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General Hospital on 6/25/2015 – Nikolas’ fury, Sabrina’s idea, Ric & Madeline’s plan, a passionate kiss!

Sitting at Michael’s desk, Nikolas watches the news break of his takeover of ELQ when Rosalie waltzes in to his office.. he tells her Michael is out thanks to Lucy Coe, who came through for him.. unlike Rosalie! She points out everything she did for him, and expects some appreciation.. Nik replies that he will kill her for her betrayal.. he wants one reason why he shouldn’t lock her up on Cassadine Island while she lives out the rest of her days as his grandmother’s bitch. Rosalie explains they had her cornered, and she admitted she was working for him, they even have her statement. He says but not if she recants it! He tells her she now has an attorney who isn’t connected to him, so her entire statement can be rendered worthless. She should be more worried about him than the police.. he will blow up her secret! She can stay on with him if she recants her statement.

Sabrina consoles Michael
An upset Michael arrives at Sabrina’s apartment, and goes straight for a hug. He angrily explains how Lucy stabbed him in the back! Sabrina thinks Nik must have something on Lucy, it doesn’t sound like the person she knows.. he tells her Lucy doesn’t think he is one of the good guys, and he thinks she is right. Sabrina defends him – Lucy had no right to say what she did, but he tells her he took AJ from Sonny out of spite. That’s what Lucy is holding against him, and she’s right. He wanted to hurt Sonny like he had been hurt. Sabrina asks if he can see himself forgiving Sonny? He admits he is tired of the anger and hatred, but Sonny always hated AJ, and killed him bit by bit. Sabrina thinks AJ would want him to be happy.. he admits he may want Sonny and Carly back in his life, but isn’t sure how that would happen?

Morgan confesses to Sonny
Carly is furious that Michael lost ELQ, she and Sonny ask Morgan if he knew anything? Sonny insists he can deal with it on his own, but Carly is worried what it will do to him. She asks Morgan not to antagonize him, then leaves to go to work. Morgan tells Sonny that Michael wasn’t at his office when he went to see him, but Denise was, and he comforted her. He confesses it turned into something more, and Sonny berates him – he needs to stay away from her, she’s trouble!! He promises it will never happen again, but mentions that Rosalie caught the two of them – he begged her not to tell Kiki, he thinks he can trust her. Sonny points out that Michael thought the same thing! If Rosalie can blow up ELQ, she can certainly blow up him and Kiki.

Denise confesses to Silas
Denise arrives at the hospital, urgently looking for Silas and barges in on him with a patient. She tells him things aren’t working out like they’re supposed to – she needs access to Avery or will drop the act and become the full Ava. Silas reminds her they will both be arrested, but she can’t stand not seeing her daughter.  She is furious Michael chose Sabrina to look after her! She asks Silas for help, when he says no, she points out had he helped her last time, she never would have slipped up with Kiki’s boyfriend! Silas is angry with her behavior, she also promised not to hurt her daughter.. he tells her to get a hobby instead.

Madeline shows up
At the hotel, Ric gives Nina a necklace, and tells her he will join her downstairs for dinner shortly. As soon as she leaves, Madeline shows up – she needs money and wants to know what he has been doing? He says Franco has been a problem – he keeps telling Nina he is only after her money. She demands he get Nina to sign the Power of Attorney papers, she will deal with Franco. He offers to have her name removed if they get rid of her when Madeline slaps him hard! He will NOT harm her child.. she is furious and tells him to find another solution, and not by hurting her or locking her in his panic room. She has a suggestion – she can have Nina institutionalized by saying she is unwell – she is very sick, never should have been released from Shadybrook and should be remanded into a doctor’s care, leaving her money to her husband. She claims to love Nina, but this is a better long-term solution. However, if Nina is locked up and Ric has her money, she will be left out in the cold!

Franco has a date?
At the Metro Court, Kiki greets Franco, who is moping over Nina. She offers him advice – he should stay out of her marriage, she will eventually figure it out for herself. He tells her he tried to get everyone’s help.. her brother Nathan, and even her Medusa mother… “excuse me?”, says a shocked Nina, standing behind him. She doesn’t want him to speak to her at the prison, but he tells her she is no longer in prison. She drags him outside to talk while Carly asks what;’s wrong with them? Kiki responds that they’re in love. Carly says she is too worried about Michael to care about Franco, and Kiki tells her Denise was at Michael’s office when he went to see him about Avery, which Morgan didn’t tell her. She doesn’t trust her, but would like to see her for herself.. when Denise shows up!

Franco tells Nina some hotshot attorney probably got Madeline out of prison – maybe it was her husband? And he could be working with Madeline.. she tells him Ric is joining her for dinner, and they will go back to their room and do uncivilized things. He tells her he has plans as well.. she wants to know who he’s going out with?? He points to Denise.. he tells her she is totally into him, and Nina wants to meet her.

Kiki introduces Carly and Denise, who admits she hated her sister Ava.

Sabrina tells Michael he can give AJ back to Sonny!

Morgan doesn’t think Rosalie has anything to gain by hurting Kiki.. he thinks there us more to Rosalie’s story, why she ended up working for Nikolas.

Nina comes face to face with Denise, and introduces herself.. and Franco, who she already knows?

Nik sends Rosalie to the PCPD to recant her statement… now.

Madeline wants more from Ric than his word.. she wants a guarantee. He asks what he can do, and she passionately kisses him!

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