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General Hospital on 6/16/2015 – Silas is angry, Sonny fixes things for TJ, an adventure begins!

Tracy walks in on Luke, Laura, Dillon an Lulu to return the wedding ring and wonders what her son is doing conspiring with the enemy? She demands to know what they don’t want him to tell her. He lies and says Luke and Laura are engaged and going on a holiday to celebrate – Luke clearly doesn’t have a sincere bone is his body. Tracy tells him to have fun and good riddance.. she gives back the ring and says good riddance, I never want to see you again.

Luke stops Tracy and says he really does love her, she angrily tells him he used her.. and his ‘sorry’ is worth nothing. After she leaves, Luke and Laura thank Dillon for keeping his mouth shut. He says he did it for Lulu. Laura receives an address in B.C – she and Luke are supposed to come on their own.. and not tell anyone. She begs Dillon and Lulu to keep it a secret, including from Dante.

Silas and Ava’s feelings
Denise and Silas share a passionate kiss, he kisses her again then stops.. what was that for? She admits she can’t kiss Morgan if she’s busy kissing him! He points out its a ludicrous statement.. but she admits she loved him back when he was married to Nina. She also knows he still cares about her, would it be do wrong to explore that? All the things he said to her, the way he looked at her, was that just to keep her spirits up? He tells her he did feel something while he was taking care of her, it wasn’t fake. Feelings did sneak up on him, but refuses to play second fiddle to some kid! When she admits she has feelings for Morgan, he tells her he’s not going to start something with her because she can’t control herself around their daughter’s boyfriend. He tells her to be a grown-up.. or leave town! He accuses her of using her daughter to sniff around Morgan, which she angrily denies, then leaves in huff.

Kiki and Morgan
Kiki grills Morgan about what he’s hiding from her? He flashes back to the kiss with Ava and pretends he was going to surprise her with a trip to Atlantic City. She asks if it’s because of Denise? She thinks he might be trying to escape, and asks if it affects him that Denise looks exactly like her mom. He admits to being a little freaked out, she thinks it would be weird if it didn’t bring out some feelings in him. He states that he’s ready to move forward with her, she’s happy with the offer, but says no to the trip.

TJ’s arraignment
TJ gets ready for his hearing, while Ric blasts Jordan for letting him spend the night in jail. She could have helped, but didn’t – she tells him her hands are tied, but his are not. He better help her son!

TJ tells Molly about Duke’s hit on Jordan, she wonders if her Uncle Sonny was involved? They both admit to being scared when Ric walks in..

Scotty tells Sonny he’s about to put away TJ… Sonny tells him it’s a misdemeanor, but that’s not what Scotty is prosecuting him for, he wants him in Pentonville. The charges have been upped, the security guard has developed some pain – aggravated battery means TJ could be facing to to 25 years.

Sonny gets off the phone with someone – “just let me know when it’s done”. TJ arrives with Ric and Molly and he tells him it will be over soon. Ric asks him to stay out of the arraignment!

Jordan tells Scotty she needs the system to work today, the police should never have been called. He tells her not to shoot the messenger and offers here a seat behind him.

Valerie defends Dante!
Back at the station, a black reporter grills Dante about the arrest, when Valerie interrupts and starts defending him passionately! She sings Dantes praises, he was just doing his job, then she throws him out. He really appreciates that she had his back.. and tells him she is good people.

Scotty receives a call – the victim has changed his mind, he’s not pressing charges, Scotty tells TJ he’s free to go!

Tracy returns home and snaps at Sabrina, who asks if she is okay? She tells her that Luke and Laura are now engaged.

Dante brings Valerie a coffee…

Luke and Laura head out with their bags packed!

Kiki tells Morgan she wants to spend time with Denise as it makes her feel closer to her mom.

Sabrina opens the door to Denise, who marches into the house.. she’s there to spend time with the baby. Sabrina politely tells her it’s not possible right now, she should make an appointment with Michael. Ava flashes back to what Sabrina did to her and angrily leaves…

TJ wonders why the guard changed his mind while Jordan asks sonny if he knows anything about it? Sonny tells her justice was served, that’s all that matters…

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