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General Hospital on 6/11/2015 – TJ’s arrest story, Jake’s new job, Nina refuses to help, Madeline has her freedom!

At the PCPD, Ric asks TJ for an explanation – en route to see Shawn, he stopped at the store to buy Molly a graduation present.

Jordan worries about TJ with Molly when Dante arrives – she asks why he was arrested, Ric walks in and says for something he didn’t do. Molly hugs him and goes in to see TJ. TJ tells Molly he wanted to buy Molly earrings for her graduation – the charge went through his credit card, but the security guard stopped him. They assumed his card was stolen or fake, even though he showed his ID.

Dante says they received a call from the department store that someone was using a fake or stolen credit card. Jordan wonders how it turned into TJ being cuffed to the table?? The guard refused to let him go until they verified the credit card, but he didn’t want to miss the visiting hours at Pentonville. That was proof enough for the guard hat he was mixed up in something illegal – TJ didn’t want to wait, and knocked the guard down. Ric insists it was a harassment – the guard showed racial bias, Ric points out he doesn’t need this on his record.. how can they make it go away?

At Wyndermere, Elizabeth shares Jake’s job plans to work as the head of security for the Quartermaines with Nikolas – Nik doesn’t think she should jump to conclusions, but she’s worried that spending time with the family might jog his memory. She points out how much Jason loves Michael, if they work together the truth will come out. She is upset that she is keeping him from uniting him with his family.. event though it’s a lie of omission. She admits they are really good together, but he should have learned the truth from Hayden – the decision was made for them when she got shot. Nik stares at her and admits he has a confession to make. He is very close to having a majority stake in the company – Jason will be working for him!!

Jake meets with Michael at his office – Rosalie starts recording, while Michael tells Jake he doesn’t think the ELQ issue is internal. He is desperate to find out who has hijacked the company shares – he sent Rosalie in to see Nina with cash, and is taking Rosalie’s word for it. He doesn’t know why she would lie, but 32% of the company shares are missing. He thinks they could be in the hands of the Cassadines. He asks Jake to conduct an investigation that includes Helena, Jake has no problem with that. He has made peace with no knowing who he is, but noticed the photo of Monica holding Danny! Jake mentions he’s his little buddy, and even had a dream about felt like he has his kid. He wonders if he has a son out there somewhere? Michael mentions how Danny instantly connected with his great-grandfather, Jake says that’s what happened between him and Danny. Michael tells him stories about Jason as a Quartermaine… and he wants to hold on to Edward’s legacy for the family. Jake thinks it would be an honor to protect his family legacy.

Sabrina walks in on Rosalie and asks what she’s listening to?? She’s early for her lunch with Michael and decides to wait – Sarina brings up her attempt to buy ELQ shares from Nina, but Rosalie says Franco was lying when he told Michael that Nina sold them to Rosalie. Sabrina suggests she got cash from her other boss?? She heard her one the phone a few weeks ago calling someone “boss”.. Rosalie asks how this is related to child care? Michael pays her AND goes out with her.. isn’t that called a hooker?

Sam and Nina meet at the Metro Court, Nina wonders why Sam is so curious about her as they aren’t friends? Sam admits they don’t like each other, but Molly is her new step-daughter and she wants to pave the way for a truce. Nina doesn’t buy it – what does she really want? She admits she has been asked to find out what transpired between Nina and Rosalie. Nina says she sold the whole lot to her! Sam is puzzled as Rosalie swears that Nina is lying.. Nina insists she DID sell the shares, and she paid Olivia with the cash she got from Rosalie. The rest is in the bank. Sam remembers how Rosalie lied for Nina, maybe this also has something to do with her secret? Sam thinks it could be relevant here.. Rosalie is calling her a liar and crazy bitch, is she really going to let her get away with that? Sam offers to do her dirty work if Nina tells her the secret. Sam says she is exposing HER secrets,

Madeline walks into Obrecht’s office, shocking both Liesl and Franco! Madeline tells them her new attorney got her released, the charges against her have been dropped. Franco asks for her help – it concerns her money, as Nina has a new husband. Madeline pretends she doesn’t know anything about her wedding to Ric, but at least it’s not Franco. Liesl points out he will leave her penniless.. Franco wants her away from Ric before she gets hurt. Madeline says she would be a hindrance, but Franco has an idea.. they should hire HER lawyer to get Nina’s inheritance back and give it to Madeline. Why isn’t she jumping at the chance to get it back??

Elizabeth admits she would feel more comfortable having Jake work for the Cassadines, instead of the Quartermaines – Nik says she is probably working about nothing.

Michael shakes Jake’s hand – he has the job! His first job is find those missing shares..

Sabrina tells Rosalie everyone will know the truth about her soon enough.

Nina leans in to Sam- she doesn’t want to give up the leverage!

Madeline says nothing can convince her to help Franco with Nina, she just doesn’t care anymore. Money is nothing, freedom is everything. Obrecht spits out laughing.. but she is serious! She will wait to see how her son-in-law measures up.

Ric tells TJ it should only be a few minutes now when Dante and Jordan walk in.. the press got hold of the story, Lomax demands they handle the case by the numbers.

She asks Dante to book her son and take him downstairs to a cell!

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