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General Hospital on 6/22/2015 – Jennifer Smith returns, Lulu and Valerie clear the air, Nikolas admits his plan..

Jake and Michael threaten Rosalie with arrest for corporate espionage. Michael accuses her of funneling information to the person trying to take over ELQ, Jake explains that Sam was hired by Sabrina and planted the bug to try to smoke her out. Roslaie calls her pathetic and insecure, but Jake tells her to sit down, he has proof she sold the shares to Nina – she recorded the exchange! They will give the tape to the DA – but it can end now if she tells them who she is working for. She tells them she is trapped, they don’t know what the guy will do to her. Jake points out what Michael could do to her – ten years in jail and a civil lawsuit!

Dante demands she give them a name or she will go to prison.. she finally admits it’s Nikolas Cassadine.

Nikolas comes clean to Sam
Sam asks Nikolas about Rosalie.. and the takeover of ELQ. She knows he is lying – Lulu saw her at Wyndermere two months before he said he met her. She was hired to find out who has been trying to take over ELQ and it has led her right to him, cousin. Why doesn’t he just admit it??

He stares at her, and admits it.. she is shocked, even though he has said it to her face. He says it isn’t personal, it’s business. He admits Helena and Victor siphoned off money from Cassadine Holdings, he needs to put the family finances back in order otherwise he and Spencer won’t be able to live the life they’re accustomed to. Sam mocks him.. “are you kidding me?”. She said He says he is doing it for the Cassadine legacy.. and that includes her!

Sam is furious that Nik is using family to justify his actions.. she tells him if Jason were alive he would never steal from him! He points out he is just making superior moves, it’s just business.. and for the record, he is nothing like Helena. He finishes his drink and leaves..

Jennifer Smith is back!
Luke and Laura are shocked when Jennifer Smith walks in, Frank Smith’s daughter! They pull a gun on her, but two thugs arrive and take the guns away from them. She asks them to sit down for a discussion – this is going just as she hoped, except she knows Luke told Lulu. Luke insists she will keep her mouth shut. Jennifer congratulates Laura on doing her part by ending his engagement to Tracy, and tells Luke he isn’t ready for what comes next. She has no interest in marrying him now, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free??

Valerie and Lulu clear the air
Lulu tells Dillon she hates doing this to Dante when Valerie’s phone goes off.. ahe awkwardly says it doesn’t look like a good time, but Lulu says it’s fine. She tells her to go inside as she needs to say goodbye to Dillon – she hopes Valerie didn’t overhear them as Lucky’s life is at stake! They agree they’re in this together, and Lulu goes back inside to chat to Valerie. She tells her Dillon is still a dear friend, Valerie points out she hopes she feels the same about her and Dante. Lulu knows it’s just tabloid gossip, and was taken out of context, but Valerie tells her what Maxie said to her. Lulu is surprised, she had no idea.. Valerie wants Lulu to know she is no threat to her marriage, but asks Lulu if she thinks she is after Dante?

Lulu tells Valerie she has leaned on Dante quite a bit, she thought she may have misinterpreted his kindness for something else, especially after she applied to the job at PCPD. Valerie says it was the work that interested her. But if it’s just friendship she wants from him, Lulu will take her at her word, and apologizes for Maxie’s actions, and Valerie leaves.

Tracy does the math!
At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina and Tracy talk about Rosalie… she is pleased Dillon warned them it was Nik. She calculates the remaining stock and thinks he only has 43.5%, and decides to call Brook Lyn. She finds out she was blackmailed into handing over her shares, and assumes the guy was hired by Nikolas. Dillon arrives and Tracy yells that Nik only needs one more share to take control of ELQ! Dillon says it won’t be from him, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Tracy demands to know exactly what happened between them, and knows her calculations are correct, he has 50%.. and Dillon may have just saved ELQ.

Michael thinks Nik now owns 43.5% of ELQ – just before Dante takes her down to the station for her statement, Rosalie apologizes to Michael for her betrayal, she couldn’t see any other way. After she leaves, he tells Jake he feels like an idiot for trusting her, but Jake points out he has better resources than Nikolas, including him and Sam. He owes Michael for giving him a chance.. and can trust him.

Jennifer tells Luke he has to spend one night with her if he wants his precious Lucky back!

Lulu gets a call from Dillon, did Valerie hear what they were talking about? She thinks their secret is safe.

Valerie tells Dante she spoke to Lulu, and there is something she needs to tell him.

Jake joins Sam at the bar, she tells him Nikolas admitted everything to her.. Jake mentions the only upside is they discovered his plan before it was too late.

Tracy walks into Michael’s office and announces Nikolas owns 50% of the company – Michael is shocked, they will have to deal with him sooner or later..

Nikolas walks in and says it looks like it’s going to be sooner!

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