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General Hospital on 6/19/2015 – the fight for ELQ, Morgan & Denise’s passion, Dillon and Sam clue in..

At the Metro Court, Maxie and Nathan meet for a lunch date..he asks her about going off on Valerie, which she denies. She defends her actions, she needed to get her message across to Valerie, and was well within her rights. Nathan tells her it’s not her place to intervene, but Maxie insists she was being proactive on Lulu’s behalf. She also wants to prove her friendship to Lulu after what she did. Nathan tells her it was impulsive and maybe unwise, but she meant well… he loves her for fighting for the people she cares about. Maxie asks Nathan to apologize to Valerie for her, even though she probably doesn’t deserve one – Nathan thinks Luke and Dante are solid, nothing can get between them.

Rosalie catches Morgan & Denise!
The passion between Morgan and Denise ramps up in Michael’s office as she takes his shirt off. They both stop.. it’s wrong, they can’t hurt Kiki… when the door opens, it’s Rosalie! Morgan claims nothing happened, but she mocks them.. he begs Rosalie not to say anything to Kiki. Just then, Kiki arrives – she notices Michael isn’t there, so why are they there? Denise says she was there to ask to see the baby.. Rosalie pipes up and says none of them are authorized to be in his office. She probably should tell Michale about “this” or give him a message.. they leave and she grins with delight at her new secret!

Kiki has lunch with an awkward Morgan and Denise.. she suggests the three of them approach Michael to see Avery together. She asks Denise if she has a boyfriend and offers to arrange a dinner with her father, an eligible bachelor! She thinks they would hit it off.. Denise finishes her drink, tells her she has to go and rushes off, leaving Kiki a little puzzled.

Dante assures Valerie
At the PCPD, Valerie asks what Lulu would think about what Maxie did? He tells her she is impulsive.. but Valerie wonders if she sent Maxie as a go-between. Dante reiterates there is nothing going on between them, and Lulu knows that… but Valerie suggests she should quit. He tells her he will talk to Lulu, but Valerie insists she will do it herself; keeping secrets kills relationships. Dante has to leave, and Valerie decides to use her lunch break to see Lulu.

Dillon says no!
Nik asks Dillon if they have a deal? He will finance his next 3 films, giving him full control in exchange for one-half percent of ELQ. It’s a sweet offer, but he turns him down! Nik tries to convince him otherwise, Dillon says it’s because of Tracy that he has to refuse his offer as ELQ is under attack. He needs to keep his shares in the family. After he leaves, Lulu tells Dillon it was a noble decision.. he is a loyal Quartermaine. His grandfather would be proud he did the right thing. Dillon also can’t see Nikolas getting involved in a scheme to take over ELQ. but Lulu flashes back to Rosalie being at his house! She tells him she found Nik with Rosalie, and that they were dating.. but she has never seen them together since. Dillon realizes he needs to warn Tracy and calls her.

A plan to get Rosalie
Tracy, Michael, Sabrina, Sam and Jake agree they need to find out who Rosalie is working for, maybe they can find out her secret? Jake thinks Sam should try to figure out the man’s voice.. but she can’t place it. Michael admits that Rosalie knows about the bug now, but Jake suggests they still take run at Rosalie. Tracy offers to threaten her, but both Jake and Sam have an idea.. Jake and Michael get ready to leave, and Sam tells him not to mess with her plan!

Michael thanks Sabrina for trusting her instincts and being a good employee.. she chuckles that he is so naive. She didn’t do it because she works for him, it’s because she cares!

Luke and Laura wait and talk
Luke and Laura arrive at the diner, it looks untouched – Laura sees an old family photo, Luke wonders which one of their old enemies lured them there? Laura thinks back on how idyllic it used to be but knows it wasn’t the same for him – they talk about his secret, she wishes she could have helped him. He admits he was restless and never felt he deserved her, and was afraid of a family life. But he has no regrets. Laura mentions she is worried about Lulu, keeping a secret from her husband, but Luke knows Dante would call the cops.. it’s best he doesn’t know. He also hates lying to Tracy. Laura’s phone rings.

Dillon has something to tell Tracy, Sam and Sabrina..

Jake and Michael call Rosalie in to his office, and tell her it’s time they had a chat! In walks Dante.. SHE is the subject of the meeting, and Michael introduces him as the police detective. He’s there for her.

Sam approaches Nikolas at the Metro Court while he’s having a drink – she wants to know about his relationship with Rosalie Martinez.

Dante is there to take Rosalie to the police station, after he arrests her for corporate espionage.

Lulu tells Dillon she wants to tell Dante the truth so bad – at the door, she says they have to keep the secret from everyone, especially Dante. Valerie overhears the comment and watches them hug.

The caller hangs up on Luke and Laura, their patience will soon be rewarded. The diner door opens.. Luke says “what the hell??”.

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