liz is all he wants.. and vice versa. They start to kiss, and he says it’s a perfect way to end an evening, but Liz doesn’t want him to leave, she says their luck is finally changing! She invites him to go upstairs, she is sure, takes his hand and leads him upstairs. They tenderly kiss on the bed – Jake takes off his shirt while Liz smiles at him, her eyes shining. He unzips her gown, picks her up and places her back on the bed..

Jake smiles at Liz, he tells her they feel familiar to him, in the best way. For her , it’s just like she imagined it would be. They agree he can’t be there in the morning when Cam wakes up, she has to explain things to him. He’s looking forward to being in their life, but will go back to the Metro Court for the night. She makes him promise this wont’ all go to hell when he leaves. He promises nothing will come between them again.

And the father is…
Julian grills Sam about what she’s lying to him about, but she avoids an answer when Ned turns the table on him about mob business. He says Shawn and Jordan will get what’s coming to them, but Liv asks them to leave as she’s tired. He asks Sam again and assumes it’s about Olivia’s baby! Ned tells him to leave it alone, but Julian doesn’t back down and asks Sam is Liv carrying his baby? Liv doubles over in pain, she’s having contractions when Patrick steps in to look at her. He asks Sam if that is his baby? He knows something is going on, Sam decides to respect Liv’s wishes right now.. but all he wants is to be father to the baby. Sam finally admits it – ye, he IS the father.

Sloane has info
Anna dreams about running away with Duke and starts to pack when Sloane arrives at her door, he has something to tell her. He has info about the hit on Jordan. She pretends she is heading to Washington tomorrow, but Sloane has his doubts – he informs her Carlos was at the Metro Court when the hit went down on Jordan. It was someone else – Sloane has a theory it was Duke!

A pending hit!
Duke calls Bruce to call off the hit, and leaves a message to NOT go after her.. no matter what happens. He turns around – Carlos approaches him, wanting to talk, then pulls a gun on him. Duke says the Jeromes are desperate, but Carlos says they have to strike back and cocks his gun.. “that’s why you gotta die”. Duke tries to reason with him, you don’t take out a kingpin for a territorial dispute, but Carlos calls him a flunky. Duke says killing him will incite a mob war, but Carlos confirms that Julian ordered the hit!

Jordan and Shawn arrive home, he’s puzzled as to who targeted her, while Bruce lurks outside the door. They start to kiss when Bruce looks at his phone, seeing the missed calls. Shawn professes his love for Jordan, and they move to the bed.. Bruce decides to listen to the message later, when Shawn’s phone rings.. it’s Bruce, telling him about a shipment coming in tonight. He needs to get to the pier.. now.

Bruce approaches Jordan’s door after Shawn leaves.

Anna still doubts Sloane’s theory that Duke put the hit out on Jordan. He reminds her that Duke is running the Corinthos mob, and would have every reason to want Jordan dead. She panics, it couldn’t be him – they finally found each other again, and are going away together!

Carlos tells Duke he’s been trying to take him out for weeks, he could never get a clear shot as Bruce was always in the way. He asks where Bruce is..when Duke grabs the gun.. the two men struggle and a shot rings out!

Olivia’s water breaks.. she’s in labour!

But just who shot who??

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