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General Hospital on 6/17/2015 – Lulu & Dillon agree to keep their secret, Jake follows Sam & more!

Lulu has a traumatic nightmare – Dillon is at her door, Dante called the WSB about Lucky, after promising to keep it quiet and the kidnappers killed her brother! She wakes up in a panic and pretends to Dante that she doesn’t remember. He holds her close and tells her they will be fine. Once she gets up, Lulu asks about TJ’s case and the story in the paper. She says “good for Valerie” for kicking the reporter out, and Dante just wants to forget about it.

ELQ phone tapping
While Sam listens in, Rosalie makes a call to Nikolas, but Michael hangs up her phone before she has a chance to talk. He tells her the phone is tapped, she wonders who put it there? He tells her to use her cel for sensitive phone calls, and she doesn’t need to worry, Jake is close to getting to the bottom of it.

Rosalie calls Nik and tells him her phone has been bugged, he needs to know who did it.. but they are both completely in the dark.

Sam thinks she recognized the voice on the other line.. Patrick asks who hired her, and she says Sabrina hired her. She tells him honestly they haven’t been talking about him at all, she has been busy telling her about Michael! Patrick is happy she found someone, she deserves better than what he did to her. She tells him he was in an impossible situation.

Still in bed, Jake tells Elizabeth that he needs to find out who Sam is working for as she bugged Rosalie’s phone. It’s his job to follow her, and he asks to Liz to keep the Sam/ELQ thing between them, she says of course.

Jake goes to see Michael at the office – Michael tells him he told her about the bug. He trusts her after what they’ve been through together. Jake tells her not to share the news that it was Sam who tapped her phone.

Liz sits down with Nik at the Metro Court, he already knows Rosalie’s phone has been bugged – he asks if she knows who did it? She betrays Jake’s trust by telling Nik that Sam bugged the phone. She nervously says she can’t do this anymore.. Nik says he needs to take control of ELQ, and keep him away from the Quartermaines. He now owns 50% and is working on other options.. Maya and Dillon!

Dillon and Lulu’s history
At the Quatermaine mansion, Tracy shifts her focus from Luke to ELQ and wonders who might be trying to take over the company? Dillon tells her he is there for her, she admits he’s the only reason she is sane. He receives a call from Lulu, who needs to see him right away. Tracy fills Sabrina in on Dillon’s dysfunctional relationship history.. including Lulu Falconeri! But they remained friends.

Dillon arrives at Lulu’s, and she tells him about her nightmare – they both agree they can’t tell either Dante or Tracy the truth, as hard as it might be. They have to keep their mouths shut.. she tells him Dante is her entire world, and she is lying to him! She leans in to Dillon, crying. Rocco starts to cry, she picks him up and Lulu introduces him to Dillon. He marvels that she’s a mother now! She tells him about her problems conceiving in the past, and thought it was her own fault for having the abortion.. even thought it wasn’t. Dillon tells her she made the right call.. he only regrets how he handled it. He should have just supported her.. like Tracy did. Dillon assures her he doesn’t resent her for the abortion. she tells him parenting is hard.. he thinks she is doing just fine, things worked out the way they were supposed to. No regrets.

Maxie warns Valerie
Maxie arrives at the PCPD to give Nathan back his phone, and she decides to ask Valerie about Dante.. the front page of the news shows a photo of her flipping out at the reporter who accused Dante of being racist. Maxie flat out tells her to find another man to stand by! Valerie makes a pretty good defense – the article is sexist and racist, all she did was stand up for hr co-worker. And he’s not her man! Maxie wonders if it was necessary for her to take a job at the PCPD.. Valerie responds she minored in criminology. Maxie sarcastically asks if she is trying to steal him from Lulu? Dante interrupts them, it seems like she is giving Valerie a hard time.. Maxie tells him it bothers her that she works there, but Dante promises her that nothing is going on between them! And maybe she should focus on getting a paying job instead? She worries that Valerie might want to jump his bones! He makes her go over and apologize, she admits to being over-protective.. Valerie thinks it was sweet.. in an inappropriate kind of way. He also promises Maxie that nothing will come between him and Lulu.

Sam realizes that Jake might have suspected something, that’s why the call dropped. Patrick is worried something might disrupt their relationship as they both know anything than happen to change things.. he makes her promise to be careful around Jake.

Rosalie tells Michael she has been using her cel phone, but Michael still won’t tell her who Jake suspects.

Nikolas thinks Dillon might be the key to getting more shares.. via Lulu.

Lulu tells Dillon that lying to her husband doesn’t feel good.. and he is the only person she can speak to. He smiles.

Dante tells Valerie they are just friends, nothing more. She smiles at him… and looks down.

Sam arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, and Tracy answers the door wondering if she has any information? Meanwhile, Jake watches from the bushes.. he looks puzzled, she’s working for Tracy??

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