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General Hospital on 6/12/2015 – Sam at ELQ, TJ at PCPD, Laura at Wyndemere, Lulu grills Luke!

Sam stops by to see Sabrina and tells her about her meeting with Nina..she wasn’t lying about selling her shares to Rosalie. Sam thinks they should confront her directly… she has a plan that just might work.

ELQ business
Michael introduces Jake, his new head of security, to Rosalie – his first job is to find out what’s been happening to ELQ stock, and if it’s an inside job. Rosalie awkwardly points out it sounds like a big job. Michael sends him down to security to get setup, while Rosalie marches into Michael’s office – hiring Jake is a mistake. She thinks he might be a mole for the Cassadines. He mentions how every employee has been screened, but never investigated the secret Nina was holding over her.. it had nothing to do with her job. She was earned his trust.

Meanwhile, Sam arrives at the office and plants a bug in Rosalie’s phone! Just as she finishes up, Jake gets off the elevator and clears his throat. He tells her he is the new head of security for ELQ and asks what she’s doing there? She stopped by to invite Michael over for dinner. He asks about living with Patrick, and she asks him about Elizabeth? Both are going well.. She tells him Port Charles has lost a good mechanic! She invites him and Li over for dinner with her and Patrick, a chance for them to socialize. She decides to leave, and he tells her to drive safe.

Laura visits Nikolas
At Wyndemere, Nik orders Sloane to get him more ELQ shares, when Laura arrives to see him! He is thrilled to see him and asks about Spencer, she is so proud of how good a father he has become. She asks about the call – it sounded pretty cut-throat – but he says it’s just business – the Cassadine finances aren’t what they used to be. She asks if she can help, she used to work for Edward Quartermaine back in the day when he was worried about his grandfather taking over ELQ. Nik forces a smile. She can’t stay and tells Nik she is back together with Luke now! He doesn’t think Luke is good enough for her, but has his blessing.. he wants her to be happy. She also notices he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

TJ vents his anger!
At the PCPD, a guard brings TJ to Jordan.. he’s angry he spent the night in jail, but the press has footage of him knocking over the security guard. She has to treat him like everyone else, but he points out only certain people end up behind bars.. it’s a racial thing! Jordan is shocked by the accusation, but TJ argues he was singled out because of his color. Instead of having his back, the detective arrested him. Jordan defends Dante, TJ never should have shoved the guard, but he argues it was impossible to keep his cool. It happens to him all the time, why is she blaming him now? He finally tells her he can’t trust Dante because he can’t trust HER. She understands how he feels, but he needs to know the truth about the people he looks up to – Shawn told Duke his suspicions she was a cop, told Shawn everything was fine, then put a hit on her! His bodyguard tried to kill her twice. TJ is shocked as Mr. Lavery was so nice. She hoped he would be proud of her when he found out she was a cop, not a drug dealer..

Valerie reassures Dante
Dante is bothered by TJ’s arrest, while Valerie tries to support him. He knows TJ was profiled by the guard for no reason, Valerie admits is has happened to her. He wonders if he should have handled TJ’s situation differently? He starts questioning his actions – she tells him to stop, and won’t let him go down that route. It’s terrible what TJ is going through, takes his hand and says it’s not coming from him.

Tracy blames herself
At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy packs Luke’s things into a box and vents her anger about Luke and Laura to Dillon. But she is more angry with herself for believing they were on solid ground – the truth is she’s a born patsy. Men line up to deceive her, history speaks for itself. Dillon points out her strength, how she bounces back and has never lost her ability to love. She doesn’t think she has any fight left in her this time. Dillon leaves and Sabrina walks in unexpectedly..

Tracy tells Sabrina she doesn’t know what she is going through, but Sabrina says actually, she does. At least Laura didn’t crash her wedding! She knows exactly how it feels.. all you want to do is crawl in a dark hole and disappear. But her friends helped her through it.

Lulu wants answers!
At the Haunted Star, Lulu joins Luke for a drink and demands answers.. he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tracy but 30 minutes later change his mind. What happened..? She makes him sit down and continues to grill him.. Tracy stood by him and he thanked her by breaking her heart. He admits it’s killing him, and Lulu yells at him to fix it! He pours himself another drink and says it’s more complicated than that.. he wished he could do this differently, but he can’t! Lulu wants to know what he isn’t telling her??

Dillon barges in, furious with Luke! His mom is at home, devastated.. and blaming herself for trusting him. Dillon asks why he abandoned Tracy?

A phone interrupts Valerie and Dante, TJ’s credit card was valid.

TJ tells Jordan he understands, but the greater good will always be her priority over Shawn and him. And his own mother is keeping him there!

Jake asks Rosalie who else works at her desk, and goes in to see Michael – someone has been spying on him in his office!

Rosalie calls Nik – they have a problem, Michael has hired Jake Doe to smoke them out.

Sabrina offers to be Tracy’s friend.

Dillon is about to hit Luke, when Laura walks in and tells him to stop. Dillon says there is nothing she could say that interests him, when Luke explodes.. he should get interested as everything they said to Tracy last night was a LIE!

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